Jonathan Levy sends us a beautiful gem with ‘Lover Boy’

Singer-songwriter Jonathan Levy sends us a beautiful indie-folk gem with his news single called ‘Lover Boy‘.

This is the 2nd single from Jonathan Levy and he is in fantastic form here. He is a Tel-Aviv-based artist who speaks quite candidly about love and the constant changes that take place in a relationship. These can be good and they can be bad too, such is life. With soft undertones that show care, this is the perfect tonic in a rough year.

“The song describes the complexity of the endless changes in a relationship, both mentally and physically, while the bottom line is that no matter what, love wins all.”

This is the kind of song to play on a mellow weekend morning. A reflective piece with lots of heart and soul, this is a song to make you think. Jonathan Levy is quite stunning on ‘Lover Boy‘ as he glides in with this fine piece of art. Love does always win and we must never forget that.

Click here for the YouTube link.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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