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Different Worlds: Glasgow’s The Too Late drop debut single ‘One Hit Love’

With a ravishing romantic energy and a smooth chorus so catchy you might feel the urge to sing along, The Too Late have us holding hands with those we truly care for on their hot debut single ‘One Hit Love‘.

The Too Late is a Glasgow, Scotland-based indie Electro-Pop duo. They are a fairly new music act and seem to have a real skill for causing hearts to flutter and bodies to groove to their epic vibrations.

Two eclectic music tastes combine to give you a style of music that will make you feel a whole spectrum of emotions.” ~ The Too Late

One Hit Love‘ from the Glasgow, Scotland-based indie Electro-Pop duo The Too Late, has our delighted minds buzzing with fascination at that silly romance we all crave. With the world so serious and love seemingly caught in a swipe-and-click bottle that is so fake at times, this is exactly the message we need to hear. Its okay to have fun as that what love is actually about, as you find the human you feel that real connection with. Its all about that precious laughter anyway.

Hear this mood booster on Spotify and find out more on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

So Much Love: Stockholm’s The Mermaids desire that all-night vibe with ‘Miami Lucid’

After the huge underground success of their sensual debut single ‘L’auntre‘, The Mermaids return stylishly with their dazzle-the-eyes new single called ‘Miami Lucid‘.

The Mermaids is a classy Stockholm, Sweden-based indie Electro-Pop duo. They marvelously mix in RnB and Hip-Hop treats for us to nourish hungrily on, to sensationally bring our whole body to be in tune with their excellently crafted vibration.

It’s dark and it’s shimmery, and it will wash you ashore right where you belong – in the warm place that exists right outside of everything in your life that doesn’t matter. You don’t have to be an accountant you know. You can be whatever you want.” ~ The Mermaids

Miami Lucid‘ from the fast-rising Stockholm, Sweden-based indie Electro-Pop act The Mermaids, is a synthwave-dream that will want you to chase that feeling that you ultimately desire. The night is still young and you have seen the apple to your eye that you want to be delicious with, as you bad-boy your way to feeling alight. Made with a party atmosphere that will seduce your thoughts to find someone actually worthwhile to be with until the sun rises – this is a fine effort from a tremendous outfit – who are on a mission for that world domination.

Stream this top new track on Spotify.

See more news via their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Who Am I Without You: Emily Afton is rather special on the sublime ‘Fractions’ (feat. Mahawam) [Reconsideration Version]

With her thoughtful mind only focused on evolving and working out who she wants to be, Emily Afton wants that true love but knows that she isn’t ready just yet on the splendid ‘Fractions(feat. Mahawam) (Reconsideration Version).

Oakland and LA-based Emily Afton, is a sumptuously talented and self-aware indie electro plush-pop singer-songwriter and is also a multi-skilled instrumentalist. She has that immaculate ability to really grab your attention on each one of her carefully created tracks – as her striking eyes and soulful vocals – have you feeling like you are witnessing something so tremendously unique.

Afton views RECONSIDERATION as both an evolution and a sort of coming home to herself all in the same. She is already hard at work on her next full-length album.” ~ Emily Afton

Emily Afton and fellow Oakland native Mahawam’s inspired energies combine so beautifully as they take turns to layer down a remarkably excellent track, which has produced something so meaningful, into the waters of a nervous world which needs so much love and harmony.

Fractions(feat. Mahawam) (Reconsideration Version) from the LA and Oakland, USA-based plush-pop artist Emily Afton, is that true story about working on yourself first, before you can be with someone else 100%. You think about them so much and know that this isn’t what they want to hear, however you are doing this to prevent future heartbreak.

This is a terrifically designed single from an incredible creative mind that has that extra layer of class, which has you dreaming deeply about that happy medium you truly seek.

See her lovely music video on YouTube and see more on her IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Foot On The Gas: Kritters vividly recall their youth on ‘What Do You Know’

With thoughts of their past whilst being young and when travelling was such a naive adventure, Kritters reflect on those moments deeply with their new single ‘What Do You Know‘.

Kritters is a two-piece indie electro-pop act who are based in both New York City and London, England. Formed by Rob Steadman and Kirini O.K, they make that deeply created sound that shows their world class intricacies in making a rare experience, that feels so lovingly created.

What do you know was written for and about our seventeen year old selves. Seventeen was an age at once painful and full of promise; we desperately wanted to escape, and we were tantalizingly close to really being able to. Rob and I both remember getting in cars or on bikes and just– WHOOSH, off and away. Certainly for us at seventeen music was key to figuring out who we would be in the world when we were finally free; now, looking back, we understand so much more keenly not just what we were escaping, but also the complicated reality of the world we were escaping to, and how little we knew of it.” – Kritters

Her voice is passionately delivered and with lots of emotion – the drumming is skilled and impressive which adds so much quality – as this unique story takes you for a riveting ride with them as they open up the back door for us to join their travels, to see what opened up their eyes before.

What Do You Know‘ from the South Bronx/UK indie electro-pop duo Kritters, is that moment when you remember those days when travelling was so exciting and had your heart beating so fast, as they drive us into a picture from their memories of these times. Life was so simple back then and your mind alive with possibilities, as you think back to what little you actually knew about this complex world.

Watch the new music video on YouTube and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

It Will Hurt More: Manchester electro-pop artist Test Card Girl reminds us to avoid going back to the pain on ‘Don’t Go’

As she energetically starts her cozy car and thinks about turning back to the incredible times that sadly moved swiftly to heartbreak, Test Card Girl stays strong and remembers that she is on the new path now with her quality new third single called ‘Don’t Go‘.

Test Card Girl is a terrifically unexpected solo project by the wonderful Manchester, UK lofi synth-folk singer-songwriter Catherine Burgis, who ditched the dull office life and now makes music to help us all realize that life is too short for regrets.

After recently being awarded a much-cherished Arts Council England grant to write and release her first EP, her career has skyrocketed upwards and you can hear why so many love her authentic nature that sits satisfyingly in your happy stomach.

”Combining elements of synth pop with a simple folk playground melody, this is a summer song inviting you to get up and dance away bad times and regrets accompanied by an imaginary band of synthesised players”.-Test Card Girl

This is the story of not going back, no matter what the magnetic pull says or does to your beating heart. You left for a reason and despite it being easy to go back, you are telling yourself to have the strength to overcome this lust to go again. Instead, the new plan should be to look for a new road that will make you truly happy, inside your deepest feelings of content.

Don’t Go‘ from the fast-rising Manchester electro-pop artist Test Card Girl, is a stunning array of synth-filled soundscapes that washes all over your mind to give you a feeling of relief, that you made the right decision to avoid heartbreak part two. Trusting that gut is always a good idea, even if your heart wants something different sometimes.

Stream this lovely new single on Soundcloud and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Flying So High: Alexandra Ayoob is stupendously sensational on new single ‘Birds Still Chirpin’

With such awe-inspiring vocals that has her energies soaring upwards to where others wish they could go, Alexandra Ayoob has it all going for her on the head-moving new single called ‘Birds Still Chirpin‘.

Alexandra Ayoob is a determined Appalachia-born indie electro-pop/jazz/blues singer-songwriter with Lebanese roots, who performs with a fierce conviction, that shows her strength to overcome whatever undesirable obstacles that come her way.

After she was introduced to music by her beloved grandmother — who was a rebellious spirit and jazz singer, tragically forced by her traditional immigrant parents to leave her 1930’s jazz band — the life-changing music bug bit hard as she was lathered with incredible music influences in her ears, all the way to her soul. This helped her understand quickly who the true greats were and what type of style she should immerse herself into.

Birds Still Chirpin‘ from the world class Appalachia-based indie singer-songwriter Alexandra Ayoob, who is blessed with a crisply tuned vocal ability that has your back shivering in delight, is a boost to your mood as she takes us far above where the wonderfully winged fly unbothered. You consciously feel a groove that you haven’t felt before and this is a stunning single which takes away all the stress from your tired shoulders.

Hear this wonderful single on her Spotify and check out the IG for more info.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rocking through lockdown: Echo Strike show continued growth on the exciting ‘Catch Me’

Rocking through lockdown: Echo Strike show continued growth on the exciting ‘Catch Me‘ and this is a dance-pop journey that takes us into the mind of a paranoid lover.

After being stranded in Argentina at the beginning of the world lockdown, this has allowed the fine band to mesh together and put together new music. The results scream a hat-trick that Maradona would be proud of. This is a band that are clearly close and their mix of sonic indie rock pop speaks volumes for all the hours they put in when live shows got cancelled.

Taken off the new full album called ‘Not Inside Your Mind‘, this is the first and best track off the new release. The beat gets you ready and the vocals are different, so catchy- with added flavor to keeps us satisfied. You feel really thoughtful on this song and think of current or previous relationships and how they make you feel.

You care about them so much but feel like you have done something wrong at home and don’t want to go back right now. You are thinking that perhaps you should let things cool down and then go back to see what has happened.

Catch Me‘ is such a fun listen and is full of ebbs and flows that always feel right. The electro style satisfies when you turn it up and this is a track to be enjoyed all day. With a promising sound and an attitude that you just can’t help but like, this is a band that are on the right road for global interest.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Find out more about future shows on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Producer Luke Hunt brings us a beautiful new indie-electro dream with ‘Pastel Forest’

Luke Hunt brings us a beautiful new indie-electro dream with ‘Pastel Forest‘ and this is such a tidy tune for us to enjoy in 2020.

This is a fun 8 minute instrumental-only track with no vocals. We are instead brought inside what feels like a dream where everything is bright and vivid, we are transported into something so beautiful. With a catchy beat, this is the type of song that is a bit different and made with love.

Pastel Forest‘ from producer Luke Hunt puts you in a good mood, you feel like you are with friends and having a great time. The beat is vibrant and keeps you dancing almost the whole way through. This is the type of song to put on to open minded music friends, humans who appreciate something different and with energy. A real underrated effort here and a track to really enjoy and turn up all the way to max. This is a fun family friendly song that is perfect for playlists. A real great song here that will keep you entertained.

Click here for the YouTube link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hapi’s ‘Deep End’ is the bouncy and fresh SirChaz and Sofia Remix

Hapi’sDeep End‘ from SirChaz and Sofia is the Remix that we needed in 2020. This has that fresh new vibe that we all should turn up loud.

Born and raised in Westchester, New York, Charles Hochfelder aka SirChaz is an artist manager, business developer and network connector along with being a dj/producer.  Together with his girlfriend Sofia, they are SirChaz and Sofia.

You feel like the love has thrown you into the deep end but you try and keep your eyes open. You don’t want to be let down again and are a little bit unsure but you carry on. You look in the mirror but something happens. You have so many butterflies and you can’t stop thinking about this. There are blue skies so you look at them, will it all be okay?

Hapi’sDeep End‘ from SirChaz and Sofia is a groovy beat and the electro tingled love-letters are a blessing to hear. This a song that needs to be on all playlists are there is a beauty here. Things are so simple and the track meshes into a great plus for 2020. This is a fine effort and a groovy song to reflect and dance to.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New York’s multi-talented storyteller Nikki Taylor is excellent on new single ‘Games’

Taken off her electric new EP ‘Siren‘, New York singer-songwriter, indie-hip hop artist and actress Nikki Taylor, is back with the indie-pop fused single ‘Games‘.

With a voice that grabs your attention like a song that makes you stop. This is an electro-food fusion that makes the whole listen a happy one. This is about standing up for yourself as you learnt from feeling so low. You know that the time for mindless games is over, you have seen through all the fake games and now you are stronger for moving on.

This is a fresh artist who is growing before our eyes, she has stopped the mind games around her and is on a mission for independence from unfit influences. The way her voice projects is so fresh, she is so tired of small things that mean so little taking up space. This is a poet who is ready to move into her own zone and Nikki Taylor’sGames‘ is an excellent track.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Head through to the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen