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Wazi Maret releases album Beats in the Basement: Rap and Electronica combine

Wazi Maret has recently dropped his new nine-track anthology ‘’Beats in the Basement’’. A variety of different sounds combine, from electronica, RnB, Rap and Hip-Hop. Wazi knows how to completely nail a killer beat and this collection proves that.

Each song is so distinct in their own way, some stand out more than others, but there is always a creative and up-beat melody in each one, as for the vocals they’re more of a slow pace Rap rather than being in your face and too quick, the way the beat collides alongside the vocals is excellent and the amount of talent that goes into being able to create the rhythms that Wazi portrays in this album, is impressive and shows a load of potential.

Wazi has created an anthology that shows just how well he can mix a tune together and the lyrical approach is honest and he’s not afraid to get to the point and talk about how he feels, this one is a must if your into really hard-hitting Rap lyrics followed by energetic beats and electronic sound effects.

Check out Wazi’s album for yourself by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall


FRNDS AS CMPNY has made their debut with the Indie Synth Wave single “White Flag”

Authentic Indie may be harder to find than a needle in a haystack, but we’ve struck gold with the debut single “White Flag” from FRNDS AS CMPNY.

The synth-led soundscape is as captivating as it is sensuous, as you can imagine, that’s quite the alchemic aural combination. White Flag may borrow an element or two from 80s Synthwave and Darkwave Electronica. Yet, with their distinctive production style, you can fall in love with the transfixing synthesised tones once more.

Any fans of Depeche Mode, New Order, and Kraftwerk will definitely see the appeal in White Flag. There’s a nuanced pinch of moody dark atmospherics, but the shimmering atmospheric production gives White Flag a transcendently rapturous feel which you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

You can check out FRNDS AS CMPNY’s debut single for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Johnny Paradiso – Hypermisery: Volatile in Nature, Transcendent in Tone Alt EDM

Even the concept of hypermisery is beguiling and thought-provoking. Yet, with his release “Hypermisery”, Johnny Paradiso has created a soundscape which will speak to more than your mind.

Prepare for your rhythmic pulses to be arrested by this progressive feat of experimental electronica. For their debut single, Johnny Paradiso merged elements from a myriad of styles to create a melting pot of danceable euphoria.

Once you find the groove in the mix which is volatile in nature but transcendent in tone, the entrancing essence to the soundscape is all too easy to latch onto. Any fans of ahead of the curve EDM will undoubtedly want to take the time to explore the ingenuity of this artist. He’d go down a storm in Berghain.

You can check out Johnny Paradiso’s debut single Hypermisery featuring Tradavious for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Alien Private Eye- No Call: Electronica at it’s finest

Experimental Electronica shines through in Alien Private Eye’s new single ‘’No Call’. It may not be to everyone’s taste but it’s for sure impressive and shows a lot of creativity.

This track takes Electronica to a whole new level, there is so much suspense as you listen, it’s mysterious, dark and even eerie in places. It’s one that you really feel yourself going on a journey through the evolution of sounds and the impact they have on a listener.

Most of the time with this specific style of music it’s either vocals and a mix of sound effects or just sound on its own. Well Alien Private Eye decided to combine the two together by adding this almost hypnotising rhythm as well as these mesmerising vocals that gives the track this dose of up-beat energy.

The melody compliments the vocals and the pitch and pace is so similar that nothing seems out of place, the use of sound effects fits with the vocal ranges perfectly. Be sure to check this one out!

Check out No Call by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall


Pop Meets Darkwave in Skull Smith’s Latest Single “The Ghost of Mr. Hyde”

There were many saccharine love songs released on Valentine’s day. Up and coming artist Skull Smith’s Gothically romantic release “The Ghost of Mr. Hyde” certainly was never in danger of falling into that category.

With lyrics revolving around the ghost of someone’s shadow-side, naturally, the single was a darkly tantalising tale.

The Ghost of Mr. Hyde doesn’t fall into the usual realms of Industrial or Synthwave. Instead, through Skull Smith’s Pop-style vocals mixed with the progressive instrumentals, you’re treated to a soundscape which is far more theatrical.

From ethereal organs to sonic blasts of almost psychedelic synths which would be fitting in a Rock Opera you’ll find a smorgasbord of influence in The Ghost of Mr. Hyde. Evidently, Skull Smith isn’t an artist who concerns themselves with genre constraints.

The instrumentals may be consistently progressive. Yet, one thing which remains as a constant is the captivating nuanced draw of Skull Smith’s effortless vocal harmonies. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but those with darker aural inclinations will undoubtedly appreciate what Skull Smith has to offer.

You can check out Skull Smith’s latest single for yourselves via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


ReveLever – Play with the Fire: A Synthpop Minefield of Melodic Hooks

I’m fairly convinced that old school 80s analogue synths will never lose their mesmeric appeal. Even more so after hearing the latest single “Play with the Fire” from Netherlands-based artist ReveLever.

The striking synthesised notes create the perfect platform for the female vocals to sit neatly above as they exude hypnotic levels of magnetism. As usual, the lyrics have been left light. Yet they still efficaciously draw you deeper into the mix which is an aural minefield of melodic hooks.

Play with the Fire may not be the most innovative or bold soundscape. Instead, it’s a captivating revival of the 80s Synthwave sound. ReveLever has found the perfect balance between dark and light in Play with Fire. There may be some moody tones found in the mix, yet, there’s also sensual warmth and effervescent charm.

You can check out ReveLever’s single which was released on February 14th for yourselves via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Kotal and Koffi – Icey/Ideas: A Double-Drop of Urban Alt Electronica

Kotal & Koffi double-dropped their two latest Alt Electronica singles Icey and Ideas in one pioneeringly stylistic music video on February 29th. It’s so fresh, you can almost feel a drop in the temperature when you hit play.

The tracks may be hazy and mellow, yet, there’s still an artful Machiavellian air to Icey/Ideas which allows the tracks to transcend the usual vibe-out releases. If David Lynch started producing Trap music, I could imagine the end result wouldn’t be all too far from what Kotal & Koffi offer through their inventive tracks.

You can check out the official music video for Kotal & Koffi’s latest singles via YouTube.

They’ll be dropping 2 new tracks every 2 months, so they’re well worth putting on your radar. Especially if every mix is as transfixing as Icey and Ideas.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


8udDha bl0od releases single 32.23: An eerie and curious throwback

8udDha bl0od have dropped ‘32:23’, the new single by the Brighton-based artist. If you’re into Alternative Rock, Electronica and Experimental Rock then this is one you have to check out.

The instrumentals pull you in, having this old school Rock essence, a lot of electric guitars to create these insane riffs. The vocals tend to be very distorted and appear to be a lot quieter. It’s a way of bringing that iconic Rock sound back and making it more revised to be able to stand out today.

When you listen to 32.23 you really get a throwback of different sounds, one in particular that stands out is Radiohead, specifically ‘I’m a Creep’, you get that same feeling with this one, it’s mysterious, eerie and has the right amount of edginess to make it a hit and one that must be listened too.

8udDha bl00d has created something that shows many elements of a diverse amount of genres, it’ll be exciting to see what the future holds.

If you want to check out 8udDha bl0od then you can by heading over to SoundCloud, you won’t regret it!

Review by Karley Myall


Devious Dreams – Learn to Fly: Cathartically Light Lo-Fi Downtempo Electronica.

Up and coming artist Devious Dreams’ latest Lo-Fi Downtempo Electronica mix “Learn to Fly” is proof that experimentalism and ambience can comfortably and concordantly go hand in hand.

Right from the prelude, you’ll feel the magnetic pull of the jazzy warm tones which resonate with a sensuous evocative appeal. For the rest of the mix, you’ll be guided through the mellifluous melodies which will leave you in a transient haze by the time the track has faded to a close. Even though there are some unexpected aural curveballs in Learn to Fly, it’s still all too easy to surrender your consciousness to this captivating mix.

You can check out Learn to Fly for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

There’ll be plenty more to come from Devious Dreams in 2020. Make sure to follow the artist via Social media to keep up to date with new releases.

SC: @deviousdreams

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Nmwbu – Shots: Experimental Electronic Hip Hop

Up and coming Experimental Electronica artist Nmwbu has recently released their 2020 EP “Nani”. While every track on the EP stands as a testament to their bold adventurous approach to Electronica, the perfect introduction is the standout single “Shots”.

The track kicks off with a minimalistic prelude before seamlessly switching into a glitchy, modern and stylistic soundscape which Nmwbu uses to sporadically lay down their Rap vocals.

There definitely no complaints when it comes to the instrumentals and the atmospheric allure which Shots contained. Yet, it was hard to find any synergy between the vocals and the instrumental melodies. That being said, Shots offers exactly the kind of experimentalism we endeavour to find in new music. So, we’re all too excited to see where Nmwbu takes his transcendentally spacey brand of Electronic Hip Hop next.

You can check out Shots for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast