Making Deposits: Florida rapper Burt Bankkz makes sure his crew is the main topic on ‘Exotic’

With an engaging booty bounce from his female fans and a ravaging rap flow that has his hungry eyes seeing the winning line, Burt Bankkz tears it up quickly on his latest catchy single that is all about knowing what you truly want from life called ‘Exotic‘.

Burt Bankkz is a fast-rising Florida-based indie rapper. He has distanced his mind from breaking into houses and only smashes down bars of gold now, with a fiery delivery that has him chasing that tasty paper he desires.

This is the bold story of being honest about your past and how you wish to now do things differently, as the team you have assembled are teamwork tight, and ready to roll with you no matter what.

He raps with such a purposeful vigor that sets him apart from most – his real-life lyrics are quick-fire and blazing a chronic of intrigue – as he leaves it all on the line with impressive bulldog-like tenaciousness.

Exotic‘ from the confident Florida, USA-based rapper Burt Bankkz, shows us a man on a mission to truly succeed no matter what. He turned his back on crime and only sparks up raps now, that lace down on your mind and has you turning him up. This is an unrelenting track that is full of exploding rockets that turns the visual story rather racy, as he shows his quality on a heat-filled, cash-flowing new single.

Listen to this racy track on Spotify and check out his IG for more visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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