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Started Out With Nothing: John Anthony has seen the loyalty break on Hustlin’

Staying hungry and letting everyone know that he has already seen the sneaky snakes before they saw themselves, John Anthony drops a soldier grind kind of track that shall boom through the speakers just like street tracks should on Hustlin‘.

John Anthony is a Dallas, Pennsylvania-based indie rapper and music producer who is the founder of hip hop label Villainous Records.

Feeling good and not taking his foot off the gas, John Anthony is in a confident mood and will shake off all the doubters with a potent performance to magnify the pulses of those in the know. This is raw rap with a purpose. Turn him up.

Hustlin‘ from the multi-skilled Dallas, Pennsylvania record executive and artist John Anthony is the definition of the American dream.

After starting with nothing and now seeing the rewards of his hard work, this is a statement single to brush away all the haters. Those who he was close with. Those who turned their back on him. That’s the message here. He’s driving to a whole new level and only taking those with him who have his back when the chips are down.

Real see real.

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Play That Funky “Bound by Desire” Till You Die

Smooth Retsina Glow’s “Bound By Desire” is a funky and infectious party anthem that is sure to get people up and dancing. The song features a pulsating muted guitar riff that drives the groove, complemented by virtuosic unison sections from the band that add to the energy and excitement.

Smooth Retsina Glow is a band from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, that has been gigging hard and releasing music for four years. Their upcoming album, Gemini Reign, promises to continue their streak of electrifying and soulful music. The band’s latest single, also titled “Gemini Reign,” has been making waves across the globe since its release on April 1, 2023. With radio stations in the UK, Japan, Canada, and Australia charting the song high in weekly playlists, it’s clear that Smooth Retsina Glow is a band with a bright future.

“Bound By Desire” is a standout track from Smooth Retsina Glow’s discography, showcasing their ability to create infectious funk/disco grooves that are impossible to resist. The song’s catchy melody and driving rhythm are expertly crafted and showcase the band’s tight musicianship. With Colin Wolf’s smooth vocals, Sarah Stoll’s soulful backing vocals, Jacob Wolfe’s grooving bass, and Brian Derkacs’ tight drumming, “Bound By Desire” is a testament to Smooth Retsina Glow’s musical prowess.

Overall, “Bound By Desire” is a must-listen for anyone looking for a fun and energetic party track. Smooth Retsina Glow’s unique blend of funk, disco, and soul creates a sound that is both classic and fresh. With Gemini Reign on the horizon, it’s clear that Smooth Retsina Glow is a band to watch in the coming years.

Eye of the Tiger: Tiffany Bonneau lights the fire on Fearless Rebel

With a genuine smile and softly-sung vocals to ease the worries of the windy world, Tiffany Bonneau shows boundless spirit and determination to rise above the small-minded on Fearless Rebel.

Tiffany Bonneau is an emerging Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based digital creator and indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter known for her giggles and honest performances.

Stunning our senses with a kind effort and with vocals which are so pure and must be heard, Tiffany Bonneau is a youthful artist who is at her natural self here. Displaying a glorious nature, this is exactly what the world needs more of.

Fearless Rebel from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based indie RnB Tiffany Bonneau is a raw look inside a growing creative ready to take the next step. There is love and care in droves here and we fly up into the sky, to get into a much better place mentally to succeed no matter the climate. If you’re looking for a heartwarming single to close your eyes with, this is exactly the potion to swim away from any previous notions.

Listen up further on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

So Long: Ethan Russell needs to get the frustration out before he explodes on Circles

Falling into sneaky traps due to this tempestuous stream of life inside a seemingly wicked maze of treacherous tricks, Ethan Russell attempts to venture away from the deep end of his mind via the new single to reflect wholeheartedly with, Circles.

Ethan Russell (born Antalosky) is a small-town Pennsylvania indie pop singer-songwriter and music producer who grew up listening to quality sounds thanks to his parents.

I remember lip-syncing the entire Red Hot Chili Peppers’ – By The Way live show in my living room literally every day as a kid,” Antalosky says.

Showing us what it feels like to be lost inside a former love, Ethan Russell displays such maturity in this deftly projected underground illusion which is sealed with brilliance. Ethan has brought back a striking memory for many, who have felt the wrath of cruel luck romantically.

Circles from Pennsylvania-born indie pop singer-songwriter Ethan Russell is an incredible soundtrack for anyone who feels like things are at their worst right now. Sung with calm precision and with so much meaning simmering out of all speakers, elevating our minds away from the sadness and into a new mission to change the mood of millions.

When the mind is twisted, everything is flipped upside down.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stamina Master drops a mellow beat for us to locate Ground Control

Swimming in an ocean-like experience to wash away the tears, Stamina Master tingles our spines with a rather bone-healing track to start any week with as he leads us through Ground Control and into the light.

Stamina Master is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based experimental instrumental hip-hop music producer who is emerging from the shadows and into our lives with much substance.

My musical style takes influence from notable electronic producers such as Flying Lotus and Aphex Twin, with a spaced out, psychedelic atmospheres, and wonky/off-kilter drum beats.” ~ Stamina Master

Finding his sound and yearning for a new wave of fans to unite us all, Stamina Master indicates to us what kind music sounds like in 2023. This is a tranquil experience to get enthusiastic about for all the right reasons.

Ground Control from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based experimental producer Stamina Master is a mellow reminder that all is well in the world after all. Sending shivers through many spines, we find a rather calming effort to ease all worries away into the sky like they were never there.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Pat & Mac drop the skin-munching soundtrack for zombies on Flesheater

With a sizzlingly intriguing track that might cause slow hearts to quicken like at the end of the first episode of The Walking Dead Season 1, Pat & Mac shows us what inventiveness looks and sounds like on the incredible visuals for the blood-guzzling new track called Flesheater.

Formed by Pat Durkin, Pat & Mac is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based indie rock act that makes an experimental blend of riveting music to interweb inside.

Pat produces all of the music completely DIY, with an influence from horror movie and video game soundtracks as well as classic rock, synth pop, and heavy metal.” ~ Pat & Mac

In the second collaboration with animator and director Sean Bayles and taken from Impost3r Syndrom3, Pat & Mac shall lead us away from the darkness and into a thoughtfully fascinating light. Each second is a well-executed endeavour which is masterfully done with originally at its core.

Flesheater from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based indie rock act Pat & Mac is a truly unforgettable song to get energised about and shall enter our lives when the nibble is on. If you’re a fan of ravenous zombies and a memorable beat to forget previous worries with, this is a perfect tonic when the munchies set in late at night.

Hear this fine new single on YouTube. View more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Philadelphia-based experimental band Return to Zion drops outsanding new single If This Is The End, It’s Beautiful

If This Is The End, It's Beautiful by Return to Zion

With one of the best intros the world is likely to hear, Return to Zion shows us deep with the gritty corners of the record studio on the excellent instrumental soundtrack to moving on called If This Is The End, It’s Beautiful.

Return to Zion is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based indie experimental post-rock collective who displays such poise and class on each one of their sizzling experiences.

Enthralling all listeners with a likeable blend of quality to stimulate all senses awake, Return to Zion guides us far from the masses and into the self-aware underground. Performed with so much character and guile emanating from each corner, we find a terrific release waiting to be loved by the entire galaxy and the Milky Way.

If This Is The End, It’s Beautiful from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based experimental post-rock band Return to Zion delves deep into our inner mindset to trigger a wonderful energy which shall alter moods rather quickly. Wrapped in a bundle of class, which is rather hard to find, they send all ears into a rather content place.

Listen up on Bandcamp. See more news on IG.

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Pennsylvania-based fusionist Ikechi Onyenaka shows us what inspiring music sounds like with Hardships

Pacifying our exasperated heads with a mellow vibe to ease all nerves into the distance, Ikechi Onyenaka shall warm all icy hearts who needed a long hug with the supremely dreamy single Hardships.

Ikechi Onyenaka is an Upper Darby, Pennsylvania-based indie jazz and blues fusionist who makes a stunning blend of smooth music vibrations for the world to be thrilled by.

After previously bringing us those twilight grooves with City Dreams, Ikechi Onyenaka performs with a rare class and shows world class skills on this latest gem. Calming to the max and never letting our hand go, this is a special soundtrack when you need 7 minutes of calm to enter the galaxy.

Hardships from Upper Darby, Pennsylvania-based jazz and blues fusionist Ikechi Onyenaka is a wonderful single which will surely make many humans smile. There is no fake flash here, only realness, and for that we must all be truly thankful. Bringing through an array of goodness, we float into a release with so much to heal with.

Hear this top new single on Spotify and see more of his journey on IG.

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Dropping The Heat: POGOonthebeat sends our hearts into meltdown on Pink Clouds

With a club-like ambience that is almost guaranteed to get you all hot and sweaty, POGOonthebeat looks up above and takes us all with him to those exciting Pink Clouds that could get your heart racing for hours.

POGOonthebeat aka Nick Chieze is a New Castle, Pennsylvania-based indie EDM music producer who makes that stadium filling soundscape to party with all night with friends.

Sending our souls back to a fun place to slide with all evening until the sun starts to shine and the early birds emerge for their morning cuppa tea and gentle jog, POGOonthebeat cranks up the sauna temperature and might have you reaching for the air-con controller on this heavy new single.

Pink Clouds from New Castle, Pennsylvania-based indie EDM music producer POGOonthebeat is an electrifying soundtrack that might be in your next favorite video game. Dropping a fireball to be inspired inside, this is the kind of track your friends will love, but those pesky next-door neighbors will hate. Just the way it should be, right?

Getting the party started again is exactly what the world needs right now.

Give your speakers some love on SoundCloud and see more of his vision on IG.

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Ignore Texts: MARE hits the gas on her savage new single BIBLE

Dropping the gloves and showing that she is a valuable diamond in a seemingly lawless raw world, MARE says a little prayer and sings with impressive gusto on her leave-him-behind single for all the ladies on BIBLE.

MARE is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based indie RnB solo singer-songwriter who performs with an exquisite excellence that shall have you pressing repeat.

Mare is inspired by the likes of Jill Scott and Jazmine Sullivan, as she uses her music as an avenue to empower women and men.” ~ MARE describing her inspirations (taken via her bio)

With her elegant ways and gorgeously toned vocals that might have you thinking you’re back in the classic 90s, MARE is undeniably one of the more appealing RnB singers around. Her no-nonsense attitude is a gloriously important example for all those who need to know that self-worth should be the number one priority.

BIBLE from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based indie RnB artist MARE is a brilliant single about showing us that loyalty is the key to everything. After growing tired of the lies and cancelled plans, this is a dynamic song for anyone who has felt let down before by a past lover. Blessed by a catchy beat that will have you brushing off all the past romantic failures, leading us into a better mindset where a new love can blossom with the right person.

When you have been let down too many times, it’s best to walk away from that situation forever.

Hear this lovely song on Spotify and see more news via her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen