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RICKY delivers ethereal futurism in his latest electronica track, ‘Absentee Landlord’

Ahead of his upcoming EP, Nottingham, UK-based artist and producer, RICKY created plenty of appetite for his modernistic, future bass  mixes with the release of his single, Absentee Landlord.

With angsty vocal samples thrown into the complex layers of pulsing indietronica around the future pop female vocals, you can’t help but be endeared by the personality on offer here. Although, you won’t quite be able to pinpoint at which moment your rhythmic pulses became interconnected with the trappy bass-soaked beats and hazy synth-driven melodies.

Before making his solo debut, RICKY was one-half of the electro-punk outfit Battlecat; the duo toured alongside Two Door Cinema Club, Future Islands, Hadouken and plenty more before disbanding due to personal commitments.

With his solo project, Battlecat fans are sure to be appeased, but there’s an inexplicable ingenuity to his recent material that is sure to leave you hooked.

Absentee Landlord is now available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Simulated Youth smashes the premise of the totalitarian state with his dark electro track, ‘Ghost in the Machine’.

Phoenix, Arizona-based dark electronica artist and producer Simulated Youth has switched up his sound from his previous releases, N.B.T. and Kill the Messenger by introducing a galvanising urban twist. With rap bars flowing as veraciously as his euphorically-swamped signature beats in Ghost in the Machine, fans of trance to harsh industrial electronica alike will want to pay attention.

As with all of Simulated Youth’s tracks, Ghost in the Machine is so much more than a smorgasbord of adrenalizing sound; the mix falls on the very valid anxieties of our surveillance state. We may be in the midst of an Orwellian nightmare, but at least we have apt anthems which thrash and slap in the face of dystopic oppression and totalitarian control.

Of all the artists I’ve heard breaking through this year, no other artist holds as much promise, authenticity and escapism from the bleakness of our current socio-political structures as Simulated Youth.

Ghost in the Machine is now available to stream along with the rest of Simulated Youth’s 2021 EP via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Dilemma leaves us Feeling Alive with his latest single

‘Feeling Alive’ is just one of the recently released euphorically alchemic mixes from up and coming artist and producer Dilemma. Future Bass fans couldn’t ask for a more entrancing soundscape to immerse themselves within.

Feeling Alive boasts so much more than just momentum; the sense of ecstasy runs right through the instrumental mix that will be perfect for those hedonistic summer nights that make it impossible not to be grateful to be alive. Dilemma found a way to leave you feeling like what it means to be human is layered amongst the disco, techno and future house textures. We can’t wait to hear what is in the pipeline.

Feeling Alive is now available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Dilemma has released his ensnaring alt-electronica mix, ‘Moments’.

Even with EDM being the hardest genre to establish authenticity within, up and coming artist Dilemma discernibly didn’t fail, with his recently released single, ‘Moments’. His intoxicating mash of synth-pop, future bass and disco put you on a sonic trajectory right from the intro; from there on out, it’s a sonic whirlwind of intense hyper emotion.

When you get to the breaks, Dilemma deftly delivers that essential feeling of catharsis when tension erupts into euphoria. With sax solos, glitchy white noise and veraciously ensnaring beats all weaved into the intricately layered and textured mix, all reminiscence to Dilemma is extremely fleeting.

After being involved in an accident that left all five of Dilemma’s senses in a state of hypersensitivity, music allowed Dilemma to find purpose after everything else felt meaningless. The amount of love poured into his releases is practically unparalleled. Moments will make you think twice about delving into releases that offer any less than the exuberant passion that you will find right here.

Moments is now available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jeff Goldsmith – ambient, narrative sounds with ‘Waiting Window’

Jeff Goldsmith is a composer, sound engineer, and producer based out of Minneapolis; ‘Waiting Window’ the first track from his forthcoming album ‘May You Find The Light Before The Devil Knows He’s Right’ – composed and recorded during the Covid-19 pandemic – is a dark, brooding, piece, semi-neo-classical, semi-industrial, and mainly instrumental. All based around field recordings and live samples from Minneapolis, it’s a mix of the avant-garde, elements of alt-rock mixing with a repeating piano motif, sampled ambient noises, and speech, all building slowly throughout the five-and-a-half minutes of the track. At times sounding like Phillip Glass or Mike Oldfield, others with dashes of the softer parts of Nine Inch Nails or Ministry, switching still to the Orb or Ozric Tentacles. It’s an entrancing, evocative mix of alternative, dark ambient, and auditory narrative soundscape.

You can catch the video for ‘Waiting Window’ on YouTube; find out more about Jeff Goldsmith and his work here.

Review by Alex Holmes

London electro-pop duo ColourTelly released the most relatable single of the year with ‘Paranoid’.


For their latest single, London-based electro-pop duo ColourTelly explored paranoia in the age of disinformation, as the soft jazzy hip hop tones gently resound, hushed vocals quiescently relay observations of disillusion and distrust. The succinct poise of the vocals in Paranoid allows the message to hit even harder than it would if the lyrics were forcible. You can sense the frustration and exhaustion which manifests when exposed to such relentless pedantic conflict.

Speaking as someone who has heard their fair share of ‘lockdown inspired’ singles, Paranoid is easily amongst the most profound and provoking. Here’s what ColourTelly have to say about the single;

“The lyrics bemoan the confusion of the Covid age. An age where through lack of clear leadership and infinite sources of conflicting information, rational thinking has, in the minds of many, given way to fear. The song asks simply whether in the face of adversity humanity is capable of composure or whether as a species we are too anxious and reactionary to forgo panic buying and other such self serving activities. Is it really the virus we are afraid of or ourselves?”

Paranoid officially released on April 24th. You can check it out for yourselves via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Going Back To Basics: Three Colored Squares help us find simple normality again on ‘The Walk in Falling Leaves’

Taken off the magnificently moody five-track EP with so much substance called ‘EP1‘, Three Colored Squares take us for a casual stroll outside with the dark EDM single that has you looking to admire the beauty in this world called ‘The Walk in Falling Leaves’.

Three Colored Squares is a free-thinking Russian-born, Amsterdam-based indie electronica musician, who chills out the frosty fridge within with warm, tasty slow melodic soundscapes, that has your body in a curious state to unwrap the mystery.

You feel the different emotions so closely, as the deeply focused production has you thinking about those dial up phone days, the old school feel wraps on your conscious and fills you with hope that music is continuing to evolve away from ridiculously expensive equipment, that most can’t afford.

The capricious beat takes you to an extremely thoughtful place deep underground, as the catchy melody stays consistent and swims into your body, like an ocean full of life and mystique if you know where to look.

The Walk in Falling Leaves’ from the wildly talented Amsterdam-based indie electronica artist Three Colored Squares, was made on one single FM synthesizer that is currently sparking alight the revival of the coveted frequency modulation sound genre. With creativity like this and an urge to forge the past with the future, we are witnessing a true pioneer who is ahead of the game and playing to his own fantastic rules.

Stream this top single on Spotify and check out the IG for more news on releases.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Good Times Again: UK Downtempo act A Better Life take us to beautiful Crete with the exceptionally beautiful ‘Souda Bay’

Mellowing lives like professional music healers and taken off their dashing debut album called ‘Take A Deep Breath, A Better Life ease our head-scratching worries, with a tremendous lead single that will have you daydreaming lustfully on ‘Souda Bay‘.

A Better Life is a stunning UK Downtempo/electronica outfit that incorporates that relaxed state of mind to further your valuable consciousness from dark thoughts, to bring forth a reflective escape to mend our broken fences within.

”The track is inspired by the Souda Bay area of the Greek island of Crete, where A Better Life writer and producer Phil Daniels wrote the vast majority of the music in the summer of 2020. The music was written to convey the tranquility and calmness of the area”. – A Better Life 

The overriding feeling is one of total peace and love, the sunshine-entrenched stunner certainly has your mind in a better place to be productive, or just to relax and replenish your soul from the madness. This is such a mellow beat that you might need your shades on throughout, as the glorious soundscape is one for the books.

Souda Bay‘ from new UK Downtempo act A Better Life, does indeed make everything seem okay again with a heart-pulling performance of such classy guitar-filled beats, earthy vocals and much-needed care. You feel like you are indeed somewhere far from all the nonsense of the commercial world and this is the power of great music. It can heal you in an instant, with a cascading ambiance of drifting and much-needed perspective. A Better Life indeed.

Stream this soothing new single on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Endless Wires made his stridently electrifying synthwave debut with ‘Accept to Enter’ featuring Kabelle.

UK-based multi-instrumentalist and producer, Endless Wires (Tom Evans) established themselves as one to watch in the Vaporwave scene with the release of his arresting debut single, Accept to Enter, featuring vocals from Kabelle.

With vocals that will take you right back to the 90s and remind you of the forcefully resounding timbre of Cher, Whitney Houston and Madonna falling into the synthwave reverb-laced soundscape that kicks off with moody synth notes and transgresses into a stridently electrifying aural experience, it is an entrancing and evocative ride from the start. The addition of the classic rock guitar solos in the tense build-up to the highest crescendo was undoubtedly the cherry on the cake.

Accept to Enter is available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Alex Bright defies convention with his symphonically visceral electronica album ‘Building’.

Alex Bright

Bristol-based artist and producer Alex Bright is set to release his album, Building, which obliterates the notion of genre and introduces the lister to pure uninhibited electronically-crafted expression.

From neo-classic increments to symphonically cinematic scores complemented with pulsing bass to experimentation with elements of nature; you will find it all on the absorbing 7-track release. Alex Bright isn’t afraid to paint across the tonal spectrum, mischievously throwing together light and dark textures to create stunning sense of utopic/dystopic duality.

With such scarcity of reminiscence,  eclecticism of style and veracity of emotion, Alex Bright’s sound expresses what words cannot, making my job impossibly hard but gratifying all the same. Discovering exceptional producers who defy convention and can still speak to you on a primal level don’t crop up every day.

You can check out Alex Bright on his YouTube Channel and by heading over to Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast