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I Can Hear The Sadness: Brookyn’s Cassidy Haley urges us to look further than the lies on ‘White Noise’

After being well-loved in the performance art arena for many years after making his well-respected name in music almost 10 years ago, Cassidy Haley sings with such caring intensity to help us to see more than what is been told in this strangled-for-truth world on ‘White Noise‘.

Cassidy Haley is a Brooklyn, New York-based multi-skilled creative, fashion model, stage performer, and solo indie-pop artist.

Interdisciplinary artist pursuing emotive expression and global transformation through all mediums from music to fashion to film.” ~ Cassidy Haley

With a marvellous artistic video that has your entire heart bouncing with enjoyment, Cassidy Haley shows his hunger for helping to educate and galvanize the world to join hands and solve all these issues we have currently. The message is one of doubt that the powers in charge can actually look at anything despite profit, as he sings with a steel-like strength that has to surely inspire many.

White Noise‘ from the highly talented Brooklyn, New York-based multi-skilled creative, fashion model and solo indie-pop artist Cassidy Haley, is such an affectionate effort from a true artist who sees more than most. He wants the world to do better, be more truthful and make sure that we don’t damage this planet any further with our misdeeds. With a cinematic feel and an optimistic soundtrack, this is a song to really take note of for its straightforward message.

Keeping the world alive for those who have not been born yet, should be the mission of us all.

See the new music video via YouTube and find out more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Fashionable Essence: London’s Harun Rune keeps it smooth on ‘Moschino’

Produced by Sekko and taken off his debut ‘Gold‘ project, Harun Rune shows us that music and fashion mixes so well when you have your loyal crew with you and the champagne on ice with ‘Moschino’.

Harun Rune is a fashion-fueled indie hip-hop artist from London, England. He fuses a blend of stylish bars that features a jazzy flavoring of introspection for us to enjoy.

This is the story of blending your passions all together and eating tasty servings that you can’t pronounce, as you care less about that, and more about how good it feels in your hungry palate. His melodic rhythms which also never forget his street-mentality – has you in awe with a track which certainly changes the usual script we have grown tired of – displaying his ever-evolving philosophy, to being at the front of the pack when the tide changes.

Moschino’ from the London, England-based rapper Harun Rune, is a style-laced track which has him on top form here with his signature smooth charm and simmering bars. He has us bouncing our heads around on this quick-fire freestyle type listen, which is a song to chill with late at night. Hip-hop is a genre that is re-inventing itself underground currently after being copied so much, as the freshness here has you thinking of new ways to do things your way.

Purposeful originality is always key to unlocking that classy opportunity you really want after all.

See this new fully flowed music video on YouTube and check out his IG to see how his career unfolds.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Money Coming Fast: OTB Lucciii is all about that cash action on ‘Fashion’

With him and his crew drippin’ with enthusiasm, OTB Lucciii is back with a bouncy new intent-filled rap attack single called ‘Fashion‘.

New Orleans, Louisiana-based rapper OTB Lucciii is a confident hip-hop artist, who drops bars real hard about life as he sees it, his rhymes are laced with that street edge that lets you know that he is for real and incredibly hungry to succeed.

This is the story about that real life business moves that keeps you ahead where he is from, as the road can turn in an instant so you need to be sharp and have a few sources of income scurrying in, otherwise the twists dry up and no one wants that.

With a determination in his voice, his flow heavy and with that Southern drawl that is so popular in this genre these days. The self-assurance is highly noticeable as he brings the whole squad with him, to show the other crews that they need to be respected.

Fashion‘ from New Orleans, Louisiana hip-hop artist OTB Lucciii, is a flashy track full of news that they are taking over for a while and if you get left behind, its over for you.

See the video here and see his style on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen