Ride The Waves: Faye Jule longingly wishes for that true togetherness with that special soul on star-gazing new single ‘HYE’

As the vividly real daydream wonders when you will be together again as your sparkling eyes lock in so romantically, Faye Jule know that they should be with that incredible heart but can’t due to this rather strange world on ‘HYE‘.

Faye Jule is an inspiring and newcomer worldwide collaboration with three artists who are based in the UK, Germany, and also the USA. They make that global music vibration which is such a pleasure to lather inside, as they bind together as one despite the massive distance between them.

The trio’s latest single HYE, which stands for “Have you ever” was written about 2 people being apart due the Corona Pandemic. The song expresses feelings of longing for each other, reminding one that being with a loved one always makes the presence even more precious.” ~ Faye Jule

Her luscious vocals are so alluring and sumptuously performed, each note has been crafted perfectly and with such a stunning background, this is something rather special. You feel like you are floating on the clouds above, looking for their path as you remember the memory of their heart-warming glow.

HYE‘ from the tremendous UK, German and American indie pop trio Faye Jule, is a terrific single that is full of aesthetic wonder as you look up above and wish you could be holding hands right now. Your mind wonders as you break down that moment you realized who you should really be with – as you gaze sadly into the stunning stars – and make that wish for you to be together again really soon, before the memory fades away forever.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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