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Winter whispered through Sang Lian Uk’s folk-punk single, When Snowflakes Fall

In the heart of winter’s embrace, Sang Lian Uk penned ‘When Snowflakes Fall‘, a lo-fi folk-punk anthem that resonates with the soulful depth of a winter’s tale. This single, reminiscent of the raw, unfiltered essence found in the works of Neutral Milk Hotel, is a poignant reflection on the season’s stark beauty and the introspective journey it invites.

When Snowflakes Fall is a narrative woven from the threads of his life, a stream of consciousness that captures the essence of winter’s dual nature – its bitter cold and its mesmerising beauty. The song’s structure mirrors the ebb and flow of thought, with each verse building on the last, culminating in a cathartic release of pent-up emotions.

Sang Lian Uk, who began his musical journey in the echoes of gospel songs and church choirs, has evolved into a raconteur of candour, moving far away from his childhood immersion in music, guided by the distinctiveness within his voice, he’s come into his expressive own.

When Snowflakes Fall hit the airwaves on January 25; stream the single on SoundCloud.  

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Fell for you: Sami the Collector wants to know how she likes it on Vuitton

Urging his lover to tell him exactly what she desires so he can make everything better, Sami the Collector shows us a true gentleman mindset with a superior display on the rather impressive Vuitton.

Sami the Collector aka Sami Ali is an Indianapolis, Indiana-based RnB/soul singer-songwriter, family man and master networker who has built up a rather impressive sound.

Brilliant once again. Sami the Collector has alleviated all nerves with a radiant song for the ages. Baked in so much goodness, this is the tasty treat we needed to nibble on before finding someone who changes everything.

Vuitton from Indianapolis, Indiana-based RnB/soul singer-songwriter Sami the Collector is a smooth soundtrack for all true lovers. With a kind outlook and showing us how to treat a romantic interest properly, this is an example to the youth of what the correct procedure is. In a world with so many confusing notions and misinformation, we find a single with a meaningful message to elevate all mindsets.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

We’re Losing Touch: Kevin Jones just wants to see that radiant smile again on ‘Peachy Waves’ (feat. Maisie May)

Bringing the healing world a sweet song all about wanting that true love to blossom beautifully again after a rough patch, Kevin Jones sings with so much heart and harmony via the new scrumptiously delivered single ‘Peachy Waves‘.

Kevin Jones is a 21 year-old Indianapolis, USA-based indie rock-pop artist and music producer. He makes that brightly colored music that is fun for everyone to listen to, as he aims to keep it fresh and entertaining always.

His contagious melodies make for a fresh, youthful take on the sounds of the 60s & 70s. Reminiscent of records by Paul McCartney or Jeff Lynne but with a modern twist like that of boy pablo and Summer Salt.” ~ Kevin Jones

This is the story about going through the dark days and keeping a positive outlook throughout, as you know that recent times could of been better. Displaying a maturity beyond his years – you feel that he is a deep soul who truly gets that the balance needs to be so perfect – for the days to be happier than the last, in this wild world full of empty distractions.

Peachy Waves(feat. Maisie May) from the witty Indianapolis, USA-based indie rock-pop artist and music producer Kevin Jones, is that special kind of single which automatically brightens up your day. There is so much to sink your teeth into here on a relevant song all about knowing that some days in love aren’t going to be tasty on the palate, while some others will certainly be absolutely perfect. Such is the game of life.

Hear this new track on Soundcloud and see more via his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Trying To Get The Best Of Me: Indianapolis rapper Jerry B is ready for anything on ‘Fresh As Me’

Produced by Fantom, Jerry B opens up the summer schedule with a bounce-filled track to bust those speakers all over the floor as he avoids the lingering doubters on ‘Fresh As Me‘.

Jerry B is an Indianapolis, Indiana-based indie hip-hop artist and studio lover. He is a bars-packed rapper who flows with conviction and energy, with quick-witted lyrics that has you impressed by his style.

Blood, sweat, and tears. Dollars, time, and years. Never give up, GO UP. #444Life.” ~ Jerry B

With lots of conviction and a self-assured message, this is the rev-up-the-engines experience which has you nodding your head flamboyantly to this new single. The beat is full of life and seems to mesh with the story just right, as we are filled up with optimism after being locked away with unnecessary self-doubt for too long.

Fresh As Me‘ from the Indianapolis, Indiana-based indie hip-hop artist Jerry B, is the story of being messed around by a few ladies who took you for granted, as you now stay single and keep it real with your true friends. He is in the mood to show his local town what he is all about with the freshest vibe in the whole area, and isn’t going to let anyone bring him down anymore. This is the type of track to play when you need some motivation quickly, as you turn this up and head to the beach with that ultimate confidence.

Check out the track on YouTube and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

True Peace: Indianapolis multi-instrumentalist Daniel Walzer is quite brilliant on ‘Stand Up’

Essence of Now by Daniel Walzer

With a consistently groovy delivery which makes you feel like you are on a well-deserved holiday, Daniel Walzer skillfully has our heads moving and our bodies grooving all over the lounge with the nosy neighbors next door watching on in absolute astonishment with ‘Stand Up‘.

Daniel Walzer is an Indianapolis-based multi-instrumentalist, composer, and audio engineer, who is also the Assistant Professor of Music and Arts Technology at IUPUI.

Featuring a stellar range of skilled artists who have helped Daniel create this wonderful track, this is a real gem that is clearly made with much love and scintillating skill. It feels like he is asking us to get motivated again after a long slumber with many excuses – as we now get up and reach those lofty goals – which have our hungry hearts beating quickly, with passionate excitement.

Originally trained as a percussionist, Walzer’s recording discography includes more than two dozen albums as a session musician, engineer, and producer. Essence of Now is Walzer’s sixth album as a bandleader and showcases his production versatility on piano, drums, mallets, percussion, and audio engineer. The title commemorates the 20th anniversary of Essence of Now Records, a Midwest-based record label that Walzer started in 2001.” ~ Daniel Walzer

Stand Up‘ from the Indianapolis-based indie multi-instrumentalist and audio engineer Daniel Walzer, shows us a terrifically-made single that is from the eleven-track album ‘Essence of Now‘. This is a cinematic moment to treasure from a truly skilled and underrated music wizard – who seem to effortlessly sizzle with pride on each instrument he summons – with a world class display that might leave you quite breathless in admiration.

Hear this finely tuned new single on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Nothing To Prove: Gifted Indiana emcee Swanny.95 shows us his virtuoso lyrical prowess on sky-reaching ‘High.95’

Taken off his ravenous debut solo album named ‘Primal‘, which comes quickly after his previous singles from 2021 ‘TOTEM‘ and ‘ZZZQUIL‘, Swanny.95 swarms ingeniously on the mic with impressive skills that has you in awe of his inventiveness with ‘High.95‘.

Eric Swanson aka Swanny.95, is a confidently brewed Indianapolis, Indiana-based indie emcee who makes everything look easy, as his silky smooth raps have you listening so intently.

With some wonderfully crisp boom bap drums, astute lo-fi soundscapes and tremendous lyrical skills to match like a spark on a fire – he is a true hip-hop artist with a world class flow – and is effortless on each verse that he smartly pens.

After amassing 2 million plus streams with his hip-hop duo Grey Lamb, touring the country as an opener for artists like DRAM, Waka Flocka Flame, and hip-hop/pop star Bryce Vine, SWANNY.95 is making his solo debut.” ~ Swanny.95

High.95‘ from the skilled underground Indianapolis, Indiana-based artist Swanny.95, is one of the more breathlessly brilliant hip-hop tracks of 2021. He shows us his prodigious talent on a prime pedigree release that certainly ends a few careers. His pen-work is precision personified and you feel like you are witnessing a man reborn.

His solo career has had to wait for a long time after years in the shadows but no longer, as we are left with our jaws dropped onto the floor at his immense talent. Class always shines in the end.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more news on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Let Them Ever See You Down: Skypp urges us to ‘Fix Yo Crown’ (ft. Rhymefest, Allison Victoria and Jared Thompson)

With a self-aware nature that has your head nodding in appreciation of this tremendous skill set, Skypp makes sure that we are alert to the fact that even if you are battling, its imperative to ‘Fix Yo Crown (ft. Rhymefest, Allison Victoria and Jared Thompson).

Skypp is an acclaimed underground rapper from Indianapolis, Indiana in the USA. He flows through the streets with witty bars and true stories of how the hustle is real if you to achieve those dreams, that are available if you want them enough.

The visuals are classy and so fresh here with lots of soulful groove added to make this is a memorable video and single. All the artists featured are quality and add so much elegance and street grit to this top track — with vocals that are silky sooth — to raps that are cutting edge and show you what bars should sound like.

Fix Yo Crown‘ (ft. Rhymefest, Allison Victoria and Jared Thompson) from Indy emcee Skypp, is that story about working through the moments that have you in doubt sometimes, as you try and keep the integrity intact where you are at. You are a powerful person inside if you want to be, and keeping your head up to find your true purpose, is the only way to really live if you want to make something out of your life.

Watch the video on YouTube and see more visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Not Like Before: Indiana’s underground Ska legends Coolidge are back with exciting new single about changing on ‘We’re Alright’

Taken off their vibrantly creative new album ‘Condition Transmission‘, Coolidge smash the door open on their latest single about changing perspective in life called ‘We’re Alright‘.

Coolidge is an experienced five-piece Ska-punk/rock band from Indianapolis in Indiana, USA. They play their hearts out on each note, their minds are connected in such a way that they know what each other is doing and they bring the classic old school mentality with them.

This is the story of being shy before, but as you have gotten older you have opened up your voice to speak from the mind and to never let anyone else put words in your mouth. Times have changed from the past when small minded folks thought they knew you and you feel like this is the best way to live, rather than being quiet as a mouse and getting stepped on when you are just minding your business.

They perform with an exuberance that is abundantly entertaining and you turn them up some more to fully hear their quality rise to the top of the speaker. This is a band that have put thousands of hours into their sound, as they clearly enjoy playing together too.

We’re Alright‘ from the lovable veteran Indiana Ska act Coolidge, is a true story about how sticking up for yourself really matters in life. You have evolved for the best and if others can’t see that, its their loss after all.

Hear this rocking new single on Soundcloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dedicated to Grandpa Bob: Inspiring Indiana emcee Doe Dillinger sends fitting tribute on the powerful ‘Things Ain’t The Same’

With his family tight and in inconsolable mourning, Doe Dillinger raps with that emotionally-charge motivated edge on his top shelf new single called ‘Things Ain’t The Same‘.

Doe Dillinger is a quality alt trip-hop artist with those wise eyes, who has seen it all after 12 music projects, as he makes that rare soul-clenching and pure music with a true message.

This is the sad story about losing someone close and rising above to make sure you live your life and reach your dreams, how they would want you to. Life is up and down, with constant obstacles and dead ends, so by standing your ground, never faltering from what you stand for, you unlock your greatness by grabbing the ultimate key to staying true to oneself.

His effortless rap style grabs you soulfully by the heart and shows you into a man’s ever-evolving mind that has really lived, as he courageously tells us stories of how life is and was, always looking to elevate and inspire others to reach their dreams too.

Things Ain’t The Same‘ from tremendous Indianapolis, Indiana USA trip-hop emcee Doe Dillinger, is that real track that was made out of so much love for his loving Grandpa Bob who sadly passed away recently. The raw raps and excellent visuals give you an inside look into how down you feel after a loss like this, but have the strength to give out a track in his memory, that would make him so proud.

Things will never be the same but you can always remember those special moments that you had together, keeping them locked away in your soul to remember forever.

See this top notch track on YouTube and mesh your socials together on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Indianapolis artist Keith Phelps returns with journey-filled electro song ”Silver Lining”

Keith Phelps is a music producer and singer-songwriter from Indianapolis, Indiana in the USA. The talented artist returns with his latest wizardry track called ”Silver Lining”.

After spending some time on tour as the keyboardist for Season 10 American Idol finalist, Haley Reinhart- Keith decided to go solo and do his own thing in the music world. He makes unique music that transforms the studio. His creativity is rare and terrific to listen to due to the whole feel of everything inside the song. The breaks are intriguing and I feel like this song will be in a movie. Keith refers to his sound as the “audible chicken and noodle soup for the soul”.

The soulful Indianapolis artist Keith Phelps is on a mission and we are witness to his growing greatness. ”Silver Lining” is all about staying positive and looking at the positive moments in life. Being negative isn’t going to help so keeping a happy spin on things will help you win on the jackpot of life. This is a lovely song that will have you daydreaming for ages.

Stream the new space-filled journey here on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen