London’s Harun Rune shows us those winning moves on new single ‘Start With This’

After keeping it smooth with the superb ‘Moschino’ from August 2021, Harun Rune is on absolute fire with his smoothly-sipped new track all about laying down those actions for us to learn from with ‘Start With This‘.

Harun Rune is a fashionable indie Hip hop artist from London in the UK who has Nigerian and Brazilian heritage. This is the type of artist that the whole world needs to shower with respect from the rooftops, as he makes a sterling mix of aware music that is always filled with a genuine coolness.

Opening the door and leading us into the kind of harmony that needs to be heard far and wide due to its easy-to-hear quality, Harun Rune is one of the best Hip hop artists around and he shows us why on ‘Start With This‘. There is no fake hype here or unbelievably unlikely stories on offer, only facts that have been written by an underground King who has not been crowned yet.

Start With This‘ from London, England-based indie Hip hop artist and fashion-savvy Harun Rune, is a single that takes you into the mind of someone who has tasted success and is never going back to anything but the top. On a calm beat that is perfect for this type of ambience, we are blessed by the sublime visuals and the immaculate flows of an outstanding lyricist who is only getting better through time, just like that top-shelf vintage wine.

Check out this new video on Vimeo and see more news on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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