Prayer Can Be Fun: Texas-based Christian hip-hop artist BC reminds the kids of the classic dinner table tradition with ‘Say Grace’

As she realizes that getting kids attention with all the distractions and over-stimulation from the internet that these young minds are facing, BC thanks the plate that we are blessed to receive on her new single aimed to help the youth stay grounded with ‘Say Grace‘.

BC is a soulful Christian hip-hop artist who is based in Bryan, Texas. She makes an introspective blend of music that speaks about important messages from the Bible, that have made her so inspired to express through her chosen art form.

The mission is to teach Bible stories and Christian morals to the next generation.” ~ BC

Rapped with a smooth atmosphere and educational bars that are consistent and full of energy that only wants to help the youth – as their valuable attention can be swayed so easily with modern technology – this is a take-time-to-give-thanks cue we can’t forget.

Say Grace” is more than a sing-a-long at the dinner table. With everything grabbing children’s attention these days, it’s a fight to help them stay on course. “Say Grace” was carefully and creatively designed to plant the seed of Jesus into as many children as possible. BC’s overall goal with her upcoming track is to remind kids to Say Grace and thank God for blessing them with their daily bread.” BC

Say Grace‘ from Bryan, Texas-based Christian hip-hop artist BC, is that true message about giving thanks for what we have in life. Created as a way of reminding the kids of today about core values in this wild world full of temptation, this is a soulful single full of good intentions and love.

Hear this graceful new single on Soundcloud and see more on her IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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