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We Had Good Times: Brave Country singer and 4x cancer survivor hero Ryan HamNer reminisces about that ‘Blank Stare Goodbye’

As he distinctly remembers the one September on that beautiful beach that lit his beating heart alive like fireworks, Ryan HamNer won’t ever forget the laughs and the wind blowing through her hair on his reflective new single called ‘Blank Stare Goodbye‘.

Ryan HamNer is an extremely courageous 4x cancer survivor and a soulful Columbus, Georgia-born indie Country singer-songwriter and esteemed author. He has a real story to tell that automatically makes your eyes water, as you feel his pain and totally admire his movie-like journey, to helping others who are facing the hard road he went down.

Growing up, Hamner underwent cancer treatment at ages 6, 9, 11, and 21. To cope, he focused on music, often recording his favorite songs off of the Weekly Top 40 to listen to on his Walkman during chemo sessions.” ~ Ryan HamNer

As he sings with such a sad tone about that day he wishes was real again, so he could see her close up and hear that cute laugh again, you feel the ever-lasting love to the one that got away. This is the remembrance anthem, that is important to deal with,  so that you may move into warmer waters again.

Other than recording music, Hamner also operates Bamba Box, a small gift box company that sends care packages to kids with cancer, foster kids, and other children going through hard times. Every Bamba Box recipient has a chance to win a virtual visit and concert with Ryan.” ~ Ryan HamNer

Blank Stare Goodbye‘ from the brave Columbus, Georgia-born Country artist and author Ryan HamNer, is a love lost story which he will remember forever. The moon was beautiful and he thought it would last forever, but sadly it didn’t. This is that moment you should put deep in your memory to move on – but is so hard to push away – as you wish that this time would happen again. Love certainly is cruel sometimes.

Hear this top new single on his Spotify and see more of his life via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Need Someone To Hold: Robert Weston is down on his love-luck with ‘Leave This Bed’

Produced by Brett Trout, Robert Weston tells us the story about feeling romantically sad as that alone feeling can really get you down in the dumps on ‘Leave This Bed‘.

Robert Weston is a soulful indie country singer-songwriter from The Netherlands. He is a true artist who brings us that real energy on each of his tracks – as he tells us the truth – about how he is feeling in this rather odd world.

The main character in this ‘mix of traditional and contemporary’ sounding country song is feeling alone and wishes he was in love, but he realises that he is getting older and that time isn’t on his side.” ~ Robert Weston

You feel his lonesome road to that heart beating light he so seeks – and with a calming vocal ability – this is a track to play late at night when you need some company, after a long time from where you want to be.

Leave This Bed‘ from The Netherlands-based indie-country artist Robert Weston, is a telling story about how a man feels when he has been single for too long. He misses the touch of a lover that cares, and wonders if he will ever find that special soul who will care for him.

Hear this new single on his Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

ELLSWORTH delivers 70s Americana escapism with ‘Potholes’.


Oregon-born folk singer-songwriter ELLSWORTH’s latest single, Potholes, carries the same amount of soul as Jack Johnson’s consoling releases, the Americana escapism of Dylan’s records in the 70s and the same melancholic air that truthfully resides in us all from time to time.

The relatability in this façade-less dreamy feat of folky bluegrass indie sweetens the already choral tones. With lyrics such as ‘turn my body inside out, I shook it real hard, nothing fell out’ for your mind to devour, you’d have to be dead from the soul down not to feel something as you listen to Potholes weave through the stunningly composed progressions.

Check out ELLSWORTH on her website and Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Take Me Home Tonight: Remember Monday thrive tremendously with quality cover of Queen’s classic ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’

With their distinctively classy harmonies which cleverly seem to flip grumpy frowns into happy smiles like a tasty pancake does, Remember Monday are absolutely marvelous on the amazing cover for Queen’s massive hit single from 1978 named ‘Fat Bottomed Girls‘.

Remember Monday is an acoustic folk/pop/country trio from the beautiful part of South East of England. They join forces rather sweetly to bring out music that has your heart riveted and thoroughly captivated, by their fantastic vocal abilities as a team.

They focus heavily on intricate group harmonies whilst always showcasing their strong individual vocals. Their gigging highlights include playing C2C Festival at the O2 London, opening the very first Dixie Fields Festival, and performing their original song ‘Jailbreaker‘ in the quarter finals of The Voice UK.” ~ Remember Monday

With a joyfully pleasing sound and a true sense of togetherness – you get the feeling that you are listening to something of the highest quality – with ravishing vocals that has your heart feeling so warm, after a horrific twelve months.

Fat Bottomed Girls‘ from thrilling English three-piece country/pop/folk group Remember Monday, got the approval of Brian May himself and you can see why. This is a special display and sung with such style and grace from this upcoming trio who are much-loved all over the world. The sky is the only limit for this outstanding group.

Stream this terrific new single on Spotify and see more on their growing IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

She’s A Dreamer: Swedish act Quicker feel so alive when they are with her on ‘Ready Now’

With her sweetly struck smile and that glowing energy which has your wide-open eyes sparking like New Years Eve fireworks into the night-lit sky above, Quicker pull on our heartstrings just right to open up up our curious minds to what indeed is possible with ‘Ready Now‘.

Quicker is an easy listening rock/country group from peaceful Sweden. They make that happy-vibe music vibration that has you thinking the world can be a better place, as their sound is rather genuine and so fun to listen to.

Music, Love and life. Quicker is a project taking their influences from AOR and Country, with songs and lyrics sprung from experiences in every day life.” – Quicker

With an enchanting voice that has you so relaxed and feeling great, everything seems to effortless for this wonderful music experience that has you so joyful and positive, after so much recent gloom and doom.

Ready Now‘ from the exciting Swedish indie-rock/country act Quicker, takes you to a place where you meet someone who seems to genuine and pure – your souls lock in tight like a seat-belt clicking and this could be it – as you gaze at each other and beam the biggest smile that is humanly possible. Sometimes you just know when you find that special soul, and it is usually in the last place you expect too.

Stream this flourishing new single on Spotify and see more news on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Can’t Explain: Wonderful Huntsville singer Sarah J wants to fall back into their caring arms when she’s ‘Home’

Released as part of her beautifully elegant four-piece debut EP called ‘Miss J‘, Sarah J sings so sweetly on her lovely new single all about finding herself as a doorstep that makes her feel complete on ‘Home‘.

Sarah J aka Sarah Johnson, is a highly promising eighteen years young Huntsville, Alabama-born and raised, sometimes Nashville, Tennessee-based, indie alt-soul/pop/country singer-songwriter and pianist instructor. She shows us her soulfully authentic music with a warm effect that has your body glowing in delight, as you feel like you are listening to someone who is inspiring and humble.

I hope that everyone who has been able to listen receives a special message from my songs. Whether it is empowerment, sadness, regret, passion, or just good vibes, I appreciate you all for listening.” – Sarah J

As she wonders deeply if they will stay together this time – she tries her best to work out the journey – but just wants to be calm and be together without too many questions. Her heart isn’t quite made up on which path to take, but she knows that they make her feel relaxed which is where she needs to be right now.

With a stunning vocal ability that is only just coming to the fore, you feel her sadness mixed with intrigue throughout on this stunning effort. The emotion-filled lyrics grab you closely too and everything is so loving, her immense talent is here and you can just hear that there is so much more to come.

Home‘ from the supremely classy young Alabama indie alt-pop/country/soul singer/pianist Sarah J, is a top quality single that is full of poise and that extra bit of rare class. She makes music for the true purpose of fulfilling her soul and helping others get through their day.

Sarah J is a real old soul who is rather uniquely special and someone who we need to appreciate greatly. After three years of doing everything DIY to get to this point, she can do anything her creative mind and work ethic takes her.

Stream this freshly created new single on her growing Spotify and see more visuals via her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Do You Remember: The Rising reminisce about those times before the wondering eyes ruined everything on ‘Bruise You Left’

Remembering those beautiful moments that were so memorable before the silly fights started, The Rising wish that that it wasn’t all over but know that its probably best that it ended after all on ‘Bruise You Left‘.

The Rising is a catchy pop/rock/country duo from Northern Ireland who were based in Warwickshire, England, but came back home recently, due to the pressures of this horrific pandemic. They make that lovable music which takes your breath away, their style reminds you of a time when things were so innocent and rather wholesome.

This is the story about being in a long-term relationship and not wanting to hurt each, but you end up doing it anyway. You wanted things to always be peaceful as you love each other so much – however the scars from what happened before – might never heal and stay with you forever.

Her captivating voice is so sweet and enchantingly calming – their wonderful sound reminds you of Nashville – and you get involved in the striking lyrics which are so relevant to so many who know this feeling all too well. They are such a dynamic duo, the class is easily heard and this is such a terrific single to help you get over a past relationship.

Bruise You Left‘ from the lovely Northern Ireland indie country/pop and rock duo The Rising, has you dreaming about those days when you were holding hands with your true love and everything seemed perfect. Then something happened and you went on different paths as you felt that they weren’t into you like before – as things crash landed and you broke up for good – even though the love is still there.

Sometimes life can be so cruel and you feel like you didn’t deserve it, when actually it was a lesson to learn for next time you fall deeply for your true soulmate.

Stream this terrific new single on Spotify and check out the IG music page for more visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Take an introspective trip with Siobhan Cotchin’s latest single, Highway Song.

Siobhan Cotchin

Comparisons to the likes of Pheobe Bridgers, Angel Olsen and Anais Mitchell are easy to make; what is harder to convey through words alone is the sucker-punched feeling that Siobhan Cotchin’s latest single, Highway Song, will leave you with.

Technically, Highway Song *is* a driving song, not in any traditional sense, but one that captures the loneliness of transitions and times when your life is defined by endings. It is so much more than a senseless melancholy-fest; the choral vocals that sit behind Cotchin’s haunting lyrics and accordant minimalistic folk progressions become the aural light at the end of the highway tunnel.

The West Australian alt-country singer-songwriter is well on the way to the phenomenon she deserves to become. She’s already established herself as one of Australia’s most luminary artists. So far, she has received a nomination for WAM Song of the Year and a spot in triple j Unearthed Top 10 best discoveries of 2020. It is unlikely that her accolades will end there.

Highway Song released on June 2nd; you can hear it for yourselves by heading over to apple music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Gabrielle Gore served an infectiously euphoric slice of Americana with her single, ‘My Mustang’.

Eighteen-year-old Oklahoma-hailing country singer-songwriter Gabrielle Gore already has 14-years of performative experience behind her, when it came to writing her latest single, My Mustang, she was primed to serve an infectiously euphoric slice of Americana.

With bluegrass folk meeting crawling rockabilly rhythms, and a few pop elements thrown in for good measure, My Mustang crosses genres while staying true to each style borrowed from. The distinction doesn’t end with the instrumentals either; the rich and resonant vocal projection brings a vibrant energy to the up-tempo track that will transport you to the heart of Nashville before the chorus hits.

My Mustang is now available to stream via SoundCloud. 

Review by Amelia Vandergast

D Boone Pittman paints a panoramic picture of romantic disparity in ‘She Likes the Beach’

‘She Likes the Beach’ is just one of the instantly immersive bluegrass singles taken from country-folk singer-songwriter D Boone Pittman’s debut album, Emerge.

The 10-track straight from the soul album pays a fitting ode to the storytelling roots of folk. As the acoustic bluegrass chords lay out the welcome mat, Pittman paints a panoramic picture of romantic disparity with his endlessly magnetic vocals as he expresses his frustration at being with someone that you can’t quite see eye to eye with but you end up in a situationship regardless.

You can check out D Boone Pittman on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast