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Burning Me Up: Rising Pacific Northwest-based pop artist bubblegum boyfriend sees her looking for love on only one

Taken from the recently dropped 10-track Indie Exxdlena album, bubblegum boyfriend returns with the splendid new single to slow dance with all night called only one.

bubblegum boyfriend is a 27-year-old Texas-born music producer and pop artist who makes music to gain traction and encourage others to construct fun melodies to be satisfied inside.

when you want a new dedicated boyfriend, bubblegum boyfriend could be your only one.” ~ bubblegum boyfriend

With merch for days and a cool cat vibe which shows his progression up those slippery ranks of fame, bubblegum boyfriend has dropped a passionate single to get seduced inside. Finding someone worth the effort despite all the noise outside, this is a hugely impressive track to place on repeat.

only one from the Pacific Northwest-based indie pop artist and music producer bubblegum boyfriend is one of the hottest songs available right now. Sung with romantic energy which shows us how to meet the one, we find a superb track with a happy story so many will be motivated by.

When your eyes lock into a soulmate, all other distractions disappear forever.

Listen up on Spotify. See more energy on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jude Moses shows us a beautiful love letter for our lives to be enhanced by with ‘Kokoro’

Taken off their six-song sophomore album ‘The Beauty‘, Jude Moses returns after a few years away from a creative hiatus with the captivating new single that shall have you looking lovingly into nature again on ‘Kokoro‘.

Jude Moses is a North Carolina/Pacific Northwest-based indie Americana folk/rock outfit that constructs that superb cinematic-like nostalgia to truly hug deeply.

The Beauty is a love letter to the beauty in this world and in our lives. Songwriter and vocalist Stephen Williams sings to the mystery of the wild and reminisces on a childhood spent amongst dusty pale horses and Georgia pines.” ~ Jude Moses

On their follow-up to 2015’s well-received debut record, ‘We Won’t Die‘, Jude Moses¬†is at their majestic best with a simply scintillating effort that sends you into a place that certainly feels warm and has your eyes glowing in excitement. With a single that seems like a double creation that has been neatly packaged as one track, this is a great release that will seemingly be one of those timeless gems that generations can hold onto forever.

Kokoro‘ from North Carolina/Pacific Northwest-based indie Americana folk/rock act Jude Moses, is one of the more tranquil tracks your soul will ever witness. There is so much calm energy that is layered by a band who seems to make only underground classics that are enriched with a lusciously enjoyable class that can only make your day better. In a cold world that needs more love and care to intertwine inside, this is something rather special that is filled with honest gratitude.

Listen up to this lovely release on Spotify and check out their IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Old Days: Trent Beaver and The Damage bring us back to those distant memories on ‘Ramblin Kinda Man’

With his heart on the sleeve and the stories of his family still fresh in his mind, Trent Beaver and The Damage bring us the road-trip gem called ‘Ramblin Kinda Man‘.

Trent Beaver is an acclaimed acoustic pop/southern rock Pacific Northwest-based singer-songwriter from the famous music town of Muscle Shoals in Alabama, who sings with that gritty edge that makes him a true artist who sings from deep inside, where the memories are stored forever.

This is the story about remembering his old man’s life, the sadness is strewn all over his tremendous vocals as he shares how things where back in the day, when life was way more simple and the good times were plentiful.

The superb southern style is lathered all over this top quality single, as you get lost in the journey and start to drift away into the past, your mind racing as you remember when you were younger and you wish things could go back to these innocent days.

Ramblin Kinda Man‘ from the humble family man and BMX-lovin’ Pacific Northwest indie singer-songwriter Trent Beaver, is an ode to those days where the whole family was there as one, the tears now ring down for his Mamma who lost her man too soon.

Stream this new single on Spotify and check out IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finish Me: Pacific Northwest hard rock band Thirty Seven ask for all the pain to end on ‘Bleed’

With a powerful hard rock sound that rages free as they ask for forgiveness, Thirty Seven wake up the nervous neighbors next door loudly, on their new self-reflective single called ‘Bleed‘.

Pacific Northwest alt-hard rock act Thirty Seven, make that rampaging sound that enters your ear drums at full volume, as they fuse up that daringly electric type of forceful music that wakes you up and inspires you to be better.

This is the story of being at their mercy, you have given them all your cards as you have none left to show, and just want them to forgive you. You feel like this is the only way you can show them how much you actually care, and it might be your last play left.

His voice is so riveting, as the band go at optimum capacity here, and you feel the power like when you are getting smashed by a massive wave in the ocean, as you have no control and simply hope that everything will be okay again when you come up for air.

Bleed‘ from ferocious dark-rock Pacific Northwest outfit Thirty Seven, deafens you if you aren’t ready and leads us into that state where you feel like you have to show the person you love, that you messed up real big, and they can take your soul if they want to. This is an emotionally real song that will make you feel highly reflective, as you remember the times when you treated your true love really badly and wanted to make amends in any way possible.

Turn this one way up on Spotify and check out their IG for future gig news and new music.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen