I Cut Them Off: YSV x Projectz knows when to pull the ‘Kill Switch’

Skidding into our homes with a flashy car that certainly races up your pulse, YSV x Projectz shows us that they are only interested in those people who are 100% loyal and keen to help them build an empire so big it will never go hungry on ‘Kill Switch‘.

YSV is a Florida-based indie rapper and he is joined by fellow hip-hop artist Projectz on this tire-sliding new single that is filled with fresh flows that catch your attention.

Turning up the speed like someone on a mission to get rich quick, YSV and Projectz make a top-notch team on this bar-filled effort by two rappers who aren’t messing around. They remember when they were poor and how the girls weren’t as keen as they are now – while you sense that they are just focused on success – while eliminating all distractions and fake former friends rather quickly.

Kill Switch‘ from YSV x Projectz, is a quick-fire track that accelerates quickly into your mindset, which has you totally enthralled into their money-making approach. The raps are loaded with honestly-written accounts of how laborious life was growing up, finding a girl who is down with your style, and obtaining that purpose in this flaky world that can forget about you rather quickly. These are two young rappers on the rise, and they intend on taking as much treasure with them as possible.

See this new music video via YouTube and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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