Laderis Lorne shares his ‘Heartbreak’

From Laderis Lorne’s new single, ‘Heartbreak (The Pain Of It All)’, ‘Heartbreak’ ,the title track, is a call to a lost lover, an ode to – as you might expect – heartbreak and sorrow, the end of a relationship, and longing and recrimination amidst the ‘what ifs’. Hailing from Oklahoma, Edwin ‘Laderis’ Lorne delivers two tracks of open, honest insight into life and loss amidst the swells of synths and thundering TR808 beats.

Horne’s got some flow, a sweet high register just bordering on falsetto at times, and a nice set of lyrical metaphors to go with his beats and basslines, and ‘Heartbreak’ is soft yet aggressive, wanting yet indignant, and all over downright fly.

Check out ‘Heartbreak’ on Spotify; follow Laderis Lorne on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

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