I Go Hard: Infinity Dragon has that party flowing in his veins on ‘Wild And Free’ (feat. Uptown Dev)

With a spark-filled perspective and with an eye to that pretty girl who is at the club, Infinity Dragon releases his high-energy new single that will have you ready to get out to your favourite local on ‘Wild And Free(feat. Uptown Dev).

Infinity Dragon is a profoundly proficient Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based indie hip-hop solo artist, poet, writer and music producer.

Through music and poetry, Infinity Dragon weaves magical stories. Music influences are Sade, British artist Imogen Heap, Michael Jackson, and Prince.” ~ Infinity Dragon

Infinity Dragon is breathless on this supremely engaging performance that is stuffed with bar-ripping flows that are quite the sight to behold. Backed up with the smoothly pleasing display from Uptown Dev, this is a statement track about getting back into the swing of things no matter what.

Wild And Free(feat. Uptown Dev) from the pulsating Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based indie rapper, music producer and published poet/writer Infinity Dragon, is a party-packed track that has a grimy feel to it and makes you feel like venturing outside again to see the world. The raps are ravishing and with a beat that has you nodding your head, this is a song to play as you pull up the bright lights where much temptation is inside.

See this bass-busting music video on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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