Irish music producer JustG can’t resist those sweetly desirable lips on the speaker-bouncing release ‘Radioactive’

Lusting for that juncture where everything just stops suddenly like you are pausing a movie right by the twist, JustG has decided that stopping this natural energy pouring all over their awakened lips is pointless, with his hot new dance single ‘Radioactive‘.

JustG is an Irish electronic/pop music producer and DJ who was formally in the successful music production duo, HalfTraxx.

First bursting on to the Irish music scene at the age of 17, JustG established himself as a highly sought after DJ, booking weekly slots in some of Ireland’s biggest venues.” ~ JustG

Soaring with a tremendous vibrancy that has your heart pounding with utmost anticipation, JustG shows us what top dance music sounds like in 2022 with an excellent performance on his new body-groover named ‘Radioactive‘.

Radioactive‘ from Irish electronic/pop music producer and DJ JustG, is one of the most sizzling party tracks around and needs to be on all of our playlists. There is a romantically charged atmosphere on offer here that could steam the windows up, as we are thrilled by a desirable track that is all about showing that you are ready for the next step now.

After holding back before and trying to stop the mind from wandering, this is the reminder that the whole world needed to hear. Sometimes you just need to let nature take over, as when those pulsated bodies connect as one, letting things flow is the best way to be with that special human you are meant for.

Feel the connection on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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