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Susan G wants that smell of his cologne all over her body on ‘Could You Be’

Urging her new lover to take her home so that they may share another round and start to move closer as their lips tingle with excitement, Susan G returns with a song so sensual it might cause heart palpitations on ‘Could You Be‘.

Susan Galbraith aka Susan G is a Seattle, USA-based indie-pop artist, lifestyle writer and content creator who makes that finger-clicking music you can’t help but enjoy.

You’ll often find her collaborating on projects with her husband Jake, writing about the harsh realities of trying to get anything done with kids at home, and laughing too loud in public with her ride or die group of friends.” ~ Susan G

With a wonderfully electric atmosphere that has your eyes wide awake as you imagine this drink-filled moment of feeling like you have met the perfect connection for tonight, Susan G is at her imperious best with a saucy new single that will have you grinning broadly with a cheeky wink.

Could You Be‘ from Seattle, USA-based indie-pop artist, lifestyle writer and content creator Susan G, is a stranger-packed story that will steam up the windows as the danger unfolds right before our eyes. With salacious vocals and naughty lyrics that might have you unwrapping this hot picture, this is a single that will warm your whole body as you remember meeting that new lover who took your breath away.

Take another sip with this hot new track on Spotify and see more of this incredible talent via her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lost And Found: Auke Hulst swims through the considerable moods of ‘The Inner Sea’

Taken off his brand new 4th album which is due for release on the 22nd December 2021 and is called ‘A Most Present Absence‘, Auke Hulst returns with the voyage-laden and pristine single all about ‘The Inner Sea‘.

Auke Hulst is a multiskilled Dutch indie musician, writer, journalist, and photographer. Recorded in his home studio during the COVID-19 lockdown, this is a deeply crafted single that has this profound creative dreaming vividly about travelling again.

Showing us his creatively thoughtful mind as it gazes longingly through his memories of being free, Auke Hulst delves deeply inside his perspective to open up that road again that he keenly seeks. His style is extremely relaxing to listen to, as it’s so easy to get intertwined into his smooth vocals which are composed with a serene feel to proceedings.

The Inner Sea‘ from the highly imaginative Dutch indie musician, writer, journalist, and photographer Auke Hulst, is a multitude-filled single that has this respected talent in a supremely reflective mood. He flourishes here on this well-constructed single, that embraces the mood of the world right now. We are all a little bit lost and a tad seasick, as we yearn for those calming days when we can travel anywhere we want with no restrictions to worry about.

Hear this peaceful soundtrack on YouTube and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Been A While: Boston’s Stephen Route returns to the top after dealing with adversity on ‘Up Now’

Taken off his 13-track ‘Being Me‘ album, Stephen Route shows us that he is inclined to see the fruits of his labour flourish on this bass-heavy new single all about steering in a lane others can only dream of on ‘Up Now‘.

Stephen Route is a well-respected Boston, Massachusetts-based indie hip-hop artist, sound engineer, music producer, and writer, who looks at music differently than most. He is a true visionary who loves to assist others with capturing their ideas and following through with the vision presented.

He’s been passionate about music from a young age and believes that the process of creating music should be an honest, inspiring, and most importantly, fun experience.” ~ Stephen Route

Showing us his hardcore bars that throws shade on other small-minded fools who are playing a childish game while you are making boss moves, Stephen Route is at his best on this hungry track that shows us his inner determination that can’t be taught. He was born a winner and flows with much conviction, on an underground beat that seems to suit this message just right.

Up Now‘ from the Boston, Massachusetts-based indie hip-hop artist, writer, sound engineer and music producer Stephen Route, is a statement track about seeing how the world works when you are down and almost out. After having to deal with many things that kicked him to the floor for a while, he has seen how others are begging for money as they see he is doing much better than before. Rapped with a contemplative bite and a look into the future, you feel that this is a multi-talented artist who has discovered so much about himself during a dark time previously.

Life is all about standing up tall when you are winning, as you vow never to go back to those character-testing moments when you doubted yourself to ever succeed.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more news via his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A Dramatic Crescendo Of Enveloping Sonority: Virginia-based composer/pianist Martin Graff takes us places beyond our current mindsets with ‘Sonare’

Taken off his recent eight-track album called ‘Trips for Piano‘, Martin Graff brings us much enlightened peace for our worried souls with a song that will have you feeling purified again with ‘Sonare‘.

Martin Graff is a mightily skilled composer-pianist, illustrator, writer and spoken-word performer, who based in safe and flourishing Arlington, Virginia.

With one of the most impressive chin-beards you will ever see, he uses these superpowers to make the type of music you can just sit back with, and let it lather a web of pureness all over your willing body.

At four, his family inherited an old, anonymous piano, and Marty surged with an uncontainable energy to climb onto the bench and dig his hands into those eight-eight bits of clay, instinctively molding them into little aural landscapes. Crude and square at first; at last, faceted gems after a lifetime of practice, polish, and love.” ~ Martin Graff

With a calming ambiance and featuring a wizard-like level of genius proportions, which certainly has you dazzled and perhaps a tad flustered at times. His remarkable style is truly translucent – as he picks up your bad mood to flip it around – and brings you back into a much happier space in the world, where you may feel so much more satisfied with life.

Making this music is the opposite of death, like the centrifugal force around the sharpest bend of the greatest roller coaster. A re-harmonizing of my most tumultuous internal cacophonies and maybe yours. So, listen up as I bang on this gong from the Gods! As the resonance of these radiant compositions fill your ear and make their way to your heart.” ~ Martin Graff

Sonare‘ from the multi-skilled Virginia-based composer-pianist Martin Graff, is a lovely piece of art from a highly skilled artist who brings so much joy to many. His excellent technique is truly incredible and sadly underrated, as he plays with a true love for what he does. This is a song which will sooth many a soul, and bring you back to a place in time where you feel most content.

The true aim of music is to bring us together and heal the wounds of the past after all.

See this new video and score on YouTube and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

My Body Is In Your Head: Russell Leedy (Kings of Carlisle) is getting calls all night with ‘Dirty Little Secret’

After previously performing with his tragically lost best friend Keith who has sadly passed, Russell Leedy (Kings of Carlisle) tells us the story of dealing with someone who can’t get get enough of you with ‘Dirty Little Secret‘.

Russell Leedy is a Pennsylvania-based indie pop solo artist, writer and music producer, who was formally living in California. He performs under the stage name of Kings of Carlisle, and is a well-respected artist who makes music for the love of the art form.

KOC’s style includes, soul, rock, gospel, & country.” ~ Russell Leedy

There is much to like on this new steamy single from a vocalist on the top of his game, as he sings with such strength and electrifying vocals which streams vividly through your perked-up speakers. He is in the mood to wave goodbye to this mysterious lover but sees their miss calls all the time – as he wonders how to end things – with a confident woman who does as she pleases.

Dirty Little Secret‘ from the Pennsylvania-based indie pop artist Russell Leedy (Kings of Carlisle), shows us into the kiss-filled story of being with someone who wants to have you for themselves behind closed doors, when no one else is looking. He is looking for more and wonders why they seem to be so ashamed of being with you, while you are ready to tell the world. Sung with a strong presence from a man who knows what he wants – this is a love struck single full of intrigue and late-night romance you should probably be avoiding – but just can’t get enough of either.

Hear this fine new track on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Want Me To Worship You: Lyon Amor Brave urges all the ladies to trust their intuition on ‘Myself First’

Bringing us a vividly intriguing video that is so compellingly honest, Lyon Amor Brave shows us a self-image and beauty standard track we all need to experience on ‘Myself First‘.

Lyon Amor Brave aka LAB, is a Columbus, Ohio-based indie singer-songwriter, University of Akron graduate, pianist, guitarist and writer.

Myself First” is about self empowerment and self improvement and trusting your own inner voice about the voices in society, the media, school, teachers, even religious voices who pretend to speak for God”. ~ Lyon Amor Brave

With a ravishing rap style, provoking lyrics and a vocalist who tells the truth, we are soaked into a hair-brushing video which shows you how much effort so many put into their looks. Fooled by the false influences on all the different medias who put on a show to lie to millions, this is exactly the opposite of what young and impressionable eyes need to see.

You feel her true intentions come to the fore on this courageous art work – as she leads us into the process which can take many, many hours – and can consume your mind from what is actually the most important thing. Being the real you.

I put on a wolf mask as a visual representative of body dysmorphia, which is something many women struggle with. Many see themselves as ugly duckling when they are in fact swans and this can cause eating disorders.” ~ Lyon Amor Brave

Myself First‘ from the Columbus, Ohio-based indie singer-songwriter and multi-talented musician Lyon Amor Brave, is an inspirational story from a young woman who is expressing herself to the fullest here. She has seen so many young ladies damaging themselves – after getting sucked too deep into the fake social media world – and altering things about them that they don’t need to do. Sung and rapped with a real tender and loving care, this is a totally authentic artist who does what she feels is right to assist others.

Loving yourself and being the best version of you, is the way to that true self-enlightenment after all.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more via her Twitter music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Set You Free: Christian Prior amazes our ears on spacey new single ‘Why Should I Care?’

With a reflective glance up to see this massive planet in its full glory, Christian Prior wonders about the magnitude of everything around us with this superb music video for his latest track which has recently got some well-deserved BBC Introducing love called ‘Why Should I Care?‘.

Christian Prior is a London, England-based indie jazz solo singer-songwriter, keyboardist, writer and music producer, who was born in a small town in the North. He has a vivid imagination which is always looking at what is possible, as he expresses himself through a wonderful array of dazzling music creations, which are certainly satisfyingly progressive.

Christian’s music brings together his love for jazz, rock, classical music, electronica, as well as traditional music from across the globe.” ~ Christian Prior

You sense that he is always looking for something new to bring into his music as he strays away from the boring norm, as a blend of contemplative thoughts come crashing into your fragile mind during this exciting new single. Each second feels like it is truly special and the old school video only adds to the nostalgic effect of imagination, which we all have hidden somewhere inside us.

Christian grew up in a tiny, remote village on the beautifully bleak moors of the North of England. Without much to do and nowhere to go, music became his companion and escape. His days became filled with it: writing songs, playing piano, singing, and listening to as much music as he could.” ~ Christian Prior

Why Should I Care?‘ by the London-based indie jazz artist Christian Prior, is a stunning track that has you thinking about everything around us. Made with a deep look up to our whole world which in turn has your mind alive with the power and possibilities we have in our fingertips, this is a song to feel inspired by. With vocals that has you feeling that you can indeed achieve something special if you put your mind in the right process, you might feel a different perspective after viewing this music video experience.

See this planet gazing new music video on YouTube and see more on his IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Know You Need Me: Sensual Hollywood dark-pop singer-songwriter Aimee Saturne is stupendously insatiable on ‘Slow Burn’

Returning to bless our excited ears with her kiss-filled follow-up to ‘Like I Do‘, Aimee Saturne starkly lights up our intrigued imagination on the candle wax burning new single that will have you blushing in unadulterated delight on ‘Slow Burn‘.

Tantalizing risk-taker and Los Angeles, California-based dark-pop artist Aimee Saturne, is an awe-inspiring indie singer-songwriter, actor, and writer.

I don’t make music for the promise of money and never have. I make it because it’s my passion, and my art, it’s my therapy and my life’s obsession. As long as i love what i do, as long as I can express my own creativity and emotions and send it into the universe with nothing but the hope that maybe someone, somewhere in the world, might hear it and vibe with me.” ~ Aimee Saturne

This is the electrifying story of being with someone who you feel like you can be yourself with, as your hungry lips latch onto each others soft skin and never let go. You feel the immensely hot temperature only increase – as her gorgeously tipped voice is remarkably intoxicating – mixed smartly with a breathtaking beat, as she genuinely wraps our stimulated minds into a web of welcoming euphoria.

Slow Burn‘ from the sensationally talented LA-based dark-pop artist, writer, and actor Aimee Saturne, is the type of track you put on loud when you are with your lover. The passion is packed full and you feel the sensual energy oozing through the room as she moves closer to her chosen partner, while they lock eyes and fuel the nights activities with a cheeky smile.

This is a steamy track that shows her impressive progression, as we bare witness to a hugely talented artist in her prime, who certainly has our happily pulsating hearts beating uncontrollably.

Hear this fiery effort on her Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finding Simplicity: Oxford’s Mosa looks beyond the norm on ‘Grey Areas’

Released from Oxford indie label BigWhoop! Records, Mosa returns with his trusty dog Snoop by his side on the wonderfully hair-lifting experience that is his new single ‘Grey Areas‘.

David Ashbourne aka Mosa, is an Oxford, England-based music writer, composer, sound designer, indie rock/electronic singer-songwriter, and music producer.

With his ten-track album ‘Ruminations and Adaptations’ out on the 30th July, we are witnessing a confident artistic mastermind on top of his game, as he expands your mind with a superb vocal and lyrical performance of the highest order.

Mosa’s songs are travelogues of what it is to be human, from experiences, feelings and observations. The album circles themes such as love, desire, despair, passion, embracing negativity, absence, time, arrivals, departures, hesitance, grey areas
and dualities.” ~ Mosa

On a peacefully charming beat, this is an electronic melody which has your mind so fascinated by this rare creation which is such a peaceful listen. Each lyric has been carefully thought of and sung with that true meaningful glance, to always staying true to oneself.

Grey Areas‘ from the outstandingly multi-talented Oxford, England-based artist Mosa, is a tremendous track that shows us his incredible skill set and reminds us that life can be so simple if you want it to be. In a complicated world, the exception should be the rule in a place where so many try and copy others. This is a terrifically unique artist we need to admire for his out-the-box thinking.

Stream this new single on Spotify and find out more via his IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Kiss Me Gently: Ro Jordan is quite exquisite on the intimate journey to the ‘Northern Lights’

Sweetly sending us a stunning story that feels like it could be from a Hollywood romance movie, Ro Jordan wants her blushing lover to pull in a bit closer on her stunning new imagination-filled lips-locked single named ‘Northern Lights‘.

Ro Jordan is a delightfully elegant East Midlands, England-based multi-talented music producer, sound engineer, writer and RnB/soul singer.

Influenced by greats such as Lauryn Hill and SZA, you feel her calming vocals flourish instinctively through the clear blue sky and she gives you such shivers of happy joy, with her absorbing style which has you smiling from ear to ear.

This is the cute story of going on an adventure you will both never forget, as you find the best place to witness one of the worlds most beautiful features. You feel like you two are close enough for this special moment, and don’t want be with anyone else.

She sings with such stylish intellect and everything seems so effortless, as she takes you on a ride up above in the clouds where the frolicking birds roam free.

Northern Lights‘ from the graceful UK indie RnB singer-songwriter, sound engineer and music producer Ro Jordan, has your eyes lit stirringly with such romance, as this special moment is such a riveting listen due to its classy rhythm throughout.

With glorious vocals, a breathtaking beat and a movie-feeling that will fill you with hope again, this is one of the most romantically pure tracks you will hear in 2021.

Hear this top new single on Spotify and see her sky-chasing journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen