I Know You Need Me: Sensual Hollywood dark-pop singer-songwriter Aimee Saturne is stupendously insatiable on ‘Slow Burn’

Returning to bless our excited ears with her kiss-filled follow-up to ‘Like I Do‘, Aimee Saturne starkly lights up our intrigued imagination on the candle wax burning new single that will have you blushing in unadulterated delight on ‘Slow Burn‘.

Tantalizing risk-taker and Los Angeles, California-based dark-pop artist Aimee Saturne, is an awe-inspiring indie singer-songwriter, actor, and writer.

I don’t make music for the promise of money and never have. I make it because it’s my passion, and my art, it’s my therapy and my life’s obsession. As long as i love what i do, as long as I can express my own creativity and emotions and send it into the universe with nothing but the hope that maybe someone, somewhere in the world, might hear it and vibe with me.” ~ Aimee Saturne

This is the electrifying story of being with someone who you feel like you can be yourself with, as your hungry lips latch onto each others soft skin and never let go. You feel the immensely hot temperature only increase – as her gorgeously tipped voice is remarkably intoxicating – mixed smartly with a breathtaking beat, as she genuinely wraps our stimulated minds into a web of welcoming euphoria.

Slow Burn‘ from the sensationally talented LA-based dark-pop artist, writer, and actor Aimee Saturne, is the type of track you put on loud when you are with your lover. The passion is packed full and you feel the sensual energy oozing through the room as she moves closer to her chosen partner, while they lock eyes and fuel the nights activities with a cheeky smile.

This is a steamy track that shows her impressive progression, as we bare witness to a hugely talented artist in her prime, who certainly has our happily pulsating hearts beating uncontrollably.

Hear this fiery effort on her Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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