Leave your inhibitions at the door for Loren’s latest EDM anthem, The Feeling ft. Jessi McDonald

The up-and-coming artist Loren’s sophomore electro-pop hit, The Feeling, featuring Jessi McDonald, is making light work of catching up to the hype of their 2022 debut single, I Want All Your Love.

Uninhibited affectionate ecstasy surges through the sensuously demure deep house instrumentals that effortlessly coalesce with the honeyed vocal lines that are tinged with tropic tranquillity.

If any new independent EDM hit can make you lose your head and heart on the dancefloor, it is The Feeling, with its addictively liberating rhythms and lyrics which prove that giving yourself completely is the only way to truly feel free. The infectiously euphoric backbeats are the only upper you will need to leave you riding on a high.

The Feeling officially released on February 3rd; check it out on SoundCloud and Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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