Feel Like A King: IVAN loves the good girl fused with the bad girl energy on Just Like That

Sensing that this current blossoming liaison is so surreal beyond comprehension, IVAN is in awe of someone so incredible that his heart is popping with excitement on Just Like That.

IVAN is a Mississauga, Canada-based indie pop singer-songwriter who has a scintillating vocal output that might cause many to beam in delight like you have just kissed your childhood crush.

Ivan recognized the magic of songwriting, and the ability to relay his thoughts through song; which further encouraged him to pursue a career in music.” ~ IVAN

A calming breeze of hope is on the horizon when you turn up IVAN. His supremely likeable vocal arsenal is a blessing to behold, as he takes us all on a journey that is almost cinematic. Describing his affection for a lover who has changed his life, this is a rather inspiring story for anyone who has felt rather lonely lately.

Just Like That from Mississauga, Canada-based indie pop singer-songwriter IVAN is a dynamic soundtrack for anyone who wants to feel that spark of desire again. With an exceptional melody and vivid lyrics that are totally honest and to the point, this is an anthem for your heart to be healed again.

An atmospheric ray of sunshine is transported rather skillfully here, that will urge the singles amongst us to believe that love can be obtained if you believe it exists.

Turn this up on Spotify and seek more news by going on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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