I’m Getting Impatient: California RnB artist Josy B drops scorn-ridden lyric video for new track ‘Crybaby’

As she quickly closes the door on her ex who was bringing her down with all the lies, Josy B makes a statement of intent to anyone clouding up her sunny energy mindset with the new single called ‘Crybaby‘.

Josy B is a vibrant indie RnB/pop artist from Los Angeles, California. She makes a silky blend of deliciously articulate mixture-filled concoction of catchy music that is wonderfully relevant in these over-stimulated times.

She sings with a wary eye towards the man she once loved – as he showed his disloyalty and is now constantly dialing her up – as Josy knows inside her beating heart, that the love is gone and the kisses have moved away from his weepy actions.

Crybaby‘ from the Los Angeles-based indie RnB/pop singer-songwriter Josy B, is the story about getting tired of all the disloyalty streaming through the gutters of so many flaky souls. She just wants to be happy and is closing the door on anything or anyone who attempts to bring her vibe down with a brave display here. Featuring a top notch vocal display and meaningful lyrics which tells the truth, this is a courageous woman who is ready for that realness that her hungry soul seeks.

Knowing what you want, is the first step is getting to where your are destined to be.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more info on her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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