Indianapolis Rapper Jett Jones shines brightly with ”Headlights”

You love that special someone but don’t want to get messed around any further. You feel like a zombie when you see her and don’t know what to do. They are the one that you think you should be with but it just isn’t working out. You feel like a deer in her headlights and she isn’t stopping. Is it time to end things or try again?

Jett Jones is a well-traveled Hip Hop/Pop artist who has released a stack of singles lately. He is part of the new school waves of musicians that don’t bring out albums and this method seems to be working.

Headlights’‘ is song all about being stuck in the bright lights with the one that you care about. You haven’t had much luck with love and feel like this one isn’t going to work out. A sad story indeed and the video is very reflective too. This is an impressive artist who is riding on a massive wave and is on a huge tube currently.

Jett Jones is on a mission for global recognition and you can see why with this quality release. He has found a home now in Indiana after moving so much and he is firmly planted on many fans playlists all over the world.

To see this music video be sure to click on Jett’s Youtube page.

If you are a professional Spotify-er then you can listen there too.

Review by Llewelyn Screen

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