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Natasha Jane Julian releases her most phantasmically arrestive single yet with “Mechanical Heart”

“Mechanical Heart” is the latest single from the up and coming sultry dark Pop songstress Natasha Jane Julian. The moody soundscape delivers much, much more than just spiky unapologetic attitude.
There are pools of lascivious melodicism to immerse yourselves in as you listen to the aurally haunting single unravel.

With jarring melancholy weaved into the instrumental arrangement, Natasha Jane Julian’s vocals found the perfect platform to rest neatly above, allowing the arrestive pensive harmony to hit with maximum impact.

There was no forgetting the Californian artist after the release of their distinctively flawless single “Bathin’ in Your Garbage”. Mechanical Heart is just another reason why Natasha Jane Julian should definitely be on your radar.

You can check out Mechanical Heart for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Hello Victim – Come Over: Effervescently Ominous Dark Pop

With the ability to create a soundscape as ominously intriguing as their artist title, it is safe to say that we’re a little hooked on the up and coming Indie EDM Pop artist Hello Victim’s sound.

The Canadian trio’s debut single “Come Over” is amongst the most promising we’ve heard in 2019 – there’s something intrinsically compelling about the dark and moody beats which you could expect to hear in earlier tracks from the Editors paired with the powerful female Pop vocals.

The vocals within Come Over play a massive part in ensuring that the choruses in their debut hit are massive; while there is much ingenuity to be found in their experimental mix of influences which feed into the instrumental progressions. From 80s synth to Hip Hop, you can pretty much expect it all from Hello Victim – all wrapped up in one incredibly accessible soundscape.

You can check out Hello Victim’s latest single Come Over which was released on April 11th for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Cera Gibson – Blood Diamond: Arrestive Dark Pop

“Blood Diamond” is the captivatingly ethereal latest single from up and coming artist Cera Gibson. With a darker sensibility to Blood Diamond than your average Pop track the arrestive style of the Utah-based artist resonates with absolute distinction.

The ominously immersive sound effects immediately draw you into the track as the momentum combined with the emotivity starts to amplify through the bridge until you hit the true testament to Cera Gibson’s vocal talent in the chorus.

With lyricism which serves as an aural attack on consumerism and capitalism combined Cera Gibson’s magnetic vocals which are reminiscent from what you’ve heard from Lorde, Blood Diamond is a work of potent alchemy. The confidence exuded in the lyricism paired with the orchestral effects in the instrumental arrangement is piercingly beautiful and simply unforgettable.

You can check out the official video to Cera Gibson’s stunning Blood Diamond for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast


Merci Raine – Marie Laveau: Expressively Hypnotic Dark Pop

Remember when Lady Gaga debuted way back in 2008? With her latest single “Marie Laveau” Merci Raine appeared on our radar with the same level of distinction in her sound.

Certain elements of Marie Laveau could be described as dramatic in a way which you could expect from Alternative artists such as Amanda Palmer. Yet, the tentative progression of the single unfolds with sporadic pulls of violin strings cutting through the layers of atmospheric Pop for a definitely sultry aural allure.

Merci Raine is certainly isn’t an artist who holds back when it comes to individualistic expression. Whether that’s through her slightly archaic soundscapes, occultish vibes, or lyrics which encourage the listener to fight against archetypal gender roles you get the true sense while listening to her latest single that Alt Pop doesn’t get more candid than this.

You can check out Merci Raines latest single Marie Laveau for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast


Keir Easterbrook – Vertigo: Infectiously Immersive Dark Pop

1975 fans might want to pay attention to Keir Easterbrook’s debut release “Vertigo”. The breaking EDM Pop artist has approached his sound with a darker sensibility than most. Against the upbeat melodicism is a palpably moody edge, the same moody edge that you would expect from bands such as Depeche Mode, until you hit the chorus that is where the influences from artists such as Daft Punk really come into play. Whilst the lyrics are kept fairly simple the lyrical soundbites contained within the chorus will ensure that Vertigo becomes your new Pop earworm. Considering that Vertigo is the first official release by the UK-based musician, the amount of maturity and command he already exudes within his style is beyond notable.

You can check out Keir Easterbrook’s latest single Vertigo for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast


Pedrick – All I Can Think About: Pensively Smooth Dark Pop

“All I Can Think About” is the latest single from up and coming identical twin duo Pedrick. Their unique approach to Alt Rock blends elements of Classic Rock with the melodicism of Dark Pop. The end result? A poignant work of aural magnetism which unravels at a cinematically visceral pace. The soaring riffs match the pensively smooth lyrics in All I Can Think About which is the third single to be released by the Exeter, UK-based artists. With their earlier demos they gave us an impression of their resounding approach to sound. Yet, it’s with All I Can Think About the weight of their ingenuity truly hits you.

You can check out Pedrick’s latest single All I Can Think About for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Sfynx – All My Own: Prodigally Raw Dark Pop

Sfynx’s (Nadia Vaeh) magnetic approach to Dark Wave Pop may run with a prodigally pensive flair. Yet, the melody behind the instrumental arrangements is one of the most accessible sounds I’ve heard in a while from an up and coming artist.

The Atlanta, Georgia-based Singer Songwriter uses her Southern roots to lace her Pop productions with plenty of soul, and her single “All My Own” is no exception. The lush chords which make up the smooth, progressive single may be fairly subtle in the mix however this gives plenty of room in the soundscape for her potently powerful vocals to resonate. Rather than just assimilating sounds already heard on the radio, Sfynx uses her diverse array of influence to orchestrate a pioneering new soundscape with elements of rock, Middle Eastern music, Reggae and Pop.

All My Own is just one of the stunning singles from her three-track EP “the Genesis” which you can check out for yourselves via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


SydneyDanger – Chasers: Decadently Antagonistic Dark Pop

When your first impressions of an artist make you proclaim expressions of love, then it’s safe to say you’ve just found a diamond in the rough (by “rough” I mean SoundCloud). And it looks like I’m not the only one in awe of the experimental charisma of SydneyDanger’s latest single “Chasers”.

With crunchy guitars and a friendly synth, the track kicks off introducing SydneyDanger’s uniquely captivating vocals which I can guarantee you won’t have heard anything like before. Gary Numan comes close to SydneyDanger’s vocal style, but there’s a beautiful antagonism which makes his Dark Pop style so refreshing. The New York-based singer songwriter’s style comes alive through his uncensored lyrical style which compliments the bass-heavy beat which is interrupted by a breakdown into an almost cinematic soundscape. It’s prodigal, it’s genius, and really, it’s something you’re going to have to check out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


December Fades – Crash and Burn: Resoundingly Expressive Dark Pop

Crash and Burn is one of the latest singles from December Fades (Kevin Rogers). if you could imagine a more melodic, stripped-back ethereal version of Nine Inch Nails you’d get an idea for his aurally alchemic approach to Dark Pop.

Pale Waves may claim to have a Goth Pop sound, but let’s face it, they’re essentially Pop musicians in eyeliner. December Fades captures that raw melancholic alchemy from alternative genres and artists such as Radiohead, Placebo and Portishead and creates the perfect momentum with his piano-driven sound. The Los Angeles-based singer songwriter has a rare command of harmony and when it comes to pairing his resoundingly expressive lyrics with the progressive melodies in his soundscapes.

You can check out Crash and Burn for yourselves via Spotify.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast


Dark Pop For Dark Children

If your vision of pop is as a music box of shiny, vibrant and boisterous sounds, Gia Love opens your eyes to a wonderful new way of working in that genre. She takes the accessibility and simple elegance of modern pop but instead of charging off with them in party mood, cleverly she slows things down, spaces them out, makes them more soul searching and intimate. The result is the most seductive of grooves, ones that snake through some commercial soundscapes but only ever plays the pop game by its own new rules.

And between this musical back bone and the sultry vocal delivery that sits up front there is plenty of space but instead of filling it with the usual pop fare, Gia takes the braver option of leaving it bare and apart from a few interesting, passing musical motifs and distant electronica, it is essentially the atmospherics and emptiness in the centre that helps create the mystique of the song. It is pop, yes, but it also ticks some more unexpected boxes. Darkchild panders to gothic nostalgia, ambient sensibilities and even flirts with the dark underbelly of R&B. Doom-pop? That might be over selling it slightly but it does provide a wonderful alternative to the usual neon lit youthful exuberance that normally goes hand in hand with the pop label.

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