Bristol’s The Inside wishes to be lost in space with the transfixing release, ‘Misery’

As he feels so disconnected from the existing world that makes no sense to his smart mind, The Inside floats up above and takes his precious consciousness away from all the madness that seems to numb all over his body on ‘Misery‘.

The Inside is a Bristol, UK-based indie singer-songwriter, rapper and music producer who is inspired by legendary artists such as Frank Ocean and the late greats Mac Miller and David Bowie.

A music nerd devoted to studying melodies and lyrics, The Inside mood swinging music is a mix of alternative pop, art-rock and experimental hip hop in a cluster grenade of sound.” ~ The Inside

Ultimately, the compelling vocals and transformative class of The Inside is something to truly treasure. There is a mystique here that is rather remarkable, as he carefully takes us for a thought-provoking expedition that is such a mind-bending mission we can all enjoy no matter what our tastes in music are.

Misery‘ from Bristol, UK-based indie singer-songwriter, rapper and music producer The Inside, is the call for everything to be fine again as something is clearly not right. This is an experimental track of the very highest order – with an artist who sends us into another galaxy – as he dreams of something better than he currently sees while transmitting a track that is so rich in such distinct quality you just have to strap in and enjoy the ride.

Hear this deep experience on Spotify and see more of the story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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