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So Little Is Free: New York duo Astroblue Express remind us to stay innocent with ‘Cotton Candy Dreams’

Released as the 3rd song from their upcoming EP named ‘The Optimistic Traveler‘, Astroblue Express willingly take us for an exciting truth-filled journey to show us this money-grabbing world on ‘Cotton Candy Dreams‘.

Astroblue Express is an imagination-packed New York City-based husband and wife duo who also produce their own music. Their soundscape is a mixture of exciting cinematic music, dreamy freshly poured pop, busty blues, and experimental RnB.

Cotton Candy Dreams is about the universal desire to achieve a dream or a vision of how our lives should be, in a reality where our perception is inevitably distorted by all the media input we’re saturated in. It’s both optimistic and flawed, it’s about life in our era.” ~ Astroblue Express

On such a well-made music video which shows you where the signs are to hide from, you feel their unique style lather a thoughtful ambiance into your reflective mindset. The beat has you nodding along slowly, and this is such a terrific experience to remind yourself where your priorities should be.

Cotton Candy Dreams‘ from the New York City-based duo Astroblue Express, is a wonderfully expressive music video which shows us how consumerism can really bloat your mind into having things that you don’t really need. The world can be so free and innocent if you choose to ignore the noise, and keep your mind pure with those dreams you know are good for you. This is a superb reminder from a refreshingly self-aware duo – who know that its better to be happy without useless junk – sapping your straining wallet.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Make The Moment Last: Fresh Baltimore band Ryan And Perry wish for a special ‘Tomorrow’

With a big smile on their faces and their tinted shades on to block the sun of the day, Ryan And Perry wake up our romantic senses so we can look forward to ‘Tomorrow‘.

Ryan And Perry are a highly motivated two-piece indie rock act from rural Baltimore in the USA. They make that freshly squeezed new school rock sound that is meshed with their appreciation of the legends before them, as they forge their own original path to the top.

This is the story about being so excited to start the day by thinking of that sweet love who you can’t stop thinking about, as they have your heart and you get all giddy inside just thinking about being around them.

Their sound is so timeless and you feel like they would be appreciated in any era. They make that positive energy type of music that seems to get sadly lost sometimes under the fake bling and stories that should be impossible to believe. This is that quality music that your whole family can enjoy, their likable tone makes you warm inside and feel rejuvenated again.

Tomorrow‘ from Baltimore indie-rock duo Ryan And Perry, is the youthful story of looking to the future with the one that you care about and taking those lessons learnt from before, to make sure you are self-aware enough to look forward to the next day.

Their energy is infectious and feel like these two genuine love what they do, as their music is joyful and honest. Life is about looking forward and never backwards after all.

Stream this new single on their Spotify and check out the IG for more visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hold me close: Liverpool’s Sahara Line take our hand on sweet love-story ‘Only You’

Back with their 3rd affectionate single to warm our chilly hearts, Sahara Line make us think about those loving moments you treasure forever on ‘Only You‘.

Sahara Line are a promising four-piece Liverpool, England-based indie-rock act, who stylishly fuse together that sound you have heard before, into their own personal experience, their variety sparkles into your awaiting ears and you feel like this is actually something fresh and exciting. The determination to be different is impressive, their enthralling sonic soundscape lifts you up from your chair and takes you into their soul-stirring world of delight.

This is the loving story of feeling so close with her, as you gaze affectionately into each others flirty eyes and wish that this moment would never end. You feel the warmth through the guitar-filled speakers, as the driving sound brightens up the song with turned-on fairy lights, your anxious emotions are transported to that happy place.

Only You‘ from lovable Liverpool indie rockers Sahara Line, is that sweetly curated love-story that tilts your view to remember the innocence again, away from the soul-sucking quick-swipe and forget-quicker world, that blunts what heart-warming moments you should be encountering face to face.

When you care about someone enough it feels like your whole world slows down like you are staring at the stars, at peace with where you are at, your mind still and intently feeling every heartbeat as your souls connect. That special moment that you will never forget, is one that you can’t ever replace and is completely priceless.

Hear this fresh new track on Spotify and see their journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Move slow, die young: Sixsense drops soul-moving street story classic ‘Shylock’

Sixsense is back with his 3rd single called ‘Shylock‘ and this is a deeply crafted track that will have you feeling suddenly reflective. You feel this real life song stop you in your tracks with its real flow, that speaks of true stories of growing up in a cold world.

Sixsense is a North London-based emcee who raps with that old school flow consciousness and speaks about his experiences, as his opens up the curtains- to show how life is currently in this covid-stricken world.

When he spits, you listen. Influenced by true storytellers like Nas, J. Cole and Loyle Carner, you feel that he is a young man who puts everything he has, into every line penned from his profoundly brilliant brain.

Shylock‘ from North London fast-emerging Hip-Hop artist Sixsense, is that soul-moving track you put on when you feel you have been around too much fakeness, for one day and need to wake up to the realness again. With stories about life in the tough streets, dealing with former friends that have let him down, the pursuit of love and finding his path in this detour-filled world, this is a powerful track that will have you thinking deeply about life.

With a heartfelt song that shows immense potential, you hope that he walks down the right road to fulfilling all his deepest dreams and desires. This is that A-grade music that actually matters and inspires the lost souls.

Get your mind interlocked to quality rhymes of substance via the excellent video (visuals by Kaylo) on YouTube, Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘No Ghosts Walk’ from Belfast band Paper Tigers is an Alt-Rock gem that hits the right spot

No Ghosts Walk‘ from Belfast band Paper Tigers is an Alt-Rock gem that hits the right spot in your sleepy heart and will wake up all of your senses. There is something a bit special about this as the distorted start soon blossoms into an adventure that will have you jumping around the house. Turn this up, the neighbours won’t mind.

After the success of the 2 previous singles- ‘Gucci Smiles’ and ‘Flames’, this is the 3rd recorded single for the time being and this is a hot track. Full of punk rock that is up there with the best indie bands around, we are treated to fiery vocals and a sound that is like a Lion roaring for a tasty dinner. This is a marvellous meal for the body to get replenished.

No Ghosts Walk‘ from the fun 3 piece band Paper Tigers. Lead singer Hayley performs with such fire on lyrics such as- ‘It burns it stings, to watch you leave, not hold you every day’. The song is written to reflect the stages of grief and the whole strange feeling of not being with that special person. This is a feeling that lots of us have experience and it is that real feel here that is most impressive. A band with a bright future and the early streaming numbers back it up. Keep an eye on this band for festivals in 2021 when the world is ‘normal’ again.

Click here for the Spotify link to hear more.

Head through to the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen