Hold me close: Liverpool’s Sahara Line take our hand on sweet love-story ‘Only You’

Back with their 3rd affectionate single to warm our chilly hearts, Sahara Line make us think about those loving moments you treasure forever on ‘Only You‘.

Sahara Line are a promising four-piece Liverpool, England-based indie-rock act, who stylishly fuse together that sound you have heard before, into their own personal experience, their variety sparkles into your awaiting ears and you feel like this is actually something fresh and exciting. The determination to be different is impressive, their enthralling sonic soundscape lifts you up from your chair and takes you into their soul-stirring world of delight.

This is the loving story of feeling so close with her, as you gaze affectionately into each others flirty eyes and wish that this moment would never end. You feel the warmth through the guitar-filled speakers, as the driving sound brightens up the song with turned-on fairy lights, your anxious emotions are transported to that happy place.

Only You‘ from lovable Liverpool indie rockers Sahara Line, is that sweetly curated love-story that tilts your view to remember the innocence again, away from the soul-sucking quick-swipe and forget-quicker world, that blunts what heart-warming moments you should be encountering face to face.

When you care about someone enough it feels like your whole world slows down like you are staring at the stars, at peace with where you are at, your mind still and intently feeling every heartbeat as your souls connect. That special moment that you will never forget, is one that you can’t ever replace and is completely priceless.

Hear this fresh new track on Spotify and see their journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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