Jude Moses shows us a beautiful love letter for our lives to be enhanced by with ‘Kokoro’

Taken off their six-song sophomore album ‘The Beauty‘, Jude Moses returns after a few years away from a creative hiatus with the captivating new single that shall have you looking lovingly into nature again on ‘Kokoro‘.

Jude Moses is a North Carolina/Pacific Northwest-based indie Americana folk/rock outfit that constructs that superb cinematic-like nostalgia to truly hug deeply.

The Beauty is a love letter to the beauty in this world and in our lives. Songwriter and vocalist Stephen Williams sings to the mystery of the wild and reminisces on a childhood spent amongst dusty pale horses and Georgia pines.” ~ Jude Moses

On their follow-up to 2015’s well-received debut record, ‘We Won’t Die‘, Jude Moses is at their majestic best with a simply scintillating effort that sends you into a place that certainly feels warm and has your eyes glowing in excitement. With a single that seems like a double creation that has been neatly packaged as one track, this is a great release that will seemingly be one of those timeless gems that generations can hold onto forever.

Kokoro‘ from North Carolina/Pacific Northwest-based indie Americana folk/rock act Jude Moses, is one of the more tranquil tracks your soul will ever witness. There is so much calm energy that is layered by a band who seems to make only underground classics that are enriched with a lusciously enjoyable class that can only make your day better. In a cold world that needs more love and care to intertwine inside, this is something rather special that is filled with honest gratitude.

Listen up to this lovely release on Spotify and check out their IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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