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DMK Music cheer us up with happy summer country song ”Get Your Flip Flops On”

DMK Music is an American country-pop band that sing cheerful music to make us smile. The band is a newly formed collaboration of independent singer-songwriters, band members and producers from many different genres and diverse backgrounds who are behind the music.

They are back with their new single called ”Get Your Flip Flops On”. This is a perfect summer song to get your day going and make you think of the beach. The band flip flop us to the ocean and remind us that life should be so happy. Not full of stress at all the time.

DMK Music bring us a summer song for the ages here and the country-pop is sweetly created to only push out positive vibes. The theme here is to grab that person you and love, get in the car and head towards the beach. If only life was so simple in 2020’s carnage of a year.

Head through to Soundcloud for the song.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Grant Maloy Smith has shared their all too relatable Alt Country Folk single “Waiting for the Good Old Days Again” with the airwaves

We may not have heard any lockdown songs from Cat Stevens, but US artist Grant Maloy Smith has achieved the very same evocative effect as Wild World with his latest single “Waiting for the Good Old Days Again”.

The Alt Country Folk single shares the all too relatable emotion which has transpired from being left in stasis with the days bleeding into one another because there is nothing to set them apart. The soundscape certainly isn’t without its melancholy, but the stunning semi-orchestral instrumental arrangement makes it hard to slip into a morose state as your listening to the ethereal pull of the strings.

It really comes as no surprise that Grant Maloy Smith entered the Billboard charts with their previous releases. There is an incredibly nuanced and matured air to their latest single which can only come from an artist who has dedicated their life to their art.

You can check out the official music video for Waiting for the Good Old Days Again via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Justin Thomas has released their compassion-invoking Americana Country single “Just Let Me Breathe”

Justin Thomas’ latest Americana Country single “Just Let Me Breathe” is a metaphorical masterpiece. After a three-year stint in releases, the American artist found inspiration in injustice. The incident of George Floyd’s death was used to illustrate the suffocating impact of systematic racial oppression.

Naturally, Just Let Me Breathe had a compassion-invoking resounding effect. Yes, the slightly psychedelically infused, angular guitar licks were absorbing and awe-inspiring. Yet, Justin Thomas’ compelling vocal style along with their ability to guide you into a contemplative empathetic state is why you’ll never forget Just Let Me Breathe.

We hope to hear plenty more from Justin Thomas in 2020 and beyond. Tracks such as Just Let Me Breathe are worth their weight in aural gold.

Just Let Me Breathe is available to stream via Soundcloud.

For more info head over to the artist’s official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Paradise Motel have made their roots-deep country rock debut with the album “Black Dove”

Country artist Paradise Motel has recently made their debut with their 2020 album Black Dove. If you like your Country Rock roots-deep, prepare to be enamoured by the timelessly rhythmic tones offered by the Canadian up and coming artist.

The standout single If You Ever Leave Me should be an instant hit for any fans of the Stray Cats, Eddie Cochran and Matchbox. Feats of unadulterated sincere romanticism which may not be prolific on the airwaves today, but Paradise Motel has found a way to bring nostalgic ardour into the 21st century. We’re certain that we’re not the only ones which will be bowled over by the debut. The up and coming artist is undoubtedly one to watch.

You can check out If You Ever Leave Me along with the rest of Paradise Motel’s album Black Dove via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Perth’s Alt Country star Siobhan Cotchin fires through the flames with ‘’Do You Know What I Mean’’

I just can’t seem to get outta my head. The classic over-thinking feeling, that moment when you are so uninspired and feel numb inside. It’s a tough feeling and one that Siobhan is feeling on this track.

Australia’s ‘Siobhan Cotchin’- a fast rising talent on the scene- latest song feels so present for today’s times. That is exactly how most of the world is feeling and yes, we do know what you mean. Your books are collecting shelves and we should be reading too. Instead, most of us are glued to the news, waiting for positive news. 

Blending intensity with a melodic, moving sound, her heart-hitting writing has already resulted in many accolades. Nominated for the West Australian Music Association’s Song of the Year; Winner of Fairbridge & Nannup Music Festival – Emerging Artist Award, and song of the year with local youth radio station ‘Pirate FM’. 

Siobhan is so relatable with this song and the rest of her releases. She sings with such passion, realness and you can hear that she is totally authentic. I hope she tours the UK soon so I can witness this incredible talent live. I have no doubt that she will be touring the world when all this madness ends. Until then, I imagine Siobhan to be creating some beautiful music.

Some artists just have that special soul & Siobhan is one of them. Turn her up loud and forget about your worries, even for a short time. This young Australian artist is going places, are you ready to join her journey?

You know you wanna click on all of this talented singer’s music.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Dylan Taylor rescues us with stunning ‘I Drive’

‘Dylan Taylor’ from the USA is a well established Country & Western artist with a stunningly pure voice. She has been a regular on the scene for a few years and sings with such heart. 

Dylan is back with her new release ‘’I Drive’’. This song is all about taking control of your life and to not let anyone else take charge of the journey, despite all the distractions and detours that you may face. 

‘’I Drive’’ is taken off her latest album-‘’Keep on wondering’’. This is a fantastic single with a great message during this tough time in the world. Dylan longs for us to take charge and be in control of your destiny, no matter what.

This is an established artist that is further cementing her name in the music game with this beautiful song that is full of love and real advice. I love how Dylan tells such descriptive stories, you can tell that she is so genuine and real. I would love to watch Dylan Taylor live while dancing along with the crowd, sunglasses on with a huge on my face. Dylan’s music gives you that feeling, her gorgeous voice catching your attention and taking you on a journey.

If you haven’t heard all her music then be sure to click on her Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Holy Home Video take their wholesome western show on the road with ‘Road Beers’

Hailing from Swansea, South Wales, Holy Home Video are a western-slash-pop duo who have released new track ‘Road Beers’; a track deserving plaudits for its poppy cross-atlantic appeal. 

An unapologetically emotional guitar-and-heart-strung poppy ballad interplays with a western influence coming out of a British voiced speaker with ‘Road Beers’. It’s saccharinely mutatious pop at its most effective – enjoyable and obvious – and Holy Home Video have crafted a strong piece with ‘Road Beers’, and one which should keep fans of their cutesy musical crack un-fiending. 

Hitting its sweet-tea drinking americana-infused highs more enthusiastically its latter half, ‘Road Beers’ is a strong contender for one of the more interesting and profoundly pleasant independent genre crossover hits of the year. 

You can listen to ‘Road Beers’ over on ‘Holy Home Video’s’ spotify page.

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The Star Prairie Project strives for freedom with ‘Home of Hope’

Country and Americana artist The Star Prairie Project has released new track ‘Home of Hope’. 

Self described ’brainchild’ of Nolen Chew Jr. – a songwriter from Star Prairie, Wisconsin’ – The Star Prairie Project have projected talents strongly with ‘Home of Hope’. Inspiring music, especially in times like these as many Americans will agree, can go a long way to finding one’s feet and ‘Home of Hope’ delivers on this optimism with toe tapping goodness put to all-American loving drawl and a tightly woven guitar sequence.

Countrified goodness is good for the heart and soul – and this is one for americana lovers all over to throw up on to their playlists for the long-haul.  

You can listen to ‘Home of Hope’ on The Star Prarie Project’s Spotify page now


Camila Koller has released single ‘Dog in the Hay’

Camila Koller has dropped single ‘Dog in the Hay’ an incredible piece of music mixing Blues Rock and Folk together to create this uplifting piece.

The electric riff to start off with, as Camila comes in with her insane vocals that have that fairly raspy texture to them. Tending to keep the range at a low pitch but not being afraid to reach higher when needed and in a perfect way.

It’s an incredibly enticing piece of music and each second stands out whether that’s through the unique vocal ranges or the suspenseful instrumentation that builds continuously. Through the use of the guitar, drum and the harmonica that seeps through occasionally.

This is one that leaves you wanting to hear more, we can’t wait to see what’s next for Camilla!

Check out Camila Kollers single Dog in the Hay on Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall


Deidre Thornell has released incredible single ‘Keep on Loving Me’

Deidre Thornell has dropped her latest single ‘Keep on Loving Me’ a truly mesmerising piece with a heartfelt lyrical approach.

Infusing a contemporary country sound with the occasional pop twist, throughout this piece it’s extremely powerful and the emotion pours through each word sung. Having that brittle texture to the voice as Deidre pours her heart and soul into the music she produces and you can hear that every second.

Having that trusted companion of the acoustic guitar guiding the song along and combining alongside the vocals. That soft strum, nothing too drastic, keeping it simple and really letting her voice cut through and show just how well she can hit those high notes and how incredible the vocal ranges are.

A fantastic piece by Deidre, one that is filled with passion and positivity and one that needs to be added to your playlist.

Listen to Deidre Thornell’s ‘Keep on Loving Me’ by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall