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Erin Gibney allows Country Blues to evolve in her latest single “July”

As you can probably gather from the title of Country Blues artist Erin Gibney’s latest single “July” the track was released with the intention of allowing the listener to embrace a sunny sonorous soundscape going through the motions of ritualistic summer lovelornness.

The New Jersey-born Nashville-based artist’s sound has been perceptibly influenced from moving to the home of soulful Country Blues, yet Erin Gibney has endeavoured to inject plenty of bold distinctive energy into her music. While narrative lyrics have become a fairly standard feat in Country music, with July, there was evidently little intention of holding anything back from anyone lucky enough to stumble across this exposing, poignant, and deftly orchestrated single.

You can check out Erin Gibney’s latest single July for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Vargen reignite the timeless classic which is Bob Dylan’s single “Tomorrow is a Long Time”

Covering Bob Dylan’s music is a fairly risky move, not many artists are able to recapture the same levels of mesmerism which was exuded by the master of melancholic acoustic music, but left in Vargen’s deft command the soundscape reached a new plateau.

My unilingual mind may not have been able to translate the Swedish take on Tomorrow is a Long time (Men Bara Om Min Alskande Vantar) from the stunning acoustic indie folk duo Vargen, but the harmonies and melodies were universally soothing.

With male and female vocals both softly versing the lyrics into the tender soundscape, the track almost became more poignant than ever. Vargen has made the track well and truly their own. And its good news for anyone who appreciates Tomorrow is a Long Time, they’ve recreated 9 of Bob Dylan’s most timeless classics with their 2019 album.

You can check out Vargen’s elegantly masterful single Tomorrow is a Long Time for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Luanne Hunt Releases her Latest work of Resonantly Sweet Country

If you sit back and appreciate Luanne Hunt’s latest single “Truckstops and Honkytonks” for exactly what it is; an authentic reincarnation of the roots of country blues, it’s incredibly cathartic. Country artists always possess a unique ability to conjure overwhelming amounts of energy and warmth through their soundscapes, and that’s exactly what you get from this track. The single runs you through the bitter-sweet emotions felt by a recording artist who despite their best efforts never quite make it to where they want to be. So, it’s safe to say that a lot of other recording artists will definitely find plenty of resonance in this easy, insightful offering of unadulterated country.

There’s also a lot to be said by the pitch-perfect control of the vocals which sit in perfect synergy with the melody of the single.

You can check out Luanne Hunt’s latest single for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Erin Gibney – King of Hearts: Contemporarily Concordant Country from Nashville Rising Talent

Many Country artists may promise to put a refreshing spin on Country music, yet, very few manage, as very few boast the same levels of talent of Nashville-based artist Erin Gibney.

Her punchy energy was more potent than ever for her fourth single “King of Hearts”, which showcased how much her sound has matured into one full of commercial potential.

With King of Hearts the Country Blues instrumental arrangement remains authentic, with slightly unexpected piano melodies which puts a nice dynamic behind the sound. And it is in Erin Gibney’s lyrics and vocal style that the track is brought right into the contemporary style, there are sure to be plenty of people who can find resonance with King of Hearts. The powerful sentiment behind the single hits even harder thanks to Erin Gibney’s clever metaphorical style of lyricism which provides the ultimate level of distinction to her sound.

You can check out Erin Gibney’s latest single King of Hearts for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Binky – Don’t Let Go: The Best of Nashville from the Heart of London

Binky is back with a brand-new 2019 single “Don’t Let Go”, instead of assimilating the sounds she’s already nailed, she’s created a sensuously raw Pop ballad with her distinctively arrestive vocal style.

Her Urban Country vocal style is slightly diluted in the slow and celestially light Pop arrangement. Even though the progression is slow, poised and melodic, Binky’s vocals don’t struggle to keep your attention and draw you deeper into the narrative of the deeply expressive single where clearly no holds were barred when it came to the lyricism.

Any fans of Carrie Underwood, Stevie Nicks and Dolly Parten are definitely going to want to envelop themselves in this resoundingly poignant masterpiece from one of the most promising up and coming voices in the UK. The soft guitar solos which help to bring Don’t Let Go to a close adds even more aural alchemy to this sensationally smooth hit.

You can check out the official video to Binky’s latest single Don’t Let Go for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Emily Sweeney – Fake I.D.: Proving Country Singers Can Be Riot Grrrl

Remember a while ago and everyone was asking who is a bigger badass than Taylor Swift? I’d go out on a limb and say that Emily Sweeney fits the bill nicely with her latest release Fake I.D.

In my opinion, you’re never too country to be considered a Riot Grrrl and thanks to the lyrics In Fake I.D. that’s where Emily Sweeney proved she aught to be. Through her latest single, I’m going to go out on a limb and say she can speak for every woman when it comes to dealing with the front that men love to put on when they think we can be fooled by their narcissistic charm. Now THIS is the music that girls should grow up listening to. Her style may have a Country Blues vibe to it, but the Rock roots there are still palpable as polished as they became in the production. The attitude that Emily soulfully exudes in this track is beyond anything I’ve heard from a girl with a guitar in a long time. With Fake I.D. She created the perfect Pop Rock track with plenty of soaring instrumental breakdown segments to stick your teeth into.

You can check out Emily Sweeney’s second single Fake I.D. on Spotify now

Review by Amelia Vandergast


KLC – Good God: A 90’s Female Fronted Grunge Revival with a Country Twist

You know when you hit play on a track and you get the instant ‘Oh my God’ reaction? Yeah, well, that happened when I checked out KLC’s latest track Good God which is ironic I suppose. But given my affinity for Courtney Love and Courtney Barnett I can be forgiven for being a little bowled over to hear KLC splice their sound and add in a little Country Blues vibe around it. It’s pretty impossible not to fall in love with the up and coming artists dulcet aural prowess. With vocals so raw, lyrics so empoweringly resounding and a beat as textured it’s hard to see why KLC isn’t already a household name. I may have been able to draw some comparisons to KLC’s sound, yet her prodigally conceptual style is one that I would never tire of. Thankfully alongside her single Good God KLC released an 8-track album ONLY YIN, each track is as ethereally stunning as the last.

I really can’t recommend fans of Riot Grrrl, Folk, Blues Rock and Country alike give KLC’s latest track Good God a listen. Head on over to SoundCloud to check it out for yourselves.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Home Town Marie – Take Me Back: Bringing Country into the Contemporary

If you have an inclination towards pensive Blues accompanied by punchy Pop offered by the Country genre then you really can’t go wrong from Home Town Marie’s latest track Take Me Back which was released April 12th, 2018.

As you listen to the prelude you almost settle into the complacency of ingesting an archetypal country track, but just wait for the chorus which will demonstrate how succinctly Country has slipped into the 21st century with this blissful rendition of soulfully raw Country which integrates elements of Pop, Rock & Blues. The jangly up-beat riffs of the guitar paired to the infinitely charismatic vocals offer an aural experience that really isn’t to be sniffed at. I have no doubt that if Home Town Marie continues to make orchestrations as poignant and beautiful as Take Me Back he won’t struggle to gain much deserved international acclaim. The instrumental and vocal talent paired with the intense lyricism bowled me over before I could even get to the chorus.

You can check out Home Town Marie’s latest track Take Me Back for yourselves on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Drakeford – Stronger Than One: Bewitching Country Blues

Usually, I’ll listen to music from husband and wife duos with gritted teeth, yet, there’s just something about Drakeford as I found out by immersing in the audio pleasure of checking out their latest single Stronger Than One. Their synergetic Folk Country soundscape is as compelling as it gets. Whilst Drakeford pulls most of the vocal focus in their latest single, the resonance created by Lucy-Jayne’s backing vocals creates an ethereally creeping harmony which really amplifies the sentimentality of the lyrics. Because let’s face it, most of the time, husband and wife duos create tracks that are just a little bit smug. Drakeford went in a completely different direction by using lyricism designed to empower pretty much anyone and everyone and God damn, I love them for it.

Taking inspiration from artists such as Jon Foreman, Jason Mraz and Gungor, the matrimonial duo created a timeless sound which sits perfectly in the contemporary Acoustic Folk Pop arena.

Stronger Than One is just one of the standout singles you can expect to hear from Drakeford’s upcoming release ‘The Venture’ which will be available to download & stream across all major platforms from June 8th, 2018.

Keep up to date with the stunning pair’s latest releases by giving them a follow on Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Luanne Hunt & Steven Bankey – Lightning in a Bottle: A Little Bit of Indie Country & A Mountain of Rock n Roll

Has there ever been a more Country name for a track than Lightning in a Bottle? I think not. And it’s absolutely glorious. Even those whose tastes aren’t entrenched within the Country genre there’s so much for music fans to appreciate. For one, there’s the blissfully plucked acoustic guitar that wouldn’t be out of place in the Brian Setzer’s Orchestra. The use of the piano keying in the background gives Lightning in a Bottle an irresistible Rock n Roll allure that you’d have to be pretty musically unacclimated not to appreciate.

You can check out the blissful duet which was released March 8th, 2018 on SoundCloud, where you can also find Luanne reinventing classically iconic hits such as ‘When You Say Nothing At All & more. The songstress’ empoweringly bewitching vocals aren’t a sound you’ll want to miss. Her empyreal vocals haven’t got her to number one in Independent Country Charts for no reason!

You can find out more about Luanne Hunt and her iridescently bright career on her official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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