Hitlist – Sincerely yours, Mary: An Avant-Garde Approach to Summer Pop

Hitlist never fails to win us over with their Avant-Garde approach to Pop. Their latest single “Sincerely yours, Mary” is a sun-soaked eccentric twist on the archetypal Summer club hits which I’m sure you’re as tired of hearing as we are.

The theatrically exotic earworm is a minefield of entrancing melodic hooks which invites you to imagine how the Mama Mia soundtrack would have turned out if it was orchestrated by PSY in collaboration with the Venga Boys. If you have one, your soul will feel suitably fuzzy upon recognising this feat of playfully infectious aural alchemy.

If the mainstream preferred creatively unabashed tracks instead of mindlessly accessible assimilative music, Sincerely yours, Mary would hold a chart position.

You can check out Hitlist’s latest single Sincerely yours, Mary for yourselves by heading over to Vimeo.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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