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R-Scar sent ripples of soul through the UK gospel scene with ‘Centre’

South London-born and raised Christian artist, engineer and producer R-Scar has been sending ripples of pure soul through the UK gospel scene with his luxe productions since his 2018 debut.

With his most popular singles racking up over 400,000 streams on Spotify alone, R-Scar isn’t solely making a name for himself; he’s also reworking South London’s negative reputation by being a refreshing source of euphonous light with his music. Take his single, Centre, as the perfect example of his ability to build a tranquilly hypnotic escape from negativity. As the ultimate testament that romance isn’t dead, the lyrics fed through his harmonically rich vocal timbre are enough to give you butterflies against the organically warm beats and electronic synthetics.

Centre is available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Atlanta rapper MgnBlak brought substance back in style with his latest single, In My Head

Atlanta-based independent artist, MgnBlak, firmly implanted soul in his latest hip hop single, In My Head, which is just as vulnerable as the title implies.

Even though the melodically transfixing single narrates the artist’s individualistic life experiences, it is all too easy to find the resonance within In My Head – especially around the gospel elements, which manifest through the quelling timbre of the organ around the trap beats.

MgnBlak sought to be a breath of fresh air for the hip hop genre; it’s safe to say he succeeded with In My Head; its universal appeal transcends genre. Regardless of your usual aural inclinations, it is impossible not to FEEL when In My Head is in full flow. We are officially stoked to hear his debut EP, Hear Me Now.

In My Head is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jaye King – Jazzy gospel-influenced groove with the uplifting ‘Me & You’

Jaye King

Mixing up soul, gospel, a little hip hop, and some mellow jazz-influenced easy listening pop, ‘Me & You’, the new single from Floridian-native Jaye King is a funky, feel-good, soulful ode to living life, partnership, and celebration; fusing Gregory Porter, a touch of John Legend, and maybe a little of Norah Jones and Jamie Cullum’s style all mingled with some upbeat spirituals and dash of R&B feels, and you’re smack in the middle of the ballpark here. There’s clear passion, some raw, honest lyric-writing, and lashings of faith and love in ‘Me & You’, and it shines through – you can hear the smile in King’s voice as he’s singing. This is genuine, upbeat and uplifting, chilled and cool and red, red-hot all at once. If there’s such a thing as soul food for the ears, then ‘Me & You’ is it, in spades.

Check out ‘Me & You’ through Jaye King’s website, or via Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes

Nashbi brings empathy to the airwaves with his high vibe hip hop hit, ‘After All’.

‘After All’ is just one of the dopamine-boosting tracks on Nashbi’s 2021 EP, GOD GIVEN, that teaches the listener how to smile through the pain; with the high energy beats that eclipse NYC Hip Hop, there won’t be much of a learning curve.

His standout track, After All, is so much more than a collection of witty lyrical observations; it exhibits an unparalleled level of empathy. You’ll find most rap artists turning their lyricism into naval-gazing introspection; Nashbi penned the lyrics to After All in a way that allows the listener to apply the wisdom to their situation and let the empathy to resonate on a personal level.

The Atlantan artist is just one of the MCs adding his flow to the stream of conscious hip hop 2021, yet, with his dynamic presence, perception-shifting optimism, and vibrant beats, if anyone can make a positive impact, it is Nashbi.

After All is available to stream along with Nashbi’s 2021 EP, GOD GIVEN, via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jarred Allstar has unleashed their soulfully animated hip hop single ‘Get Up’ featuring M. Davina Boyd

Up and coming rap artist, Jarred Allstar describes himself as ‘born in the hood & raised in the church’, the lead single, ‘Get Up’ from their latest album ‘The Gift and the Calling 2’ allows you to appreciate his gritty gospel-inspired soulful grooves.

To supercharge Get Up with celestial vibes, Jarred Allstar collaborated with M. Davina Boyd who brought a soulful duality to the single. With her old-school soul vocals layering over Jarred’s high-vibe rap bars, the energy which Get Up contains is infectious.

Plenty of rap artists boasts an energetic sound, but with only a dash of hyperbole, the NYC-hailing artist could raise the dead with their animated approach to contemporary hip hop.

Get Up is available to stream on all platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

PTtheGospelSpitter – SfTK featuring Emcee N.I.C.E.: Upraisingly Contemporary Gospel RnB Hip Hop


Award-winning Christian & Gospel artist, PTtheGospelSpitter, has forcibly shunted Gospel RnB Hip Hop into the realm of the contemporary with the release of their latest single ‘SfTK’ which features the luminary Emcee N.I.C.E.

With their ability to preach without any hint of self-righteousness, everyone can take hold of the upraising energy in SfTK – regardless of religious inclanations. Their charismatic persona and invitingly absolving RnB vocals makes it impossible not to get drawn into the mellifluous grooving mix which is set to earn PTtheGospelSpitter plenty more acclaim after the official release. SfTK is pure chart-topping material, it’s going to be incredibly satisfying watching the track acscend.

You’ll be able to check out SfTK for yourselves from December 18th on all major platforms. Head on over to PTtheGospelSpitter’s official website to listen.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Noiz Kelley – N. Y. L.: Soulfully Elevating Hip Hop

Up and coming Washington-based Hip Hop artist and producer Noiz Kelley’s latest single “N. Y. L.” drips pure vibrant soul. Each progression is as dynamic as the last and will leave you even more enamoured by the artist’s effervescently energetic approach to songwriting.

It’s got all transcendent soul which you’d expect from Gospel music. Yet, the lyrics have been kept light, uplifting, and universally resonant so that even the staunchest of atheists will be inspired by Noiz Kelley.

Noiz Kelley is to Hip Hop what Hozier is to Rock n Roll. Their eccentrically playful approach to their sound which keeps the instrumentals organic and the vocal passion striking will undoubtedly see them make plenty of waves in 2020 and beyond.

You can check out N. Y. L. for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia