Manny XO Drops Their Latest Rhythmically Flawless Afrobeats Single “Afrodisiac”

While many contemporary Dance artists have forgotten that Afrobeats make the world’s best dance music, that fact hasn’t escaped Manchester-based breaking artist Manny XO who is soon due to release their latest single “Afrodisiac”.

Not only is the track an ingenious play on words but it’s also an instantaneously rhythmic single which doesn’t wait around before pulling you in with the almost immediate instrumental hook.

The rhythmic beats stick to the perfect tempo to make Afrodisiac a mix you can listen to and appreciate the vibe, all whilst remaining danceable. Manny XO’s R&B Pop-style of vocals are as equally entrancing as the instrumental mix that they sit in perfect synergy with.

With all of Manny XO’s hits getting plenty of well-deserved attention, it looks like there’s another Manchester music pioneer looking to make even more musical history for the city which always nurtures distinctive talent.

Follow Manny XO as he sets the pace for the release of his biggest record of the year “AFRODISIAC” and check it out via here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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