I Need Someone To Hold: Robert Weston is down on his love-luck with ‘Leave This Bed’

Produced by Brett Trout, Robert Weston tells us the story about feeling romantically sad as that alone feeling can really get you down in the dumps on ‘Leave This Bed‘.

Robert Weston is a soulful indie country singer-songwriter from The Netherlands. He is a true artist who brings us that real energy on each of his tracks – as he tells us the truth – about how he is feeling in this rather odd world.

The main character in this ‘mix of traditional and contemporary’ sounding country song is feeling alone and wishes he was in love, but he realises that he is getting older and that time isn’t on his side.” ~ Robert Weston

You feel his lonesome road to that heart beating light he so seeks – and with a calming vocal ability – this is a track to play late at night when you need some company, after a long time from where you want to be.

Leave This Bed‘ from The Netherlands-based indie-country artist Robert Weston, is a telling story about how a man feels when he has been single for too long. He misses the touch of a lover that cares, and wonders if he will ever find that special soul who will care for him.

Hear this new single on his Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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