Rex Mckinnis – Reptar : An amazing slow on-the-go hip hop jam

Rex Mckinnis

The curtain dropped and subtly threw open a bright stage that was filled with the felicity that’s entwined in a slow melancholic beat as the song intro was held.

This artist sure sounds more like a collected mellow vibe kind of a rapper. His style is interestingly not all hushed up and thrown all everywhere and left to land on a few fertile mind of music enthusiast that probably might find his work okay. Instead, this artist’s impeccable brilliant slow sound and originality is what makes his work more appealing.

The song might be slow but it still got the recipe of that perfect on-the-go-work-flow, it’s more like an ancillary to a progressive effectiveness on a daily life purpose.

A well vocal sound to compliment the overall quality of this masterpiece is definitely what you’ll find most alluring. The unique rap style and flow of the song in its entirety will as well kowtow with your expectation.

The moral is that this song will put you in a good happy mood and probably make you shake off a workday stress with its celestial melody and smooth power of transfixion.

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