Zay Doe – Evident: Relentlessly Rhythmic Hip Hop

If you’re looking for experimentally dark Hip Hop to add to your playlists, look no further than Zay Doe’s latest single “Evident”.

The prelude kicks off with the haunting aural alchemy of an industrial EDM beat, before seamlessly switching into verse where Zay Doe lays down his relentless, rhythmic Rap bars. The perfectly fluid delivery of the lyrics to Evident combined with the heavy dub on the beats made the single one of the most memorable Hip Hop tracks I’ve heard so far from an up and coming artist. With the sticky-sweet hooks, you can be sure that the infectious beat behind evident won’t be forgotten in a hurry. Combined with the production style which applied minimal effect to the vocals to let Zay Doe’s talent really shine through the mix, it’s safe to say Evident is one hell of a hit.

You can check out Zay Doe’s latest single Evident for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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