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Brian Berggoetz pulled the strings of the soul with his amorous Americana serenade, I Know I Love You

Brian Berggoetz

The Tuscan-hailing poet of the heartstrings, Brian Berggoetz, prepared his most affectingly tender love song to date for his Valentine’s Day release, I Know I Love You.

With hints of Springsteen within the cultivated charm of the folk-infused Americana release, I Know I Love You, which sees the serenader’s vocals coalescing with the duality conjured through female harmonies, is a timelessly captivating love song, which alludes to how Cupid’s arrows cut deep, especially when they bring insecurities and a sense of imperfection to the surface.

The musical arrangement is a masterclass in subtlety and crescendo. The folky strings rise and fall like the tides of emotion, each note becomes a heartbeat in the song’s narrative. The guitar strings ring with an assurance that draws listeners into the very core of this country folk serenade. It’s as if each strum is a call to explore the depths of our own hearts.

Berggoetz’s voice is the guiding light in this exploration of fallible, beautiful romanticism. His vocal delivery, imbued with a sense of both wisdom and wonder, captures the essence of a soul laid bare. I Know I Love You is a musical journey that promises to leave listeners both moved and inspired, eagerly anticipating the future chapters in Berggoetz’s evolving musical saga.

I Know I Love You will debut on Valentine’s Day; stream the single on Spotify.

Get better acquainted with Brian Berggoetz via his official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ayla Schofield put a serenade in motion in her country pop release, In Your Car

Tracy Chapman meets Taylor Swift and Bob Dylan in Ayla Schofield’s latest country-pop anthem of affection, In Your Car. If you want to take a scenic drive through the countryside of emotions, hit play. Released just in time for Valentine’s Day, In Your Car is a testament to Schofield’s growing artistry and her ability to blend the soul of folksy country with the heartbeat of contemporary pop.

Schofield, a former contestant on The Voice of Germany, has been carving out her niche in the music world and made an ever-lasting imprint. Her collaboration with Oliver Anthony has already captivated over 1.3 million viewers, a clear sign of her rising star status, ahead of the unveiling of her upcoming debut EP, Little Big Journey, produced by the Grammy-nominated Michael Hanson.

The track opens with a gentle strumming that sets the stage for Schofield’s tenderly powerful Alison Krauss-reminiscent vocals which carry purity and resonance by the smorgasbord. The fiddle, an extension of her expression, weaves through the song, adding layers of depth and emotion against the honkytonk keys.

Lyrically, ‘In Your Car’ explores the intimacy of shared moments, the kind of silent understanding that speaks volumes. Schofield’s songwriting prowess shines as she captures the essence of love’s quiet, unspoken bonds. The chorus is a crescendo of emotion, a harmonious blend that feels like a divine intervention.

In Your Car was officially released on February 2nd; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Cat Rian conjured smoky Americana alchemy in her latest single, Read the Room

Cat Rian cast an arcanely bluesy spell in her latest synthesis of country, soul, pop, and feminine firepower, Read the Room. The Las Vegas singer-songwriter delivered a fatal shot to the kinds of protagonists who only get anywhere in life through manipulation. The demure, smoky refrain of “read the room, it’s the least you can do” is an olive branch of catharsis to anyone who has ever felt the frustration of dealing with someone with no boundaries or self-awareness to compel them to step away after the damage is done.

The flawless command of her sultry vocal lines atop the organic luxe grooves allows you to slip into an alchemic sonic experience; one which evokes a sense of emboldened empowerment. Read the Room is right on brand for Cat Rian. Who, along with fronting resident bands at notorious landmarks on the Las Vegas strip, has also teamed up with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, donated proceeds from her song, You are Strong, and headlined the Anti-Bullying School Tour.

As she continues to stake her claim in the industry, she’s determined to bring others to a position of power. She’s an icon in every conceivable way.

Read the Room will be able to stream on all major platforms from February 2nd. Stream it on here first.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The decades washed away in the latest synthesis of rockabilly and honkytonk country from Kristi Jean and Her Ne’er Do-Wells, ‘Long Haul Lady’

Kristi Jean and Her Ne’er Do-Wells struck a resonantly nostalgic chord with their latest track, ‘Long Haul Lady‘, a vibrant fusion of rockabilly and country that redefines the genre with a modern twist of female empowerment. From the opening verse, the song is a narratively rich journey, weaving a tapestry of vivid imagery set against the backdrop of jive-worthy rhythmic honkytonk finesse.

The upbeat, panoramic release showcases the band’s tight orchestration and Kristi Jean’s commanding vocal presence; The Stray Cat strut pales in comparison to the swagger of Long Haul Lady, a song that not only entertains but also breaks down gender stereotypes with its infectious charm. The feel-good grooves are potent; capable of erasing the past seven decades and bringing listeners into a realm where the old is new again.

The way Kristi Jean embodies the ultimate femme fatale in this song, seamlessly melding masculine strength with feminine beguile, creates an impossible-to-ignore statement of artistic integrity and stylistic flair. You’ll want her pouring through your speakers for days after you hit play.

Long Haul Lady will debut on January 5th; stream the single on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Alison Wahl & Brian Berggoetz reinvented the festive soundscape with “Christmas is the Right Time for Us”

Despite Christmas music often treading the well-worn path of jingle bells and festive clichés, Alison Wahl and Brian Berggoetz brought a refreshing gust of Americana folk rock into the Yuletide soundscape with their latest single, Christmas is the Right Time for Us.

Brian Berggoetz, a self-taught guitarist and a songwriter with a flair for reinventing classics, infuses his unique style into this holiday offering. His experience, ranging from performing at SXSW Festival to sharing stages with notable artists, shines through in the song’s intricate guitar work. The absence of traditional motifs and melancholy of aural nostalgia in favour of Americana folk elements is a bold choice, which infuses the song with an uplifting and authentic feel.

Alison Wahl’s vocal harmonies intertwine perfectly with Brian’s, creating a tapestry of sound that is both warm and inviting. The standout lyric, “When love is just enough, Christmas is the right time for us”, encapsulates the essence of the song – a celebration of love and togetherness that transcends materialism. This lyric, in its simplicity, captures the heart of the holiday spirit, reminding listeners that affection and emotional connection are priceless gifts.

The production of the song is a delicate balance of subtlety and strength, allowing the dual harmonies to take centre stage in a track that doesn’t just aim to be another Christmas hit but strives to leave a lasting impression on its listeners.

Christmas is the Right Time for Us was officially released on December 11; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ross Flora grappled with the melancholy of unfulfilled potential in ‘As the Crow Flies’

Ross Flora

Ross Flora’s EP, As the Crow Flies, is a poignant and reflective journey through the heart of country folk. Hailing from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Flora’s upbringing in a milieu rich with R&B and Bluegrass influences is palpably reflected in the acoustically adorned, stripped-back title single. His gruff, resonant timbres weave through the wistful yearning harmonies, creating a tapestry of sound that resonates deeply with anyone who has ever grappled with the melancholy of unfulfilled potential.

The lyrical tempo of As the Crow Flies is akin to a melodied spoken word sermon, imbued with regretful poetry. Flora’s background as an English major shines through in his lyrical craftsmanship, as he skilfully interweaves themes reminiscent of literary greats like Dickinson, Thoreau, and Whitman. The result is a narrative that is both deeply personal and universally relatable; Someone hand him a Grammy for the line “I’d be half the man I’d ought to be less than half the time”.

Ross Flora’s journey from the family farm to Nashville, performing over 4,000 shows and collaborating with acts like “Johnny T” Band and “Smoke n’ Guns,” has clearly honed his ability to capture the essence of southern rock and outlaw country. If you want to hear a heart poured out in melody, hit play on As the Crow Flies.

Stream the As the Crow Flies EP, which debuted on October 27 on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Dave Wilbert was born to take the wheel and drive in his country-rock earworm, Tractors and Trucks

Springsteen was born to run, but Dave Wilbert was born to take the wheel and drive in his country-rock earworm Tractors and Trucks, which delves beyond the stereotypes and into the intricacies of the identities of people who spend their lives outside of the city smoke.

Tractors and Trucks rips up all the tropes and cliches of country and scatters them like confetti within the anthemically polished production which will lure you in with the bluesy pop grooves and ensure you’re suitably hooked by the slide guitars which follow the solos which exhibit Dave Wilbert’s command of a fretboard.

The Fairview, Tennessee-residing artist was born and raised in rural Indiana, where he practised the hard-working virtues extolled in this infectiously feel-good hit, which will undoubtedly give those living the rural life a potent shot of pride.

Tractors and Trucks was officially released on October 6th; add it to your country-rock playlists by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

TuskHead blurred the boundaries between acoustic pop-punk and folk in ‘Breaking the Man’

The boundaries between Americana, acoustic pop-punk and folk blurred beyond recognition in the rhythmically arresting latest single, Breaking the Man, by the Dutch musician, singer, and songwriter TuskHead.

With the bends of bluegrass weaving around the pull of the percussion, which won’t fail to awaken your rhythmic pulses and the lyrics, which sting with vulnerable volition, Breaking the Man is a hard lyrical pill to swallow, but the upbeat rhythmics take some of the sting from the deeply relatable pensiveness, allowing it to unravel as a cathartic olive branch to anyone unwilling to do the same and make the admission of ‘I’m not alright’.

Asking the time-old question, “how can you love me if I hate myself” and alluding to the fight from within that pills can salve but can’t solve, the heartache with the world is heart-wrenchingly affecting.

Breaking the Man was officially released on October 13th; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Marshall Falcon is the Dr Frankenstein of Rockabilly Revivals in ‘Last Stand @ Little Muddy Creek’

The gloves are off, and the gunpowder is packed in Marshall Falcon’s riotous rockabilly hit, Last Stand @ Little Muddy Creek. The rock-tight rhythmics are enough to make The Meteors sound as fierce as a pebble skipping across a pond, but the raucous exhilarant appeal to the inexplicably pulled-together production is just one facet of magnetism.

Falcon’s infectious personality brings the record to life in a way so visceral that he may as well add the accolade of being the Dr Frankenstein of hillbilly music to his long list of achievements.

Prior to working on his debut solo LP, Go West Young Man, which synthesises Tex-Mex fusion, hillbilly rock explosions and country soul, the Rio Bravo, Mexico-born, Houston-raised artist established some of Houston’s most revered bands in the 90s and filled support slots for everyone from Ice-T to At the Drive In. He has also championed other Houston talent with his award-winning indie music label, Broken Note Records and opened a recording studio in Oregon. It’s safe to say he’s left an ever-lasting impression on the music industry, both through his own work and the work he has supported. When his new sophomore LP drops this fall, don’t be surprised if his legacy starts to know few bounds.

For the full Last Stand @ Little Muddy Creek experience, watch the official music video, which premiered on September 20 via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Unknown River set the bar for honkytonk hits plateau-high with ‘Outlaws on My Trail’

The Floridan singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Unknown River set the bar for penning immersive escapist honkytonk hits plateau-high with the standout single, Outlaws on My Trail, taken from his debut album, The Dead River Passage.

The fiddle and banjo-driven single delivers a vignette of a man coming to regret the repercussions of his down-and-out actions; the combination of the simple country living exposition and the upbeat arrangement and vocals is enough to make the experience of outlaw-evading sound like a riotous way to see the sands of time slip away, and therein lies the beauty of Unknown River’s indomitable magnetism.

By taking the influence of bluegrass, delta blues, country, rock and old-timey traditional tunes, Unknown River’s amalgamated Americana signature is designed to strip away the plight of modern-day malaise and entrench you in the ease and euphoria of eras that are far from bygone – roots-crafted sanctuaries are just one hit on play away. Press it.

Outlaws on My Trail is available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast