Love Is So Sweet: California singer Kev Sound’s heart shakes happily when he thinks of her on ‘Be My Oxygen’

As he sneakily kisses the girl that he fell head over heels for by the pool, Kev Sound sings with so much passion and desire on his new music video that will have you dreaming about those hot summer days on ‘Be My Oxygen‘.

Kev Sound is a vibrant Chicago-born, California-based indie pop singer-songwriter, and producer. He makes that uplifting type of music — that has you singing along — as he changes the mood with just one note.

This is the story of feeling your heart beat like it hasn’t ever done before, your eyes meet and you just know that she is the one for you. The plan is very sneaky but works perfectly — as you end up kissing her — but things are sadly not going to work long-term.

His voice is flourishing, each note is flawless as he sings with such gusto and pure talent from his strong lungs. The catchy beat keeps you locked in and you start to look for that sunscreen, wishing that you could just jump into that pool and feel the stress wash off so quickly.

Be My Oxygen‘ from the entertaining talent of California-based indie pop singer/producer Kev Sound, is a music video that is loosely based off the iconic pool scene in the move ‘The Sandlot‘. He brings this memorable film back to life in his own way, and certainly has the pulses racing with a terrific performance of world class vocal ability.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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