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This Burning Age cover Sia’s ”Elastic Heart” and make it their own

UK Alt-Electro-Rock Band This Burning Age have just covered Sia’s ”Elastic Heart” and have released a music video too. The video is dark and moody and the band have really put their signature touch on this track.

Their influences range into very different genres such as New Wave, Punk, Post-Punk, Industrial, Neue Deutsche Härte, Synth-pop, Post-Rock, Goth, Drum & Bass and Trip-hop. This is a diverse band and the originally is clear for all to see.

Covers can be up and down but I feel like the This Burning Age have done well with this song and I really enjoyed the video. They take us down a dark and memorizing road that has made this song their own. The video is excellently produced and they they capture the vision perfectly. Whilst some may find this video a bit sad, others will marvel at the creativity. The Birmingham act are going to be pushing their sound as soon as venues open up and will be a must-see live performance as they move up the ranks of the UK music scene.

Stream the song right here and catch more of this exciting band via their YouTube page.

Follow the Facebook page to learn about when they are playing live again.

Review by Llewelyn Screen


New Diplomat’s dance pop is at its best yet with ‘Set You Up’

San Francisco based indie/electro-pop outfit New Diplomat have released a track and accompanying visual for ‘Set You Up’ from their ‘New Diplomat EP’. 

A well-known staple in the west coast indie-pop world, New Diplomat have certainly returned to the heights that helped them get there. ‘Set You Up’ is an effeminately groovy affair which sees the band employ a wider array of darker, synthier sounds and meatier hooks. It’s electronic, rumbly, and drives with a deep soundscape that feels more attuned to concrete dancefloors than rooftop bars.  

‘Set You Up’ is a powerfully solid release from a band who should already be on the radar of many indieheads, and it’s worth throwing up onto your upbeat, electro-inspired playlists and collections. 

You can check out New Diplomat’s ‘Set You Up’ on YouTube here


Tom Bem changes direction with his self-aware new track ”Connection”

Building a connection, each day another lesson learnt. Setting new intentions, with no expectations.

In a changed world that is grappling with the sad state of affairs, London producer Tom Bem returns with an incredibly self-aware track called ‘’Connection’’. This beautifully crafted song explores that real feeling of communicating spiritually with other humans. This new release starts off majestically and puts my mind at ease, showing off Tom’s clear-to-see production skills. He then drops a gritty beat halfway to get us in the mood, to dance off any frustrations that we currently may have.

Tom Bem is a talented self produced singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from South East London, who’s first music release was in 2012. He creates sounds for yoga as well as teaching Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin and is an AcroYoga teacher.

Tom and Pip Elysium are a dedicated AcroYoga partnership and co-founders of School of AcroYoga. Their School of AcroYoga: Launch Party in Shoreditch is scheduled for 6th June and we hope it will still take place as it looks like a night not to miss.

Tom’s new release ‘’Connection’’ is a change of direction from his previous R&B/Soul music from before. I’m fascinated by this new move from Tom and his ever-maturing sound that is welcome, in a world lacking a true connection right now. This is an artist that isn’t afraid to reinvent himself and for that he should be applauded and appreciated.

Stream & follow Tom Bem here on SoundCloud: SoundCloud

Review by Llewelyn Screen


REWIND – Hey Child: Euphorically Tensile Progressive House

Think of all the key components needed to create a perfect euphoric Progressive House anthem. Then hit play on the radio edit of REWIND’s club hit “Hey Child” and count them as they work under the deft rhythmic mastery of the up and coming artist and producer.

The Radio Edit of Hey Child makes the high-octane vivid mix perfect for your multi-purpose playlists. But let’s face it, tracks such as Hey Child were born to become floor-filling anthems. Even in the frosty grips of January, Hey Child will have you feeling the Summer festival heat.

Hey Child Kicks off with teasing sauntering rhythms before the track seamlessly switches into a serving of unadulterated tensile energy. Thanks to the almost instantaneous hook which follows the prelude, you’ll be suitably immersed for when REWIND hits you with soaring melodies and dizzying climaxes.

You can check out Hey Child for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Divine Astronaut – Undone: Darkly Ensnaring Alt Electronica

Any fans of Portishead, Massive Attack, and Bjork are going to want to check out the debut single “Undone” from the Electronic duo Divine Astronaut.

There’s a uniquely foreboding atmospheric feel to Undone, but simultaneously, it was also one of the most solacing soundscapes I’ve heard this year. Yes, Undone came with a slightly apocalyptic feel, but the downtempo pacing of the instrumentals meant that even though they were doom-laden, they still provided plenty of catharses.

There’s a succinct delicacy to Undone which has plenty to do with Livvy Holland’s striking yet reassuring vocals; I really don’t make reference to the aforementioned artists lightly. With Holland’s vocals, and Moonhead’s production and multi-instrumentalism combined, Undone was a pioneering feat of Alt Electro ingenuity.

Instead of relying on harsh cacophonous noise to bring weight to the single, the gentle dystopian tones are sobering enough to leave you captivated from the prelude to the outro, and for a fair time after that. Divine Astronaut isn’t the type of Electronic artist easily found, and nor are they the type to be easily forgotten.

You can check out Divine Astronaut’s darkly ensnaring single Undone for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Black Marks – Phantom Fear: Evocatively Dystopian Alt Electro Pop

Any fans of Portishead will want to prick up their ears for the pensively captivating feat of Alt Electronic Pop “Phantom Fear” from the up and coming artist Black Marks.

Phantom Fear is just one of the tracks which you’ll find in the debut album “All But Defeated”. With the quality of the production and the seamlessly evocative nature of the soundscapes, there’s little indication that Black Marks are fresh from their inception.

Phantom Fear wouldn’t feel out of place on any dystopian film OST. From hauntedly arresting vocals to cutting semi-orchestral arrangements, Phantom Fear offers everything that you could possibly ask for from a single and more. Faultless rhythm, striking emotion, and expressive lyrics are all reasons why you’ll quickly come to appreciate the artist’s distinctive approach to orchestrating melancholic hits.

You can check out Black Marks’ track Phantom Fear along with the rest of their debut album by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Normal Tea Drops Their Latest Experimental Electro Mix “Funky Suicide”

Thinking you’ve heard it all before when it comes to music is a pretty dangerous assumption. Which Normal Tea aptly alluded to in their latest experimental live recorded mix “Funky Suicide”.

Any fans of electronica artists who like to play with darker textures such as Otto Von Schirach and DJ Scotch Egg are sure to appreciate what Normal Tea has cooked up with this marathon mix of sonic aural mayhem. But Normal Tea still found plenty of space for indulgent additions of Funk to bring the rhythm to Funky Suicide.

The name of the mix may be SLIGHTLY in bad taste, but there’s a lot to appreciate within the inventive textures of the constantly evolving track.

You can check out Normal Tea’s latest mix for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


LAV.ISH – U R: Up-Vibe Funk-Filled Electro

“U R” is the second single to be released by the up and coming electro artist LAV.ISH. With elements of Funk, Hip Hop, and R&B fed into the mix, it’s all too easy to lose yourself within the dexterously produced layers of the vibrant single.

There’s plenty of sterility and monotony in Electronic music. But through combining deep and organically textured bass lines with up-vibe inventive electronic effect LAV.ISH has created a unique and captivating feel-good hit which is even sweeter through the addition of the soulfully fresh vocals.

And its good news for anyone who appreciates what LAV.ISH has brought to the airwaves, as U R is just a taste of what’s to come from the artist’s upcoming sophomore album.

You can check out the latest track from LAV.ISH for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


SONA – You must give this a minute of your time

Give Me A Minute exists at a place where electronica meets indie, where underground dance meets mainstream pop, where the cultish meets the commercial. It is a place where the best and most rewarding music experiments happen and SONA is right at the heart of it. The vocals could almost be a slow, charting R&B pop song and as great as her voice is, wandering between haunting and sultry, ethereal and sassy, it is what is going on behind it that really takes your breath away.

A slow clubland groove is layered up with pulsing waves of futuristic electronica, skittering percussion and a wonderful dynamic built through dynamic switches, break downs and crescendos. It is difficult to know where this fits in to the existing musical canon, but you can say that about all the best music. One half of the song screams chart success, the other just wants to be loved by only the most discerning musical tastemakers. That’s going to confuse the A&R teams who will inevitably come calling.


Brianna Kinsley – Storm Is Rising: An Ode to Chaos

Brianna Kinsley should be the name on everyone’s lips after she brought out her Electro Indie Pop Rock debut track. Her haunting vocals soar over her first ever single release Storm is Rising, dominating this minimalistic electro soundtrack by pouring her heart and soul into the mix. The arrangement of the composition is irresolutely complex, it’s a cacophony of ominous drumrolls and strong piano chords as an ode to her rock & metal influences.

The transgression throughout her debut track is staggering when the chorus hits you truly do feel like you’re in the eye of a storm as you’re swept along by the lyrics which convey pure, unscaled truths.

For anyone with a penchant for melancholic vibes you’re in for a treat, curtesy of the stunningly talented singer songwriter from Washington. It’s so damn refreshing to hear an artist that actually puts life into a track through the lyrics and doesn’t just bust out words because they sound good, as the track fades out it’s evident that there’s a mountain of truth to unfold through Brianna Kinsley’s next releases.

I have a feeling this won’t be the last we hear from Brianna Kinsley.

Her debut track Storm is Rising is now available to listen via Spotify: