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Montana electro soul act Desperate Electric turns the past issues into positive vibrations with ‘Stay’

Knowing that despite the intermittent problems that occur in relationships, there is always that communication that leads to those good times again, Desperate Electric has dropped the disco gem to get involved with called ‘Stay‘.

Desperate Electric is a Montana, USA based indie alternative electro soul duo who makes music that is so catchy, it will be stuck in your head all day.

”’Stay’ is about not hiding behind your problems; staying, facing the music, and dancing through it. Breaking generational habits, while forging a creative career path, is quite the undertaking, but struggles are easier if we work through them together, and can move forward being the best version of ourselves for the people around us. It’s not about constantly beating yourself up for the mistakes of your past, it’s about growth, and leaving to love yourself and see your self worth even when you’ve made mistakes. Take your pain, learn, and then throw a dance party.” ~ Desperate Electric

Memorable bands have the extra edge that defines a generation. Desperate Electric is that band who has this rare quality in much abundance and shows their electrifying aura to maximum effect with a masterclass performance.

Stay‘ from Montana, USA based indie alternative electro soul duo Desperate Electric is a fine track made with a real energy that lets you know that life is best if you deal with any problems without fuss. Performed with a groovy technique that shall get your fingers clicking and your head nodding, this is a song that might get you into the mood to get dancing.

Laced with that sensational vitality that all excellent songs possess, this is a speaker sizzler you can’t surely forget easily.

Hear this wonderful new track on Spotify and see more news on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

UK music producer Radio Wolf soars high into the sky above with the ‘Night Light’

Bringing us into a new planet that is crammed with so much to see if you know how to look inside, Radio Wolf is rather remarkable on his latest single to amaze inside the ‘Night Light‘.

Radio Wolf is a UK-based retro rock-electro artist, composer and music producer who makes futuristic tracks that will get you into a dreamy state of mind and are usually packed with punchy beats.

Working alone late into the night, wherever I am, is a time of intense concentration for me—my imagination can shine freely. I’m able to invoke a bright stream of images, stories, sensations which inspire a particular piece of music—even in those magic moments between wakefulness and sleep. I absorb it all and “score” in free-flow to what I call my “cinema of the mind.” ~ Radio Wolf

Radio Wolf dazzles beyond what we thought was possible with a cinematic stunner that grabs your attention and spans the globe with a really creative track to truly embrace with love and intrigue.

The predominately electronic music is accented by detuned synthesizers, reverberating electric guitar riffs and experimental SFX, including strange radio tunings, old tape static and wind chimes drifting in and out of each other.” ~ Radio Wolf

Night Light‘ from UK-based retro rock-electro artist, composer and music producer Radio Wolf sends a shiver of electricity down your uncovered spine with a simply thunderous display of anthem-sounding proportions. There is so much to like about a track that has the natural ability to send you soaring up above the cosy clouds above, with your arms gliding rather calmly as you find that place you wish to be.

Keeping that light on when there is so much darkness, is always a smart strategy.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Denmark’s Jacob Munk Nielsen gets us in the mood to groove on, ‘Behind The Scene’

Behind The Scene by Jacob Munk Nielsen

Displaying a silky smooth atmosphere that will have you thinking you are in a 60s movie for a few minutes, Jacob Munk Nielsen returns with a lesson for all those who want to know what good sax should sound like on, ‘Behind The Scene‘.

Jacob Munk Nielsen is a Denmark-based saxophone player, composer and music teacher who has the kind of experience that makes his music flow through the streams of our ears with true class.

He has amongst others worked with The Nazarenes, Roots Harmonics Band, Earl Sixteen, Lutan Fyah, Miami and UPS.” ~ Jacob Munk Nielsen

You will feel like you are in an optimistic place when you turn up Jacob Munk Nielsen as his skill level is rather advanced to most, as he showcases it at a wonderful level of enjoyment throughout this calming release.

Jacob Munk Nielsen comes from a musically family, where music was a big part of everyday life in his family. At a young age, he started playing the recorder and after a short ‘encounter ‘with the trumpet, he moved to the alto saxophone and right away felt at home on the instrument.” ~ Jacob Munk Nielsen

Behind The Scene‘ from Denmark-based saxophone player, composer and music teacher Jacob Munk Nielsen is such a fabulous single that might take you to a more tranquil place of inner reflection. With a smooth jazz style that has been skillfully fused with a kind vibe that has you smiling rather cheerfully, this is a track to make everything okay again. There is so much to wrap into here as you close your eyes, and marvel at an artist who just makes good music.

Listen to this great at work on Bandcamp to support his journey and see more on his FB page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sam Scherdel knows that the love is flowing rather wonderfully on, ‘Don’t Really Like You’

Sensing that he has fallen head over heels for someone who makes his spirit shake like no other, Sam Scherdel can’t believe that these feelings are so strong as he has just learnt their name and the sparks are flying on the hot new track, ‘Don’t Really Like You’.

Sam Scherdel is a Doncaster/Sheffield, UK-based indie electro-pop/rock solo artist who makes that anthem-sounding music to take your mind away from any troubles you are facing.

Having had a 5-year hiatus from releasing music he has been working with Aidan Thomson (Alvarez Kings/Steelworks Studios) on new material and returns with a much more mature sound and polished approach.” ~ Sam Scherdel

Singing with that fresh style that shows us his reinvigoration after a break to replenish his music energies, Sam Scherdel is on top form with a supercharged-with-romance single from an artist who is decisive on this ear-pleaser.

Don’t Really Like You‘ from Doncaster/Sheffield, UK-based indie electro-pop/rock solo artist Sam Scherdel is a ravishing release that shall take you into a steamy picture that is new, but packed with that cheeky love that is only going to blossom. With crisp vocals and a sizzling atmosphere that sends you into a state of excitement, this is a track that shall get you into a happy place of hope.

Love should be simple after all, and without any complications.

Listen up to this wonderful new effort on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Robbie Vonn urges those to forgive who can on ‘La La Life’

Reminding us that love and understanding are actually the way forward to healing from anything which is breaking down your soul, Robbie Vonn shows us where we should be headed on the new single, ‘La La Life‘.

Robbie Vonn is a USA-based progressive rock/electro-pop/bossa nova indie music project that has loveable energy that shall set you free from any previous worries.

Merging the purity of analog instruments with a variety of electronic sounds, Robbie Vonn’s music is an exploration of art, sound, and evocative lyricism.” ~ Robbie Vonn

Gliding fantastically with a beautiful single that shall have you sensing that life can indeed be better, Robbie Vonn brings the world a truly lovely single that is calming and natural that will bring you some much-needed comfort.

Robbie released his well-received debut EP Hopeless Memories in October 2021, a collaborative project that brought together artists from eight countries to create an evocative and cinematic production.” ~ Robbie Vonn

La La Life‘ from the USA-based progressive rock/electro-pop/bossa nova music project Robbie Vonn, is a stunning song that guides us all through anything that is holding us back in our lives. Forgiveness is key to everything really, as it leads us into a happier place that isn’t loaded with bad energies that can suffocate all your good vibes that needs to be free. Soaring like a bird looking for a comfortable resting place is the key to everything that helps us be content in our souls.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more news on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Berlin’s Close to Monday impresses yet again with the incredible new single, ‘Together’

After a huge breakthrough year where they entered multiple charts and gained the traction they were looking for, Close to Monday show us their fresh direction and start off 2022 with a hypo-progressive synthpop style with their new single, ‘Together‘.

Close to Monday is a highly entertaining Berlin, Germany-based electro-synthpop duo who formulate a riveting blend of stunning music that warms the heart.

2021 was a very productive and bright year for “Close to Monday”. Their album “Interference” almost immediately entered the TOP10 of the German Alternative Charts and was there for 8 weeks in a row.” ~ Close to Monday

With a super effort that might be one of their finest releases to date, Close to Monday gravitate towards the top and show us into a world that has you in an honest state as you reflect on what you really need from your partner during this wild journey called life.

Together‘ from Berlin, Germany-based electro-synthpop duo Close to Monday, is the superbly-projected single of waiting for that special person to join you – and hoping that you can keep things simple – while holding hands and looking into the sky as one. With an always-evolving beat that makes you appreciate their progression, this is a scintillating single which bound to be put on loud when you let it simmer sweetly into your hungry soul.

Being together with someone who is ready to elevate you, will certainly have you feeling that this life is all worth it.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Xela sends us into raptures with her 3rd single that is perfect for summer love on ‘Vibin’

As she connects wholeheartedly with someone new and can’t help but dance and smile the day away, Xela has our fingers clicking and our blushes obvious to those who know us best with the steaming new single that will have you ‘Vibin‘.

Alex Ware aka Xela is a soulfully creative Sydney and Auckland-based, New Zealand-born indie electro-pop solo singer-songwriter and artist.

Produced by Sydney artist Beso Palma, Xela is at her classy and sultry best with a kiss-filled single that will have you beaming happily as you hold hands tightly and dance joyously with your new lover. There is something so pure about the luscious vocals and funky beat, that sends you a well-loved shockwave which is such a stunning listen from a wonderfully talented artist.

Vibin‘ from Sydney, Australia-based indie electro-pop solo musician Xela, is one of those happy singles you can’t help but love and tell your friends and family about. The lyrics are fresh and filled with life, her sensual style seems to hug the speakers, as we are thrilled to the rafters with a superb release that brightens up your day and brushes away any previous darkness.

That feeling of being with someone new who truly gets you is one of those special feelings you will never forget.

Hear this fresh track on Soundcloud and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Portuguese electro-rocker Tsunamiz urges the youth to avoid the temptations that are too easy to sink into on ‘Magickal Seeds’

Skillfully conveying an honest outlook on what is transpiring in this new world order that is crammed with so much confusing chaos, Tsunamiz is quite remarkable with the powerful visuals for his latest single called ‘Magickal Seeds‘.

Bruno Sobral aka Tsunamiz is a Seixal, Portugal-based indie electro-rock singer-songwriter and music producer who assembles that important cultural, political and philosophical expression that is cherished in the streets.

During live performances, Tsunamiz often sings and plays electric guitar over his instrumentals and beats.” ~ Tsunamiz

Incorporating two different genres with an expert touch that has been designed to teach those who need to hear the truth blast into their souls without sketchy misinformation, Tsunamiz has developed a really timeless track that has you thinking deeply about what your current environment looks like. With so much unfortunate disarray burning everywhere you look when there should be peace and understanding, this is one of the most meaningful messages so far in 2022.

Magickal Seeds‘ from Seixal, Portugal-based indie electro-rock singer-songwriter and music producer Tsunamiz, is a truly incredible track that has been made with a real ear to what is going on currently. With an enlightened attitude, a superb bassline that has your heart alive, this is a vital narrative – performed by a well-respected underground legend – for anyone feeling like they are alone in believing that this world is currently upside down.

See this new music video on YouTube and view more of his story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Looking At You: Sensational Cardiff band The Vanities are at their explosive best with ‘Dropping A Bomb’

Dropping A Bomb from The Vanities on Vimeo.

After remedying our sad souls with their last release anointed ‘London‘, The Vanities spark up our imagination with their groovy new single that has you listening as close as possible with ‘Dropping A Bomb‘.

The Vanities is a high-spirited Cardiff, Wales-based 90s-inspired grunge and 80s synth/electro-pop/rock band who have undoubtedly been on the lips of many UK music fans due to their exhilarating releases recently.

Taken off their brand new 11-track album ‘2001‘ that is their first full release since emerging from their hiatus, you feel that The Vanities are somehow only getting better and better. There is a real hunger in their eyes as this rest from the spotlight has only fueled them up to reach dizzy heights, as they leave us completely impressed by the supreme quality of their wondrous creation here.

Dropping A Bomb‘ from the terrific Welsh electro-rock/pop duo The Vanities is one of the more luminous videos you will encounter in 2021. This a track to sing loud and proud with as you immerse yourself into such a riveting experience filled with bright lights and a soundtrack that deserves lots of love. They make the type of music that has your heart in a spin, as you urge that lover to stick with you no matter what.

Turn this up on Vimeo and follow their tracks on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Never Said Before: Australia’s Roses In Hand wants that special surprise on ‘Paradise’

With that comforting love flowing like a pacifying swim in the ocean that clears your body from all the frustrated toxins that can make us so edgy in this stressful world, Roses In Hand kindly brings us a piece of pure-tasting pop that has you happy again in ‘Paradise‘.

Roses In Hand is an Australia-based indie electro-pop duo who make the type of songs that we can all relate to, as we sing from the top of our lungs to their joyful tune.

Written about harnessing the mindset of finding peace in positivity, the uplifting single “Paradise”, serves as a reminder to find your worth.” ~ Roses In Hand

Roses In Hand are quite terrific on this catchy new single and hold us close to remind us that having that close connection with someone special is such a blessing, and should never be overlooked. There is real care and dynamic outpour on this sizzling track from an outfit that undoubtedly knows how to get our radiant smiles back in full form again.

From extensive travelling with their acoustic performances, Roses in Hand have been known for their lyrics of love, lust and struggles through beat-driven tempos and soulful melodies. With ear-catching performances and hook-heavy music, Roses In Hand have extended their sound with elements of modern pop, using electronic and acoustic instrumentation.” ~ Roses In Hand

Paradise‘ from the Australia-based indie electro-pop act Roses In Hand, is one of the more easygoing singles you will hear all year. There is so much love here and a positive vibe that transmits beautifully, to have your soul feeling so much warmer than before. With luscious vocals and a happy beat that has your whole body sensing that everything is going to be okay, this is a track to put on loud when you feel like you need a holiday from all the depressing news headlines.

Hear this new track on Spotify and see more news on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen