Vonte – Jennifer (Remix); Vonte gave an awesome rendition of Trinidad Cardona’s Jennifer


Yeah, we’ve all loved and enjoyed Trinidad’s song – Jennifer. The wave of the news about how an 18 years old RnB & soul music singer whose song blew up and shaken the entire YouTube music world with millions of view on his hit song “Jennifer” is a fact that’s still quite indelible in the mind of YouTubers across the world, most especially in the Southern American countries. We’ve undeniably become so used to the way he sculpts and creates his own art until a new artist; Vonte decided to give us his own rendition of the song.

Well, aside exuding the same ecstatic cool groovy feeling just like how the original song does, Vonte’s remix of “Jennifer” leaves little to no piece of morsel-fact that’s gonna be able to tell the difference between the original version and his.

This song is actually very short, it’s only about 1:18 playtime, but it is still pretty well-laid and interestingly refreshing, to say the least.

More so, of all there is to look forward to getting your ears glued to, Vonte’s rendition of Tridinad Cardona’s “Jennifer” should definitely be a show starter for you. This is an amazing song that’s got a pack-full of psychedelic reverie in it.

And to all Jennifer’s this one’s for y’all. A cool and eventful song that can get your day channelled to the path of happy feeling is this song. The unalloyed beat it’s coated with, the strong message which was conveyed in a rather funny way and a lot more are the reasons why this song deserves a nice spot on your favourite playlist.

– Lilian-Debrah.

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