Insomniacs unite around Layla Bina’s grunged-up feat of indie rock, Hypomania (I’m Awake)

For her latest single, Hypomania (I’m Awake), the up-and-coming one-woman powerhouse, Layla Bina grunged up indie rock to send a few postcards to the 90s Seattle sound and Riot Grrrl era while raucously bringing in the future of aural insomniac angst.

The SoCal-born and raised Iranian-American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist doesn’t let her classical vocal training get in the way of delivering rip-roaring vindicating vocal lines that would make her a better match for Kurt Cobain than Courtney. There are plenty of Nirvana nuances to chew on in the catchy chord progressions that will leave you rolling with the punches of her insightful lyricism.

Just as Kathleen Hanna brought feminist theory out of the academic sphere and into the public domain as she created the third wave of feminism, Layla uses her UCLA psychology education to spill insight onto the airwaves and spark conversations around mental health that get pushed under the rug in mainstream discourses. If any alt-rock act deserves to be iconic, it is Layla Bina, who is currently tucked away in the studio recording her debut album with the Grammy Award-winning producer, Josh Monroy.

Stream Hypomania (I’m Awake) from May 5th on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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