Hustle During The Day: Camino Flow stacks the bills up on ‘Ball In The Night’ (feat. MalT00Wavyy)

With his eyes firmly on the awaiting prize as he only makes those money moves that feels so right, Camino Flow keeps things freshly bagged up with cash as he moves up the food chain to an enticing level that has him shooting that three pointer on ‘Ball In The Night(feat. MalT00Wavyy).

Camino Flow is a Surrey, Canada-based indie hip-hop artist who flows in with a freshly minted style that is striking and filled with so much potential.

The enjoyable background style is packed up with a sultry beat – that has you grooving slowly and with intent – on a smooth lyrical delivery which has you edging a bit closer to the speaker with your lover, to fully take in this story about keeping that momentum revved up no matter what.

Ball In The Night(feat. MalT00Wavyy) from the culturally diverse Surrey, Canada-based rapper Camino Flow, is a track all about showing your new crush that you are on the way up. With a strong mindset and a hungry attitude to really make it, this is a terrific single that has much to get excited about. He is only interested in those designer clothes, and living a life that has him feeling so good about the future. This is a motivational effort that has you turning up the volume, to reach those dreams that might seem out of reach for many.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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