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Got A Pop To It: Pittsburgh rapper Real and The Xperience knows he has the cheat code on ‘Big Comfy Couch’

As he flicks the controller to where he wants to be at, Real and The Xperience keeps it real as he shows us what each day is like in his world on ‘Big Comfy Couch‘.

Real & The Xperience is an unorthodox Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based hip-hop solo artist. He fuses that real life story music that is relevant, and shows you into the current mentality of where he is from.

Since the age of 6, rapping has always been his passion since watching his oldest brother create melodic sounds.” ~ Real & The Xperience

With a consistent flow and bars that are hard but never too much to consume, this is a new track all about staying calm when there is much chaos at every turn. He knows the cheat codes and wants to ensure that he stays eating, as there are some hungry dogs ready to bite him savagely if he isn’t too careful.

A high level of storytelling ability is on full display here for our ears to warm up inside, with a consistent style that is certainly likable and has you turning up the volume a bit louder, to ensure that you don’t miss a word.

Big Comfy Couch‘ from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based rapper Real and The Xperience, is a take-a-trip into your mind type of track that has you nodding your head and tapping your feet to the busty beat. He raps with a smooth style and there is much to enjoy here – with an underground poppin’ soundscape – that has your mind alive with the possibilities in abundance, outside in this strange world.

Check out the YouTube link to hear more and follow their story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

My Body Is In Your Head: Russell Leedy (Kings of Carlisle) is getting calls all night with ‘Dirty Little Secret’

After previously performing with his tragically lost best friend Keith who has sadly passed, Russell Leedy (Kings of Carlisle) tells us the story of dealing with someone who can’t get get enough of you with ‘Dirty Little Secret‘.

Russell Leedy is a Pennsylvania-based indie pop solo artist, writer and music producer, who was formally living in California. He performs under the stage name of Kings of Carlisle, and is a well-respected artist who makes music for the love of the art form.

KOC’s style includes, soul, rock, gospel, & country.” ~ Russell Leedy

There is much to like on this new steamy single from a vocalist on the top of his game, as he sings with such strength and electrifying vocals which streams vividly through your perked-up speakers. He is in the mood to wave goodbye to this mysterious lover but sees their miss calls all the time – as he wonders how to end things – with a confident woman who does as she pleases.

Dirty Little Secret‘ from the Pennsylvania-based indie pop artist Russell Leedy (Kings of Carlisle), shows us into the kiss-filled story of being with someone who wants to have you for themselves behind closed doors, when no one else is looking. He is looking for more and wonders why they seem to be so ashamed of being with you, while you are ready to tell the world. Sung with a strong presence from a man who knows what he wants – this is a love struck single full of intrigue and late-night romance you should probably be avoiding – but just can’t get enough of either.

Hear this fine new track on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Like To Watch You On My Television: Pittsburgh band Bikini Islands shape-shift our intrigued ears on ‘Midnight Lizard’

As the brilliantly named Bikini Islands are back from their short pandemic-fueled hiatus with more deliciously lip-licking music after 2019’s ‘Vines‘ and ‘Psycho Killer‘, they have us looking around for potential slimy creatures roaming around unexpectedly on their new slick single named ‘Midnight Lizard‘.

Bikini Islands is a super chilled and highly unpretentious four-piece Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based indie garage-rock band. Their style is a blend of steel city edge and surfer mellow, as they make thrilling music that reminds you of simpler times.

On a riff-laden track with much to like on this tv-swirling song that wraps a palm-tree blowing freshness into your awaiting mind, you quickly feel the weekend beach smooth-talking track flow beautifully into your atmosphere. This is a song to turn up loud and just let go – as the solos are something specially mixed to please – combined with confident vocals that keep things sweet and pure for the gasping soul to lap up thirstily.

Midnight Lizard‘ from the pulsating Pittsburgh garage-rockers called Bikini Islands, is that awesome catchy track you aren’t quite sure what is all about, but you love it anyway. They have a very likable style and you feel enraptured by the soundscape provided and feel like they would be an epic band to watch live. As long as there are no slippery lizards crawling around at the gig however.

Stream this fine new single on Spotify and see more news on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Give You What You Need: Philadelphia rapper SoldYaSoul wants her to let it go on ‘BAD TENDENCIES’

As he worryingly looks into those beautifully glittering eyes, SoldYaSoul urges her to move past what is holding her back from reaching her full potential and join him in his peaceful zone as he can give her everything she needs on ‘BAD TENDENCIES‘.

Former Army soldier SoldYaSoul is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based indie rapper. He is an introspective artist who makes that real life message music which is without the fluff and all about helping others with their journey, in this rather strange world full of teachable moments.

He’s been rapping all his life but recently wanted to take it serious when his best friend passed away.” ~ SoldYaSoul

You sense his genuinely caring nature as he flows through the mic with an effortless nature, his bars seem to float majestically above all else and has you highly galvanized by his calming presence. The chorus is so inspiring and rather catchy, as the caress-filled beat urges the unnecessary noise of temptation to go away.

His wholehearted vibe is all about that naturally stimulated energy which is produced away from those undesirable narcotics, which only confuses our fragile and easily-influenced minds.

BAD TENDENCIES‘ from the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based indie rapper SoldYaSoul, is that true story about wanting to help someone so badly as you see their future in your eyes, which they are throwing away by doing things their body doesn’t need. This is that defining moment when you feel that someone you love is so close and happy but in other moments, it feels like they are ready to jet off quick like a Eurofighter Typhoon – as you wonder if they will truly relax around you – and feel ever-lasting freedom from the nasty negativity that has unfortunately consumed them.

Your welcoming arms may await those you care about, but there has to be that commitment from the other side for it to work.

Hear this new track on Soundcloud and see more of his visuals via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

She Like My Drip: Aj0hn kicks the naysayers away like Messi on ‘L!t’

With a unique blend of creation that has us so intrigued about this new style of rap in 2021, Aj0hn shows us why she is really into his swag-filled vibe on his new freestyle-like single which has him feeling rather ‘L!t‘.

Aj0hn is a newcomer Allentown, Pennsylvania-based indie rapper. He makes that new school type of ear-bending hip-hop music which has the beat shaking and the vocals sparking into this full paced assault on the mic.

The bars are slammed through the unsuspecting rate that might make a skilled sailor nervous, as the winds pick up and have you feeling like your heart is beating so much faster than before. He leaves little on the bones left for anyone else to munch on, as his mind is made up that she is the one for him and nothing else will do.

L!t‘ from the charming Allentown, Pennsylvania-based American rapper Aj0hn, is a rampage on the mind as you filter all of the self-doubt out of your senses, as you only bring in fresh smelling energy back into your life. This is a quick-fire track which might leave you in shock at first due to its complexities – as the style is alive and stocked full of entertainingly honest sentiment – which shows his utter confidence. She is into him and not the other guy, which makes him rather pleased with himself.

Sometimes you just have a feeling something is going to work, as you strive for that finish line to start the night for real.

Stream this new single on Soundcloud and see more via his Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Floats Away Into The Dawn: Talented young Pittsburgh musician Victoria Montgomery hears the calming voice of freedom with ‘Never Let Me Go’

After years of gaining confidence with open mics and taking the time to improve her songwriting skills, Victoria Montgomery flourishes brightly on her new single taken off 2021’s debut EP A Song For You‘, with the soulfully sweet ‘Never Let Me Go‘.

Victoria Montgomery is a Washington, Pennsylvania-born, Pittsburgh-based indie folk/pop singer-songwriter, and Washington and Jefferson College graduate in International studies. She sings with such a vividly innocent imagination, which shows us that it is still possible to float around freely chasing your dreams, if you so wish to do so in this often dark world.

Her smooth and tranquil voice opens up your mind to see within your own soul, as you are taken aback by such a relaxing artist, who has fought hard to overcome her own fears. She sings with a growing sense of belonging, with a pleasant soundscape that has your soul feeling content again.

Never Let Me Go‘ from the thoroughly enthralling Pittsburgh-based indie pop/folk Victoria Montgomery, shows us a emerging artist with a beautifully peacefully tone and a heartfelt lyrical ability, which shines through on this lovely new single. This is the story about finding that sweet love that sets you free and makes you so happy inside.

Closing your eyes and opening your heart is the only way to be truly happy, when you find that special soul.

Stream this fine new single on Spotify and see more moves on her Facebook music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Have Time: Sam Thul has seen the warning signs before on ‘That Road’

Bringing us a lovely new single that urges us to avoid the negative and only focus on the positive, Sam Thul drives us down a place which is filled with holes but also rainbows on ‘That Road‘.

Sam Thul is an experienced Pennsylvania, USA-based former band member of a multitude of different acts and is now fully immersed as a solo artist, as well as an avid reader, movie fanatic and gamer.

This entire song was written, recorded and mixed in about three weeks in my home studio/office/medieval tavern space lol. After a few false starts, I finally ironed out the quirks and decided it was finally finished and ready for people to listen to it.” – Sam Thul

With a mellow tone that is totally authentic and made with a warning sign to us all, he helps us to avoid the life trap of worrying about things that you can’t control. His voice is controlled and full of intrigue – he sweeps away the dusty street for us to drive through – with our eyes wide open.

That Road‘ from the soulful Pennsylvania, USA-based indie-rock solo artist Sam Thul, shows us a man who doesn’t want to go down a path that knows will waste his time. Avoiding the path that has only has tasteless bones scattered throughout is the not the way he wishes to venture down anymore. The good vibes are the only thing that will keep his mind alive from here onward to that true happy place.

Stream this new music video on YouTube and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

We Started A Fire: Passionate Nashville singer Jon Mullins heats up that sweet love on ‘Hot Like Summer’

Inspired by his heroes Sam Smith and Adele, Jon Mullins eagerly drops this new uptempo track that steams up the unsuspecting windows and is flaming intensely with joy called ‘Hot Like Summer‘.

Jon Mullins is an entertaining Pennsylvania-born, Nashville-based indie pop singer-songwriter. After his loving wife suffered a dreadful fall a few years ago and recently, also tragically had the undeserved misfortune of losing their firstborn. His life has changed forever but these experiences have made them both so much stronger, as their love for each other has never waned.

The winding journey has taken him from being revered on The Voice, to now bringing the world some meaningful music, that sparks hope back in our healing hearts.

His performance here is quite a lovely listen, as he sings with such heart and true love throughout this sparkle-filled effort. The sweet beat has your mind in a flutter, as you remember when things were so happy in your stomach, that it felt like you were floating on air.

Hot Like Summer‘ from the talented Nashville-based indie pop singer Jon Mullins, is the heart beating story about knowing that you don’t ever want to leave their love. The passion is sparking so high that the birds are going to taste it, as you both run wild with appreciation for each other. This is the time of year that things can start and end quickly, as you hope that this can turn into something longer than a few months.

Hear this audio on YouTube and find out more via his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Never Lose Your Imagination: Banjiboi leads the way with the attitude we all need to have on ‘Cigar Boxing’

Sounds from the Waltz Mine by Banjiboi

Formally known as Aro who still frequents the world on occasion, Banjiboi blesses our hungry souls with his incredible single from debut album ‘Sounds from the Waltz Mine‘, that is called ‘Cigar Boxing‘ and features some of the best quotes ever written mixed with insanely awesome guitar skills.

Jack Hays aka Banjiboi is an outlaw indie-rock artist and music producer from hard working Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has a style that screams underground king – as he makes quality music without wanting the fame – as he is doing this for the love of the lifestyle.

Banjiboi, a rumored relative of the notorious Jesse James and descendent of Tex “Gold-Fingers” Calloway, a successful gold panner during the California gold rush, took a different trail to establishing himself as a household name during a time when social media and digital streaming started to change the ways of the wild and lawless West and the landscape of music forever.” – Banjiboi

With sounds derived from blues origins of The Mississippi Delta to darker country tones and blazing banjo licks, Banjiboi combines the best of modern and vintage styles in an attempt to breed positivity and unify a very polarized nation.” – Banjiboi

With country inklings emanating swiftly from the cozy van belonging to Banjiboi, bass driven electronic music, old school hip hop beats and acoustic finger pickin’, this is a top song that has you in raptures for its pure authenticity.

Cigar Boxing‘ from the humble Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania producer/rock artist Banjiboi, is a testament to an outlaw artist who travels from state to state, gaining knowledge from his travels, and puts it all together so skillfully for us to consume. This might be one of the most interesting musicians in the world, who cruises around like an invisible legend with his trusty dog and laptop, keeping things simple and making incredibly underrated music that actually has real unifying soul.

Stream this new single on Bandcamp and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Extra Edge: Observe the 93rd sharpen up the mic with the rock anthem ‘Archaic’

As their quick-fire sound of carnage stretches your mind like a fragile elastic band, Observe the 93rd makes all parts of your speakers shake in disbelief, with the shock-educing new banger called ‘Archaic‘.

Observe the 93rd is a powerfully struck two-piece alternative rock band from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. They build up stream like the click of a lighter — and smoke forcefully into our lives with a fiery performance of epic magnitudes — that has you turning this up all the way real loud, to get the best experience possible.

The focus will always be raw, authentic expression. The songs are guided by a feeling, an idea, an experience, failure, triumph, suffering, joy…any abstract internal entity that yearns to be externalized. Sometimes the expression of this is a means of reflection, sometimes a means of relief and survival, and other times merely an exploration of the mind or ideas.” – Observe the 93rd

Archaic‘ from Pennsylvania two-piece alt-rockers Observe the 93rd, teaches us about the wild world that is currently transpiring before our eyes. There are so many demons around and we need to extinguish them quickly, otherwise they shall burn your important senses down like a tree burning in the forest. This is sublime stuff and a new rock song that certainly has your attention, due to its heart-stopping ferocity and excellent execution.

Hear this fine new song on Spotify and see more on their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen