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Marquita Brown has defied genre-constraints once more with her mesmeric single “Jezebel”

With elements of Rock, Pop, Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop and Funk all wrapped up within up and coming artist Marquita Brown’s most creatively expressive track to date, prepare to experience a soundscape you’ve never quite heard the like of before.

Usually, whenever you press play on a track, there becomes an urgency in the demand to know just what kind of soundscape you’re being eased into. With Marquita Brown’s mesmeric experimental latest single “Jezebel” that need to know falls away. Instead, you’ll offer your consciousness and rhythmic pulses over to the uniquely compelling artist to do with them what she pleases. In short, Jezebel is utterly transfixing and it’s a pleasure to lose yourself in the gentle yet dark rhythms. After the curiosity-piquing prelude, it just gets better.

You’ll have to wait a little longer before you can check out Jezebel for yourselves. In the meantime, you can listen to the artists funky fresh previous releases via Spotify.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast


Ruby Layne – Haven: Darkly Arrestive Alt Pop

“Haven” is the standout track from up and coming Alt Pop artist Ruby Layne’s 2020 darkly arrestive self-titled EP. Pop doesn’t come much more atmospheric than this without making any compromise on the accessibility.

The moody and ominous tones will hook you in from the first verse. From there on out, you’ll be enveloped in a soundscape which finds the perfect balance between Alt Rock and Pop. Boasting the same dynamic vocal style as Evanescence’s Amy Lee along with a Post-Punk-laced moody atmospheric instrumental arrangement complete with pensive piano keys and angular guitars, Haven is a track which you’ll struggle to forget.

Ruby Layne may be fresh from her inception, but it’s already perceptibly clear that she has plenty to offer, and we’re all too excited to hear it.

You can check out Ruby Layne’s resoundingly raw single Haven for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Blacktate has made their debut with the transfixing Alt Indie Pop EP “While the World’s on Fire”

Up and coming Alt Indie Pop artist Blackstate has made their debut with the eclectically-inspired endearingly unforgettable debut EP “While the World’s on Fire”.

With the first track “Wolves” allowing you to dive in headfirst into the cathartic instrumental experimentalism and grounding lyrics. You instantly get a taste of Blackstate’s refreshingly distinctive songwriting approach. There’s a palpable visceral feel to each element of the soundscape, from the lyrics to the vocals to the melodies which carry the perfect pinch of melancholy while exuding fragile optimism.

The second track “Lost My Crown” will allow you to imagine what it would sound like if Elliott Smith experimented with synths. If I wasn’t emotional after the first single, I definitely was when I fell into the pensive grips of Lost My Crown.

With track three “The Arsonist” Blacktate has switched up their sound once more, offering a bass-heavy EDM-driven mix which incorporates elements of Darkwave EBM which wouldn’t sound out of place in a sticky goth club.

Track four “Tulips” offers yet another instrumentally-driven mix, this time, there’s elements of glitchy analogue beats which almost flirt with Drum and Bass yet the track never breaks from its mellifluous concordance.

The concluding single “Dancing Wolves” revives 80s Synth Pop under a brand new effervescent guise, if you hadn’t already warmed to the vocals and their charmingly devilish experimentalism, this is where it hits hard.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll deal with the fact that the world is a little bit depressing right now by immersing yourself in resonant music which makes you feel not quite as alone in your existentialism. For this purpose, I can’t recommend Blackstate enough. In their own words, here’s what they had to say about the EP:

“Blackstate is about Friday. Two o’clock. About almost surviving another day. Another week. About the weekend and about getting f*cked. About how social media is great. About eating a burger. About the “good life”. About cat videos. About being sane. About the fact that anxiety is perfectly normal. About the fact that insecurity is (not) a fear of the future self. About more cat videos. About not needing the truth. About being a wolf. About an angry emoji. Love emoji. About how this country sucks, but you’re really okay. You’re happy. You’re sane. One day less alive.”

You can check out Blackstate’s EP which dropped on January 25th for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast


Borg – Nonstop: Ethereally Progressive Alt Pop

Borg’s standout single “Nonstop” kicks off with a prelude which wouldn’t be out of place in a Neo-Noir soundtrack before the soundscape slowly infuses more contemporary stylistic appeal.

2019 saw an explosion of moody, evocative Pop. But Borg set themselves apart with plenty of distinction thanks to cinematic polished air to their soulful sound.

Nonstop is as nuanced as it is progressive. Expect plenty of captivatingly seamless evolutions in sound as the single slowly and tentatively builds in momentum and Borg’s vocal energy picks up plenty of unflinching arrestive conviction. The choral elements in the single are quite literally chilling. And Nonstop is as ethereal as modern Pop gets.

You can check out Borg’s single Nonstop along with the rest of their 2019 EP “Honest and Cool” via Spotify. It really is everything it says on the tin.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Black Marks – Phantom Fear: Evocatively Dystopian Alt Electro Pop

Any fans of Portishead will want to prick up their ears for the pensively captivating feat of Alt Electronic Pop “Phantom Fear” from the up and coming artist Black Marks.

Phantom Fear is just one of the tracks which you’ll find in the debut album “All But Defeated”. With the quality of the production and the seamlessly evocative nature of the soundscapes, there’s little indication that Black Marks are fresh from their inception.

Phantom Fear wouldn’t feel out of place on any dystopian film OST. From hauntedly arresting vocals to cutting semi-orchestral arrangements, Phantom Fear offers everything that you could possibly ask for from a single and more. Faultless rhythm, striking emotion, and expressive lyrics are all reasons why you’ll quickly come to appreciate the artist’s distinctive approach to orchestrating melancholic hits.

You can check out Black Marks’ track Phantom Fear along with the rest of their debut album by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Veronica Eileen proves herself as the queen of creepy Pop with latest single “Hollow”

Singer-Songwriter Veronica Eileen has recently released her latest single “Hollow”. In doing so, she also released one of the sultriest eerie Pop singles we’ve heard this year.

Not that we’ve heard all too many. But there are plenty of artists such as Pale Waves and Billie Eilish who have already infused gothic and Alt Rock sensibilities into their Pop sound. Yet, With Hollow, Veronica Eileen went much darker whilst keeping the soundscape accessible and immersive from the first hit. How that was achieved whilst the instrumentals carried reminiscences in part to Rob Zombie’s Dragula is a feat of alchemy.

It really wouldn’t surprise me if American Horror Story wanted Veronica Eileen on their next soundtrack.

You can check out the official music video to Veronica Eileen’s single which dropped on October 26th by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Evenal Has Dropped Their Latest Moody Pop Trap Single “Fatality”

Billie Eilish may be the poster girl of moody Pop right now. But up and coming Alt Pop artist Evenal is making some pretty dark waves of their own which are going to plash onto your radar sooner rather than later. It’s only a matter of time.

Their recently released Pop Trap single “Fatality” ft Wilfresh is as sultry is as it is ominous. And it’s not every day you can say that about a breaking artist’s work. But everything about Fatality comes together to offer an atmospheric allure which you’re more accustomed to hearing from more established artists.

The concordance of the beat is only matched by Evenal’s flawlessly magnetic vocals which run through the verses in a poised, deadpan style against the downtempo Trap beats. Fatality is as fresh as Pop gets,

You can check out Evenal’s single Fatality for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Korfian – Handful of Dirt: Tribally Rhythmic Baroque Dark Pop  

There was definitely no forgetting Korfian after the release of their mesmerising Dark Pop single “Territorial” last year. Naturally, we were all too excited that they’ve put their alchemically ominous talents to good use again with the release of their new album “Postfire”.

While each of the seven tracks on Postfire will leave you arrested by the artist’s distinctive additions to the airwaves, the best introduction to their sound is “Handful of Dirt”. With tribal drum rhythms and Korfian’s naturally magnetic vocals, the Electronic soundscape becomes more immersive with each evolution of sound in this truly progressive mix.

Any fans of the Editors are definitely going to want to put Korfian on their radar after the release of this stylistically hypnotic Baroque take on Dark Pop.

You can check out the official video to Handful of Dirt for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now. To listen to the album in full, head to SoundCloud

Review by Amelia Vandergast


CHAILD releases their Dark Pop Pensive Ballad “Playground”

Up and coming artist CHAILD released their latest single “Playground” on September 30th; you may need to brace yourselves for the piercing melancholy which hits you in this darkly progressive Alt Pop mix.

It’s impossible not to feel the lyrical resonance contained in the atmospheric single which builds up from ambient downtempo into orchestrally layered high-octane cinematic Alt Pop.

Playground is the perfect example of how true visceral beauty can be pulled from the darkest and most morose places. That’s definitely not something you’ll extract from most Pop singles. CHAILD is a uniquely talented artist and without doubt one of the deftest wordsmiths I’ve had the pleasure of discovering in a while.

CHAILD has recently relocated from Luxembourg to Liverpool to find new inspiration and to get involved with other inspiring creatives. It’s safe to say they’ll be welcomed with open arms in the North.

You can check out CHAILD’s latest single Playground along with their earlier released singles for yourselves by heading over to Spotify and YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Tali Burton – Match: Chill-Inducingly Raw EDM Pop

“Match” is the second single to be released by up and coming Electronic Pop artist Tali Burton, expect chill-inducing reverberance from the beats paired with the sonorously magnetic vocals from the moment you hit play.

There’s something quite aurally alchemic about hearing an unflinchingly powerful voice versing such exposing and candidly pensive lyrics. In between the vocals, the jarring melancholy is left to resonate between the intricate and deeply textured EDM beats – and it definitely has the desired effect.

Any fans of Warpaint, London Grammar, and the War on Drugs are going to want to check out Match. Tali Burton has proven with the soundscape that opting for a contemporary sound doesn’t mean that there has to be any compromise on how visceral the sound is.

You can check out Tali Burton’s latest single Match for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast