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Brandon Bing – Dyin’ Breed: Rapturously Raucous Country Rock

Singer-songwriter Brandon Bing is keeping modern country rock alive and breathing, ironically, with tracks such as ‘Dyin’ Breed’. The southern sun-kissed single plants itself firmly within the roots of country and resounds through the massive radio-ready rock production.

It’s a track that rhythmically commands you to move and lyrically compels you to see the beauty in the world in the same way the Florida & Nashville- based artist does. You almost don’t need the artist’s bio to know that he lives between Florida and Nashville, the gloss and grit delivered in Dyin’ Breed is a telling sign and just one of the reasons why Brandon Bing stands out so easily from the rest.

His rapturously raucous lyricism paired with their gritty southern twang will do infinitely more for your outlook on life than pawing your way through a mountain of self-help books. The energy from the stomping rhythms paired with the rich resonant vocals won’t fail to crawl under your ribs as you listen to the hook-filled feat of honkytonk.

Dyin’ Breed is now available to stream via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The Big Regret: Jon Davis recalls that sweet love that got away on ‘My Ex Best Friend’ (feat. The Kenny Rogers Band)

With stories of love and closing doors when she went astray, Jon Davis brings back the best days of his life on his new single called ‘My Ex Best Friend’ (feat. The Kenny Rogers Band).

Jon Davis is a boot stompin’ Australian indie-country artist who make that classic music with real stories, that has a loyal following that sings each word, as you sip on a cold one and enjoy the ride of a lifetime.

After being in mostly tribute bands and playing cover songs, Jon changed direction and before covid-19, was recording his music in Nashville, Tennessee. His passion for creating his own works is obvious and this is a man on a mission to spread his original music to all corners of the world.

This is the story about how you loved her so much and the nights in each others arms still seeps in your mind all the time, as you dream of her so often.

He sings with that experience that has been picked up all the globe, his voice is clear and his lyrics set the picture perfectly without too much mystery. You rejoice as you listen, his catchy chorus has you smiling to his story as you remember the one that got away in your life.

My Ex Best Friend’ (feat. The Kenny Rogers Bandfrom the wise Darwin, Australian indie-country solo musician Jon Davis, is the tale of a passionate love that was incredible, but ended rather quickly in a way that you wish you could have back. Life goes quickly and regrets mountain up as you grow older, so wishing she could open the door again is natural, when you can’t stop thinking about her.

See this passionate track on YouTube and see his FB for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Joshua Dennis – Turn Around: A 2021 folk-pop playlist staple

Brand New Day by Joshua Dennis

North Carolina genre-blender, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Joshua Dennis has unleashed their affable folk-pop album ‘Brand New Day’ which will top up any optimism that you may be falling short of.

The instrumentals in the standout single ‘Turn Around’ merge indie with pop and folk while Joshua Dennis’ softly all-consuming vocals bring 21st-century modernity to the crooning soul-pop style.

If any album should be on a hipster’s turntable, it’s Brand New Day. Joshua Dennis’ commitment to bringing a sense of positivity to the airwaves is just one of the reasons why you’ll want to add him to your radar.

Turn Around is available to purchase and stream via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Award-winning bluegrass singer, Kevin Serey is set to release their wisdom-driven single ‘Old Man’s Eyes’

Kevin Serey

Singer-songwriter, Kevin Serey has been raking in the accolades since making their debut. As an Ohio Music Award Winner and an International Acoustic Music Awards finalist, his highly-anticipated forthcoming album holds plenty of promise. On the basis of the standout single, Old Man’s Eyes, he’s discernibly delivered.

As we’re collectively living through some of the most isolating times in living history, wisdom-fuelled singles, such as Old Man’s Eyes are priceless. Serey’s consoling words melodically shove you in a positive direction while his timeless bluegrass country folk tones leave you enraptured by evoking just as much emotion as the lyrics.

You’ll have to wait a little longer before you can check out Kevin Serey’s new album, in the meantime, hear their award-winning previous releases via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


cp howes plays the ‘Situational Worldwide Blues’

cp howes

Wisconsin-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, cp howes, lyrically captured the monotony of a lockdown lifestyle while freeing us from it with his liberatingly soulful infusion of Blues, RnB and Gospel in their latest single ‘Situational Worldwide Blues’.

‘situational worldwide blues’ sounds like it should be a paradox, the clever juxtaposition drives home the devastatingly unifying reality of our lives while refusing the listener to be saddened by it. The honkytonk piano, shimmering organ wails and the unique acoustics of a cigar-box-6-string guitar ensure that nothing but good vibes are transmitted on the airwaves through Situational Worldwide Blues.

You can check out cp howes’ latest single here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast



Erick Beau – I Found Love in You: Hauntingly Intimate Alt-Folk Americana

Erick Beau

After racking up over a million streams with their single, ‘Waiting for You’, Erick Beau set his own bar fairly high, but their latest romantic-to-the-point-of-transcendence single ‘I Found Love in You’ easily rises above it.

The roots-deep country ballad is influenced by an eclectic array of timeless artists, from Bach to the Beatles, Keith Urban to Cat Stevens, but the soul it contains allows those hauntingly intimate alt-folk tones to resonate with innovative evocative appeal.

With the singer-songwriter’s ability to create a cinematically vivid experience with ardently gratified lyrics and emotion-capturing finger-picked guitar notes within the semi-orchestral soundscape, we wouldn’t be surprised to see his name in the OST credits for Hollywood blockbusters in the near future.

I Found Love in You is now available to stream by SoundCloud.

For more ways to listen, and more info on the trailblazing artist, head over to their website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast




You miss each other so much: Quicker sing exquisitely about the one that got away on ‘All Through the Night’ (ft. Emilia Gudmunds)

Quicker return with a lovely song about those sweet moments on their new single that will pull on your heartstrings called ‘All Through the Night‘ (ft. Emilia Gudmunds).

Dalarna. Sweden indie-country/rock band Quicker have been hard at work during this pandemic to finish up unrecorded music and the chance to work with their friend Emilia Gudmunds, was a moment that they all treasure greatly.

Her stunning voice is so touching after his strong vocals have set up the story about how things were so perfect and you stayed up all evening. Your bodies were so close as you got the know each other and everything seemed to be in slow motion. The world seemed so small and happy for those romantic moments and you never through they would end. Sadly, you grew apart and just like life sometimes, its suddenly over and you are left wondering why and what happened.

All Through the Night‘ has so many highlights. From the terrific guitar pieces that harmonize the melodies to get your heart beating, to the catchy chorus that makes you reminisce about past relationships that were so memorable and you miss that special human, who you fell so deeply in love with. Breakups are so hard but if it ends amicably, at least you can possibly have a friendship that isn’t awkward. You were friends once after all.

You can’t go back to time so the best way to heal is to remember the best moments together and keep them stored away for only you; to see and hold on close.

Stream this sweet song on Spotify and find out more about this glorious group on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Charlotte Morris Bares Her Soul on new single ‘Three Hearts’

With a delicious blend of folk, pop, rock, and Americana comes ‘Three Hearts’, the new single from Charlotte Morris’ new album ‘Songs For My Next Ex’, and that title probably gives a pretty good lead into what’s on offer here; beautiful, soulful, confessional and personal, soft and gentle and tugging on the heartstrings. There’s a little of Joni Mitchell, a little Sheryl Crow, and a lot of Delta Rae and Brandi Carlisle; a tender and compassionate vocal sitting over gently strummed acoustic guitar chords and a sensitive backing of drums and bass.

Listened to in its entirety, ‘Songs For My Next Ex’ is a soul-bearing ‘story album’, tracing the highs and lows of relationships; her first full-length album, following up 2018’s ‘To New York With Love’ EP, it’s a perfect showcase for Morris’ stunning, plaintive voice. ‘Three Hearts’ is the impeccable, sublime introduction.

You can hear ‘Three Hearts’ on Soundcloud and follow Charlotte Morris here or on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes


Scott Albert Johnson offers an invitation to transcend the 2020 chaos with their Americana Alt Folk single ‘Float’

Mississippi-hailing artist Scott Albert Johnson lays down old school bluesy soul in their latest single ‘Float’ which unfolds as a timelessly cathartic feat of Alt Folk Americana. I’ll never quite get used to hearing Covid times references in a track which sounds like Cohen could have released in the 70s, but I’ll remain eternally grateful for the resolve all the same.

It’s hard not to believe Scott Albert Johnson when he tells you that the clouds are going to break someday. For your sanity’s sake, add the celestially-produced, chorally-upraising single to your playlists.

You can check out the official music video to Float which was released on November 30th via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Missing that true love: ‘Waiting For You’ from Erick Beau is about that feeling inside you can’t shake off

Nova Scotia born Erick Beau sings from the deepest part of his heart on his new single called ‘Waiting For You’. His voice is quickly introduced to us as we hear the passionate Indie-Country lust for that sweet love. This is the story of a man who is madly in love with a special soul who is so far away from him right now. A true singer-songwriter who makes carefully thought out music for the love of the art form and has had many years to plan out his vision.

Taken off the long-awaited debut album ‘What it Takes’, this is the work of a man who has been biding his time to express his music to the world. A lawyer by trade but a true musician deep down, this is the culmination of many years work to get to his stage. 2020 has been a tough year for the world but one good thing has happened: Music like this with that acquired soul and class that you can’t teach.

He misses that sweet smile and those long conversations that fulfill the soul. This is that true love that you can feel inside your bones and it hurts when you can’t be around it. Those feelings are fluttering in the sky like a lost bird, you feel like your stomach is in tight knots and you desire that sweet touch again. All you can do is keep those happy thoughts inside and make a way to be together somehow. You can’t shake this off like a brief summer fling as this is the real deal.

Erick Beau sings with that authentic Americana style that is such a pleasant listen that makes your heart sad but thoughtful on ‘Waiting For You’, as you hope that he can find his love again.

Hear this fine release from Erick on his Soundcloud and follow him on Facebook and IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen