Already Late shows us the little kid’s dreams on extraordinary visuals for, ‘Loser’

Reminding us that we can be rather remarkable if we take the leap and lead the way to what is actually right in life, Already Late brings the world a music video to be completely encouraged by on, ‘Loser‘.

Already Late is a Philadelphia and NYC-based genre-crossing and bilingual indie-alternative 3-piece band that makes a soundscape that is rather compelling and ever-evolving.

On top of a variety of guitars, catchy hooks (in both English and Japanese), funky bass lines and drum beats as energized as a riot at a punk rock show, they have managed to find spots in their set for electronics, as well as some ukulele.” ~ Already Late

Sliding through the school halls and opening that bag to what is possible if you ignore the pointless noise, Already Late are quite scintillating with a song that urges us to feel that natural magic inside our souls so that we can guide others to a happier world too.

Loser‘ from Philadelphia and NYC-based indie-alternative band Already Late is a track all about being reminded that your luck can certainly flip around if you meet that special person who can guide you into a new place of intrigue. Sung with a sensational style and with a video that will have you beaming with joy, this is the kinda different single that we have all been waiting for.

That star inside us is there to shine if we can only find the key to unearth all of its brilliance.

See this dance-packed music video on YouTube and find out more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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