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Don’t Hold Me Down: Punk Angel wants to be lifted up to reach his dreams on ‘For No One’

As his positive energy flows calmly into your awaiting veins to be pulsated by something meaningful, Punk Angel sends our fragile consciousness into a beautifully created waterfall of much-needed healing energies with ‘For No One‘.

Sven Myren aka Punk Angel, is a The Netherlands-based electronic dream-pop act. He makes that striking music which puts your whole body into a happy trance – as he takes the top off all self-doubt – and replaces it with that warm sunny feeling.

The act started out in 2020 from a collection of Love for modern Psychedelic, Alternative Ambient and Synth Pop. The multi instrumentalist Sven Myren has decided to play live drums, bass and guitar on all the upcoming releases.” ~ Punk Angel

You feel the crisp harmonious blend of wondrous soundscapes that are pounding together with the crashing waves, to give us a saltwater feel of goodness to wash off the toxic nature of the world. This is a track to heal together with, to be played loud, and to be enthralled with, as you feel reinvigorated by the whole experience.

For No One‘ from The Netherlands-based electronic dream-pop act Punk Angel, shows us a tremendously calm song that is full of mightily intricate soundscapes, which shows us his amazing talent to blend in different elements so sweetly. He is an ever-evolving artist who is refreshingly not afraid to change things up to find his optimum level – as he strides forth confidently with his clean sunglasses on – to give us a real gem of a track here.

Pushing your mind to reach new levels of improvement, is the best way to live after all.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music channel.

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I Need Someone To Hold: Robert Weston is down on his love-luck with ‘Leave This Bed’

Produced by Brett Trout, Robert Weston tells us the story about feeling romantically sad as that alone feeling can really get you down in the dumps on ‘Leave This Bed‘.

Robert Weston is a soulful indie country singer-songwriter from The Netherlands. He is a true artist who brings us that real energy on each of his tracks – as he tells us the truth – about how he is feeling in this rather odd world.

The main character in this ‘mix of traditional and contemporary’ sounding country song is feeling alone and wishes he was in love, but he realises that he is getting older and that time isn’t on his side.” ~ Robert Weston

You feel his lonesome road to that heart beating light he so seeks – and with a calming vocal ability – this is a track to play late at night when you need some company, after a long time from where you want to be.

Leave This Bed‘ from The Netherlands-based indie-country artist Robert Weston, is a telling story about how a man feels when he has been single for too long. He misses the touch of a lover that cares, and wonders if he will ever find that special soul who will care for him.

Hear this new single on his Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

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Hold Me: Penny Roox desires someone real to love on ‘Sad Sad Dreams’

Returning graciously with her second single after the incredibly real ‘Mean‘, Penny Roox reminds us of her remarkably vintage sound via the new single which transports you to a highly reflective place called ‘Sad Sad Dreams‘.

Penny Roox is a The Netherlands-based indie dream-soul singer-songwriter. She elegantly seeks to find that pure love through tragedy, and sings about these memorably intimate moments which has your heart beating so fast.

Stepping into an all-so-alluring vintage black-and-white daydream, Penny Roox presents herself as a long-lost classic songstress of the 60’s – alluding to the likes of a modern-day Dusty Springfield or Nancy Sinatra.” ~ Penny Roox

Her stunning vocal ability is so peaceful with a tinge of heartbreak, as she looks for that human who will have her floating into the sky, with so many butterflies fluttering all over her soul. Each note is so sumptuously made, the supreme soundscape takes you to that place where you feel like you are in a completely different era, that is so far away from this often-harsh world.

Sad Sad Dreams‘ from The Netherlands-based indie dream-soul singer-songwriter Penny Roox, is a moving track of the highest order – as we are wrapped into a love bubble – by such a nostalgic artist who is truly rather special. She weaves a gorgeously-tied bow all over our hearts, as she takes us on a ride to that moment you wish was easier to find.

True love is that elusively frustrating journey, that you only know you have found, when you unexpectedly find it.

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The Start: Italian singer Luca calmly brushes off his demons to find that right path on ‘Yet/Still’

After unnecessarily worrying about others drama-filled burdens and not following his own dreams, Luca starts his heart-enlightening chapter one to be truly happy in what he is pursuing with ‘Yet/Still‘.

Luca Nesciobelli aka Luca, is a deeply thoughtful The Netherlands-born, Germany-raised, Italian-bred indie RnB singer-songwriter. He has a clear picture of what he wants to portray to the world and prefers to let his music do the talking on his behalf.

He‘s here on a mission. This mission is also not something to be spoken about greatly, he would much rather just take you by the hand and embark on a journey with you and anyone who will join him. Step on the ship, it‘s gonna be a long and great ride.” – Luca

You feel his dreamy-cool vocals simmer through like a smokey chimney, his kind mind is ready and just needs that final push to do whatever he wishes. His tremendous tone is backed organically by a breathless beat and calm piano, as he tackles his demons down like a perfect Paolo Maldini tackle to win in injury time. With some smartly edged raps too, this is so good to listen to, as you will want a second listen.

Yet/Still‘ from the soulfully joyful Italian indie RnB singer Luca, is his reflection on the struggle of aiming for the stars up above – but yet standing still for now at the same time – as he carefully works out how to achieve his greatest desires, You feel like he knows where the slippery key is, and just needs to search a bit more so that he may be free where it matters most. His beating heart awaits this moment of pulsating excitement, when he reaches that destination. This is just the beginning.

Hear this new single that shows his progression via Soundcloud and see more via his IG page.

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Hold On: Bungalow know they need to mend that weak spot which won’t heal on ‘Voodoo’

After the whirlwind success of their previous single called ‘Make It Right‘, Bungalow just do that on their new smoothly-lit release that urges summer to come a bit quicker, so that the bleak winter days of lost love may be instantly forgotten with ‘Voodoo‘.

Bungalow is an Amsterdam-based alt-electronic duo, who smartly bind together fragments of love stories that was so strong, but is harder to fix than first thought. They make that reflective music which sparks vividly in your curious mind as you try and be stronger inside your fragile heart.

Voodoo is about not being able to fully let go of someone after a breakup, with that person still being very much part of many aspects of your life, including very mundane and everyday stuff. It’s almost like you need to detox from being so used to getting their love, approval and support. The song circles around the irony of wanting their support and comfort while you’re dealing with the sadness letting them go which is of course a big contradiction in itself.” – Bungalow

Taken from the upcoming six track EP named ‘Rockets‘, that is set to drop from outer space on May 14th, ‘Voodoo‘ from The Netherlands-based Bungalow, flies high above your consciousness with a mind-warp of sounds that has you listening so intently. This is the message of trying to forget about that one which you love as you can’t be together — but just can’t seem to —  no matter how hard you try.

Stream this incredible new single on Spotify and see more via IG.

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Watching them walk away: Alexander Broussard is quite breathtaking on ‘How Does It Feel’ (ft. Lana Wolf)

Taken off the latest eleven-track album ‘Now‘, Alexander Broussard returns with a deep piano-filled song that asks us ‘How Does It Feel‘ (ft. Lana Wolf).

The Netherlands-based indie-pop pianist and singer-songwriter, Billy Joel fan and former touring band member Alexander Broussard, is a truly gifted musician, who is back to his roots and is feeling so refreshed after this decision to do his solo music again. This is his first love and after three decades performing other artists music, he is on a mission to make as much quality original creations as possible.

This is the fascinating tale about caring so much for someone and how watching them walk away, really strikes your heart like a ice block, and makes you wonder if this is the right decision. Disconnecting from this once flourishing love is so sore on the soul as you see them waving at you in the distance.

With effortlessly luscious lyrics from her and his strong tone, these two make a lovely tender-wrapped team full of mystique and wonder on this almost-cinematic single- that will have you thinking about your previous relationships in life.

How Does It Feel‘ (ft. Lana Wolf) from the soulful Alexander Broussard is a true intimate sonic soundscape for the ages and brings back the classic feeling in your bones, which is so rare to hear these days.

With quality all of the place, this is a sensational single that might have you in tears or feeling quite reflective about past memories.

Stream this carefully crafted single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

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‘Carolina’ from Dutch musician Nomden is a journey into the old school on this indie love story

Carolina‘ from Dutch musician Nomden is a journey into the old school on this stunning love story. This is a remix of the original from the ‘Wingman Returns‘ album and a flourishing effort which is released through To Be Frank Records.

Despite being at ease with fellow musicians around him on stage, Netherlands born singer-songwriter and former youth footballer, Nomden, has always had a preference of working alone when it comes to his studio work. A visionary is apparent, this is a man who has played with many artists and he loves music, Arranging music especially is on the radar of this musician who makes beautiful music.

Carolina‘ from Dutch musician Nomden warms the heart and this is a track with such soul, the different instruments and arrangement makes you smile and reflect. A singer-songwriter with a wide experience in the music game who makes music to heal. This is the type of artist to support in this wild world, his voice drenched in stories from the world, this is a song to reflect to and heal the soul with.

Click here for the Spotify page.

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Dutch singer Bryan Montero rolls in with self-reflective ‘The Last’

Bryan Montero is a left handed singer-songwriter from The Netherlands who returns with his new release called ‘The Last‘.

You swear that this is the last time you get hurt from a relationship and then it happens again. You are now in a trap and just have to get out. This song is all about the journey to make sure that you value yourself from now on and not to carry these scars on. Is this way to make sure that you are free?

There are lots of passionate lyrics here from Bryan Montero’s ‘The Last‘ and the whole sound is on fantastic indie pop that tags at your heart strings. You feel sad for the singer as he has been hurt again but know that he will grow from this experience. This is a beautiful song that is one of the more memorable tracks of the year. This is an artist with soul.

Click here to hear this wonderfully vibrant single of YouTube.

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Benny James stamps his foot down on disco groove track ”Get Out Of My House”

The Hague, Netherlands is the home of Tech House DJ and fashion icon, Benny James. He is back on the airwaves with his freshest release yet. This new funky disco track is an absolute statement song and is called ”Get Out Of My House”.

Get Out Of My House” from Benny James is such a fun ride that doesn’t let you go the whole way. This is a fun song to listen to and I even dusted off my dance shoes for this one. Benny takes us into his world with a party vibe that makes you smile and jive along.

This is a perfect song to turn up loud at a house party and enjoy with friends. Benny James has a magnetic energy that glides through the speakers. ”Get Out Of My House” might be the grooviest house tune you hear all year.

Stream this funky house track right here on Spotify.

If you want to watch some visual energy, head to YouTube.

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