Just Cruising: Mr.Reaper drives us into that chain reaction on Come Follow Me and We Ride

Gazing at those clouds above and a smokin’ rather smoothly to get through the day, Mr.Reaper plays life poker while others flash their cash and get caught out on his heavy new bag-filled treasure hunt called Come Follow Me and We Ride.

Mr.Reaper is a Woodbridge, Virginia-based indie hip hop artist who loves to cook us up some tasty raps that will be stuck in your mind for weeks.

Slicing the competition away like a vampire slayer on a mission to get fed quick, Mr.Reaper rolls down the windows and establishes the point that he will always be different to those lame corny cats. This is a rugged rapper who flows like an OG who hasn’t been signed yet, as dominates the speakers with a lyrically conscious single to belt out rather loud.

Come Follow Me and We Ride from Woodbridge, Virginia-based indie hip hop artist Mr.Reaper is a spark-packed display from a seasoned artist who is in such a high gear right now. He shows us his potency behind the mic and keeps things raw throughout, shredding the bars with a velocity which shall please all underground fans.

Taking a chance and moving to cleaner waters is always a smart move when you aren’t quite comfortable in current climates.

Listen up via Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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