Inside My Head: Escape Ring pushes the evil voices away today on ‘Winning The War’

As he elevates his head up from the rugged terrain below and senses that today is a good day to live and surmount all those goals, Escape Ring knows that tomorrow will present a new challenge but he is on the right path currently with ‘Winning The War‘.

Escape Ring is a Melbourne, Australia-based alt-rock solo artist who makes that nostalgic sound that could put his music into any era conceivable.

The song chronicles the struggle we all have from time to time conquering the voices in our own heads holding us back from whatever it is we secretly know we should be doing.” ~ Escape Ring

With a resolute outlook that leads the way into a new mindset of exploration, Escape Ring guides us through the eye-closing darkness, with a new world filled with ideas and enjoyment. He sings with a flourishing style that is such a terrific listen – and there is so much to respect about someone who projects out – how he has been able to destroy all those lingering self-doubts, which can hold you back from truly succeeding.

Winning The War‘ from the Melbourne, Australia-based alt-rock solo artist Escape Ring shows us why his music has been placed on television before. There is a really enjoyable flow to get into here from such an experienced artist who is on the top of his game, with a sensational track all about ignoring those pesky voices that do nothing to help you.

If you feel like taking charge of your life and doing things you have been holding off on, this is the perfect track to listen to again and again.

Listen to this mind-conquering new single on Spotify and see more news on Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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