Made Me Feel Bad: Melbourne rapper Cassiel bypasses the bad times on the road to ‘Recovery’

Entertaining us on a deep track which is his fourth single after ‘Can’t Move On‘, ‘Shots‘ and ‘Stand Off‘ from 2021, the prolific Cassiel roams freely on his new single which is all about hoping they feel bad after tossing you out for a new man on ‘Recovery‘.

Cassiel is a youthfully mysterious Melbourne, Australia-based indie rapper. He has a flow that sparks up the room like glowing incense, as he takes us with on his exciting journey through this weird and wonderful world.

As he performs with so much freedom and gusto, you sense that you are listening to someone with a really special talent. Each word is so clearly heard – his story interweaves with what you know and believe – as this catchy beat takes you down that reflective memory hidden away behind a locked door for safe-keeping, when you think of the one who got away.

Recovery‘ from the emerging Australian hip-hop artist Cassiel, shows us a young man who has been let down badly by the love of his life. They have moved on so quickly like nothing happened before, as he is left to pick up the pieces of his badly broken heart. This is the road to replenishing that disappointed soul which wanted so much more – as you are left looking into the mirror of the past – even though you know you have to move in.

The path to feeling like yourself again after being left in the dirt like a discarded tissue, is a long road but you will find yourself again, only when the time is right.

Stream this new single via his Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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