Take Me Back: Noah Fabray misses that cosy neighbourhood on ‘Good Old Days’

As he thinks back to a warm place where he felt so understood and was wildly in love with that special human he can’t quit fantasizing about, Noah Fabray sings with a kindhearted sentiment that has you feeling rather dreamy on ‘Good Old Days‘.

Noah Fabray is a Scottsdale, Arizona-based indie RnB/soul solo artist who makes a brightly flavoured flamboyant type of music that has your fingers clicking for hours.

Starting his career off in 2019, Noah has garnered over two million streams and self-written and co-produced all of his music to date. Whether it be in his bedroom or one of the nation’s top recording studios, Fabray considers himself a songwriter above all other things.” ~ Noah Fabray

With a purified voice that has your captivated speakers shivering in ultimate bliss, Noah Fabray leads us into the candle-lit picture of when he felt most at home. In a weird world that is so often cruelly insensitive and irritatingly artificial, there is a sense of regret here that this moment had to end so quickly as he misses those sensual touches that his brain refuses to forget.

Good Old Days‘ from the spirited and multi-talented Scottsdale, Arizona-based indie RnB/soul solo musician Noah Fabray, is a heartfelt look back at a time where he felt most at home. There was a pure love soaked onto the walls and a kind smell which he will never forget. Sometimes in life, you just remember those sweet times with a past lover, who made you feel so safe and genuinely desirable.

Listen to this nostalgic feel on Spotify and get a sense of the vision on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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