‘Do It’ is the rebuilding theme of 2020 from DG & The Freetown Sound

Do It‘ is the rebuilding theme of 2020 from DG & The Freetown Sound that shines through, like the sun bursting through the clouds, to make us happy again.

With lots of fantastic vintage jazzy-soul and blues, this is quite the inspirational song during these wild times. The band have folk-influences with a simmering of drum grooves, thumping bass, this is a 5-piece who keep things original all the way. Their music is something quite incredible, the variety of sounds keep all humans happy. This is a Lafayette, LA band we need to pay more attention to.

Dustin Dale Gaspard, the co-creator here and comes from Cow Island in Louisiana. This is a landscape of mysterious rich marshland, ancient shrouding oak trees, and dream inducing nights and days with lots of beauty. His simple upbringing granted a proper mindset to stay humble and be grateful in all life’s endeavors. Often feeling misunderstood, he began exploring music when he was 17 and the rest as they say, is history. This is a poet right before our eyes, a man who truly lives for the music.

The Americana twist on ‘Do It‘ is so great to hear and there are so many genres here for us to fully enjoy. DG & The Freetown Sound are the type of band all ages will enjoy and this is a perfect track to start the day with. A genuine sound and a band that is so funky fresh you might need to go for a shower.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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