Will Schaeffer – The Creature in Your Mind: Sink into Some Ska this Summer

With his new track Will Schaeffer Producing a more polished sound than The Specials could have ever imagined. The Creature in Your Mind is drenched in Psychedelic Groove Revival Sounds around the Ska beat and all the staple instrumentals you’d expect from a contemporary classic hit. It’s got the same impressively hauntingly brass percussion that transports you back to the 80’s, yet with q bassier Lo Fi Reggae edge. With the Creature in Your Mind, Will Schaeffer created a sound that I could have never imagined existed. His vocals are yet another awe-inspiring element to the track pertaining a quiescently Post-Punk vibe, that reminded me of the raw pensive nature of bands such as Joy Division. In short, this song is nothing other than perfection. Will Schaeffer dug up the roots of Reggae Ska and created a monster with his latest debut.

You can check out The Creature in Your mind on SoundCloud, I can guarantee you’ll want to whack it on your summertime playlists.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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