Jarred Allstar has unleashed their soulfully animated hip hop single ‘Get Up’ featuring M. Davina Boyd


Up and coming rap artist, Jarred Allstar describes himself as ‘born in the hood & raised in the church’, the lead single, ‘Get Up’ from their latest album ‘The Gift and the Calling 2’ allows you to appreciate his gritty gospel-inspired soulful grooves.

To supercharge Get Up with celestial vibes, Jarred Allstar collaborated with M. Davina Boyd who brought a soulful duality to the single. With her old-school soul vocals layering over Jarred’s high-vibe rap bars, the energy which Get Up contains is infectious.

Plenty of rap artists boasts an energetic sound, but with only a dash of hyperbole, the NYC-hailing artist could raise the dead with their animated approach to contemporary hip hop.

Get Up is available to stream on all platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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