Interview: Brice Robell is hugely insightful on RFLCT Pt. 1

Learning more about RFLCT Pt. 1 and that feeling of being live on stage was the mission when we spoke to Brice Robell. Destroying genre lovers by just keeping it real and fresh is what we found out, plus a barrage of information about producing soulful beats with meaning.

Hello there. We appreciate your time and for joining us. First, what do you have for dinner usually and where are you currently based?
I want to thank you all as well! My wife & I have a solid dinner schedule lined up. We’ll do taco Tuesdays, pizza Fridays, and we’ll add a vegetable curry or pasta dish in between. I am currently based in Seattle so there are lots of great places to eat for date nights as well!

Please tell more about RFLCT Pt. 1.
In technical terms it’s my debut album but if I’m being fully transparent it’s so much more than that. It’s the embodiment of an independent artist’s struggle navigating the wild-west of the internet age. From manipulative algorithms to misleading numbers to social media. I truly bled my heart & soul all over this project and I hope the message comes across.

How did you first get into music and do you recall your first time on stage and what it felt like?
I’ve been surrounded by music since I can remember. Whether it was piano recitals, singing in church, or playing alongside a high school band my Dad directed; the memories run deep! I remember my first time on stage was probably around 1st grade, I went out to play a song on the piano and I couldn’t find middle C haha, so my dad came up and pointed me in the right direction. If we’re talking about actually performing in recent years, I recall performing for a school of about 500 and it was a blast, especially having them sing along at the end!

Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz/Funk, Alt RnB and even the ambience of a film score. Please tell us more about your music style and creation process.
To quote Jacob Collier, I’m a staunch non-believer in genre. All of these genres have certainly inspired me throughout my lifetime but I’m glad I don’t have to solely choose one; it would limit my creativity. Music is a rather spiritual process for me & sometimes I just have to get out of the way. I do my best to find/create sounds that best fit the individual song; sometimes it’s arduous & sometimes it happens in two minutes.

What’s it like being a vocalist, lyricist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist in this fickle music game?
Fickle is a great word to describe the current model. Honestly, the only thing I can control is the cultivation of my craft. Personally, I plan to put my energies into live performance and building local community. I’m over the online game & the vacuum of posts, likes, comments, etc.

Do you miss playing basketball or do you still find time to have a game with friends?
I do miss the camaraderie of being on a team. I’ll shoot hoops with a couple friends here and there but we keep it pretty low-key for the sake of old injuries. We’re all 30 and below but when you play college sports it takes a next-level toll on your body.

Last, what do you wish to achieve from your music career?
Personally, I’ve already achieved it. I’m making music I enjoy & it took me 5 years to feel competent producing, writing, mixing, etc. I’ve had a couple people reach out on how a song touched their soul & that is success to me. Stream counts and likes aren’t palpable and they’re never enough; having that awareness is crucial to your peace of mind as an artist. Thanks again for having me!

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Interview by Llewelyn Screen

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