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Ma Bell aka Kathy Bell Interview: A True American hero

Sometimes in life you meet someone who just wants to sing for the love and nothing more. This is the story of Ma Bell aka Kathy Bell. She is the ultimate underdog and loves making others happy. A selfless soul awaits.

Hello there Ma Bell aka Kathy Bell. How are you doing today and have you found that the music scene is properly back in your local area?
Ma Bell: I have found that this last year has been incredibly busy. I feel the music scene is definitely back.

You’re a DJ and also a songwriter with Bob McGilpin. Please explain how that fusion started and how creating songs makes you feel?
Ma Bell: I began in music at an early age, playing piano in the Church of God where my grandfather preached for 57 years.
I always had a passion for music but never thought I was good enough and had to go through quite a lot before believing in myself. I had written a silly Tobacco Barn song due to seeing a barn smoking with my friend and manager, Ruth Brown. She said write that into a song but I had no idea how that could be a song. A friend said get ahold of Bob McGilpin. I have to say he is the very best and not only is a co-writer but an amazing Friend. We now have 2 songs. America She’s Cryin co-written with Bob McGilpin a Platinum hit but also Freedom Truckers co-written with Bob McGilpin that has hit platinum twice.

Never too old to dream. I love your motto. It’s so true. Do you feel you’re in a dream while on stage and living out your destiny?
Ma Bell: I absolutely feel it is my dream. I have had the dream of performing on the Grand Ole Opry Stage one day since a child. I never give up on that and work hard. I have gone through sickness etc and am chasing my dream late in life, but still believe it can be possible as long as I never give up and keep working hard.

Who do you make music for and where do you call home?
Ma Bell: My home is in a very small town in Indiana called Sheridan. I make music when an inspiration hits. It is usually something from life. It can be funny or it can be serious.

Do you have a favourite song that we should definitely hear you sing live?
Ya all come! I love having fun in character as “Ma Bell” with my audience. The more they sing and tap feet, the more animated I become.

Can we spot you live before 2022 ends or do you have some events slowly cookin’ on the stove for 2023?
Absolutely, that would be awesome!

Find out more on her Facebook page.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Underground Edmonton rapper MusseDese drops excellent new single WONDER

Enticing us in with a mystical intro beat to boom loud all day, MusseDese keeps trying and isn’t giving up as he looks to the heavens and sees the person who he’s working hard for on the street banger called WONDER.

MusseDese is an Edmonton, Canada-based indie hip hop artist who started out performing on the guitar and piano with sublime skill interwoven throughout.

MusseDese draws his inspiration from his own experiences and interpersonal relationships. Musically, his influences consist of J.Cole, J.I.D, and Smino. However, Musse is determined to keep his sound his own, using social media and posting on “open verse challenges” to exemplify his diversity, Musse enjoys to focus on his lyrics and meaning behind them, attempting to allow the listener to feel how Musse is feeling.” ~ MusseDese

Bouncing back no matter the cuts and almost-deaths, MusseDese swarms the beehive and swats away anyone who is getting in his way towards the honey.

WONDER from the Edmonton, Canada-based indie hip hop artist MusseDese is such a punchy performance and shall drill a hole of significant substance to remember forever. Slicing up our imaginations like nothing before, this is a scintillating track to play loud when extra inspiration is needed.

Listen up on Spotify. See more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Alex de León counts the ‘Minutes & Hours’ in her compellingly tender piano pop narrative of lost time

London-based Mexican singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Alex de León has released her captivatingly tender single, Minutes & Hours. The instrumentally minimalist single captures the ephemeral nature of time, where the sands that are always pouring can leave the best of us behind.

Anyone with a proclivity towards burnout will resonate with the lyric, “I wish I could stop and smell the flowers, but all I see are minutes and hours”. It pulls you into the depth of this intimately vulnerable single which blossoms to the tune of the gentle neo-classic piano keys and her soft Tori Amos-Esque vocal harmonies.

Alex de León’s single Minutes & Hours was officially released ahead of her upcoming debut EP of the same title. Stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Hold Your Ground: Downcutting Streams uncovers those fears forever on The Landscape of Denial

With an assortment of breathless sounds to be enchanted by, Downcutting Streams returns with an ear-piercing single to be completely enchanted by on The Landscape of Denial.

Downcutting Streams is a location hidden indie alternative project that features some of the most exquisite vocals you’re likely to ever hear.

Inspired by moral dilemmas I see in the world, as I fancy myself a good observer, I wrote the lyrics which, if you look closer, you can recall your own situations you’ve had, have or will face.” ~ Downcutting Streams

Featuring the calming flute, the well-performed guitar and that stunningly healing piano, Downcutting Streams has unquestionably created one of the more fascinating underground songs to swim into our earlobes this year.

The Landscape of Denial from indie alternative project Downcutting Streams is an experience that is hard to explain unless you have been inside this whirlpool of wonder with the volume on max. Sung with a heartfelt meaning and with an intricately mesmerizing style that could shock all senses awake, this is a noteworthy effort indeed.

See this dynamic video on YouTube and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Spotlight Feature: piano rock pioneer Anthony J Fink let the emotion pour in his alt-rock EP, Feel the Rain

As an extension of his commitment to advocate for mental health and spread awareness of the detriment of depression, addiction, and suicide, Michigan’s strongest lyricist and fiercest piano rock pioneer, Anthony J Fink, has released his latest EP, Feel the Rain.

Each of the five singles is a triumph of blazing piano pop-rock-inclined candour, but Fink reminded us why the EP format is so important. From the optimism proclaiming piano pop-rock ballad of an opener to the experimental baroque rock electricity of Masquerade, which gives all of the energy of a rock opera, to the closer title single, which harnesses broadsiding grungy emotion, Feel the Rain is a journey. The final destination? The affirmation that this world breeds disillusion and a tendency to numb the pain but that doesn’t eradicate your power to resist and overcome it.

Rarely do singer-songwriters, of any ilk, achieve such momentously complex and multi-layered productions that absolutely consume you. The Feel the Rain EP made an essential artist out of Anthony J Fink, especially for any rock-inclined seekers of sonic guidance through our vapidly trying times. Buy it. It’s cheaper than therapy.

In his own words:

“Feel the Rain touches on many things. Loss is a big focus. My parents passed away when I was very young due to alcohol addiction. I have struggled with relationships in general in my life and with addiction. This coming January, I will be alcohol-free for four years.”

Feel the Rain is now available to stream on Spotify or purchase on apple music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

HULX lets us know the metaphysical score in his latest composition, SURREALISM

Transcend reality by the hand of the University of Westminster music student, HULX, via his latest instrumental composition, SURREALISM. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take any escape from this material-mortal coil I can get my existentially lovebitten mind on. And under HULX’s futuristic and imaginative duress, you’d struggle to get further away from our battery farm of an unromantic existence.

The sonorous score is cinematically crafted through HULX’s already virtuosic flair over a set of keys, but there’s just enough space dust to take you to a new plateau of consciousness that reminds you of the true beauty of the human experience. It pours through the inexplicably intuitive progressions.

SURREALISM is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

German band Sombrerobeach trigger the adventure on ‘Roaming Birds’ (feat. Dennis DeMille)

With an eye for the sky as they lust to be free up above in the clouds, Sombrerobeach sends us a ground-leaving single that will have you dreaming of those clear skies that are waiting for your heart to fly majestically into on ‘Roaming Birds(feat. Dennis DeMille).

Sombrerobeach is a German indie-jazz band that makes that sing-with music that is pure and optimistic in nature and always entertaining.

A jazz piece performed by baritone vocalist Dennis DeMille and with extended saxophone and piano parts.” ~ Sombrerobeach

Lathering up our senses with a delightful tone of intrigue, Sombrerobeach is one of those groups that have been sent to make us feel okay again. Their music is replenished with a peaceful melody, that shall have you swimming merrily in a pool of pulsating euphoria.

We named ourselves after one of our favorite beaches in the beautiful Florida Keys.” ~ Sombrerobeach

Roaming Birds(feat. Dennis DeMille) from German indie-jazz band Sombrerobeach, is a floating-up-high single that has been made with a smiling vibe that will take you away from any previous worries and into a world that shall have you feeling amazing again. Standing in the same place isn’t what we should be doing, as we are led into a single that might have you beaming with joy at what you are witnessing. Life should be a safe and flight-filled journey after all.

Hear this entertaining single on Spotify and check out the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

South Padre Island-based Jessica Wolf turns the ship around on her inspiring new single about letting go of all doubts on, ‘Samurai’

Taken as the lead single from her first full-length 8-track album, ‘Prakriti‘, Jessica Wolf brings forth her ninja-like mentality to get rid of anything that is holding her back from seeing the light of life with ‘Samurai‘.

Jessica Wolf is a South Padre Island, Texas-based classical piano and violin-trained indie singer-songwriter and music producer.

The first track, Samurai, is about slaying the demons within and stepping up to the plate, in order to help usher in a new age of prosperity and wisdom on planet earth.” ~ Jessica Wolf

On a spiritually illuminating track that has you admiring her vivid imagination, Jessica Wolf is in Buffy the Vampire mood and vows to slice through anything holding her and the world back from being in a better latitude to succeed.

Samurai‘ from South Padre Island, Texas-based indie singer-songwriter Jessica Wolf, is an electronic pop/rock track that sizzles your senses awake and has you reaching for your motivation to release anything that has been holding you back. With mesmerizing vocals and a space-like beat that sends you into a cosmic world that is highly original, this is a mind-altering single from an artist who takes things into a new galaxy to show us that you can actually be the best version of yourself.

Listen in to this new single on Soundcloud and see more via the IG music.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Discover your new metaphysical playlist staple with Basil Babychan’s ambient composition. Phantasm

Hans Zimmer fans will want to delve into the latest composition by Indo-Dutch artist Basil Babychan which extends his mission to create music from the soul for the soul; the concept behind the neo-classic ambient composition, Phantasm, is a lesson in philosophy. In his own words;

“Coping mechanisms are often subject to debate and scrutiny. They improve mental and emotional well-being by addressing anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns, derived from painful real-life events. In many cases, one makes conscious or unconscious choices that enhances control over behaviour or gives psychological comfort by creating an alternate reality. Fantasy and Reality often overlap. We need Fantasy to survive our Reality.”

Phantasm unravels as the perfect soundscape to embrace our true reality, in all of its infinite metaphysical possibility and beauty. In the prelude, the intricate keys start tentatively ascending, as more layers amass in the meditatively textured single; Phantasm becomes a transcendental experience that reminds you, we’re all just energy constrained by our vision of a 4D reality.

Phantasm is due for official release on October 29th; you can check it out for yourselves via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The award-winning orchestral rock composer Aldo has released his latest cinematic score, Stem the Tide.

There has been an influx of ambient and easy listening music on the airwaves in 2021; it took the talent of pianist, composer and songwriter, Aldo to prove what difference a prodigal touch to a soundscape can make.

His latest progressively orchestral, rock-tinged single, Stem the Tide, starts around ambient piano melodies and flourishes of Celtic culture; even when the momentum starts to build, the sublime tonal bliss goes untarnished. The Emmy award-winners scores have been on countless TV shows and documentaries. He has still found the time to release six albums, all of them containing the same panoramic flair that he is accoladed for in the film and TV music industry. If any artist has the ability to redefine your perception of talent, it is Aldo.

Stem the Tide is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast