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LIINES Live Review: The Evolution Post Punk Was Waiting For

Manchester Academy, March 15th

Call me biased, but Manchester will always be the home of Post Punk. And while there are so many great Northern artists to share stages with, there aren’t many who share the same level of visceral energy, presence and bracing attitude that LIINES possess.

Getting the chance to check them out in support of Sleaford Mods at Manchester Academy was the ultimate affirmation that their sound was never intended for a small audience.

With the incredible reception they got in their hometown, it was clear that many of the attendees who ambled in early to check out the support walked away with a new-found respect for LIINES. I suppose they had very little option in surrendering themselves to the caustic enamouring potency of the instrumental arrangement sitting in perfect synergy with Zoe’s vocals which are as resounding as they are emotively piercing.

There’s no hanging around for the hooks with their tracks, that hits you right from the prelude, and that’s just one of the reasons why it is so impossible to choose a favourite track from LIINES. They weren’t apathetic about making them, so you can’t be about picking one!

Instead of choosing to layer their sound with swampy distortion there’s a transparency in the sound which allows you to appreciate the soaring dynamics in Zoe’s vocals, the reverberantly deep throbs of Tasmin’s bass and each rhythmic hit from Leila’s drums. They may not be the loudest, or the heaviest, but that doesn’t stop them from creating the hardest hitting Post Punk around right now.

So, whether you get the chance to check them out live (DO IT!) or buy their 2018 debut album “Stop – Start” (Do that too!), the effect is still the same; an immediate hit of raw, candid catharsis.

To check out LIINES for yourself head on over to Bandcamp.

Head on over to their Facebook & Instagram to keep up to date with tour antics – they’ve still got plenty of dates left on the Sleaford Mods tour along with headline & festival dates.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Joey Sherman – Uninvited Change: A Melodic Progressive Twist on Post Punk

There was no forgetting Joey Sherman after hearing his single Indian Summer at the start of 2018, and he didn’t let 2018 draw to a close without releasing another stunningly cathartic single.

“Uninvited Change” dropped on December 23rd, and once again he’s created a sound so genre defying that it almost makes you wonder if he curated it to leave music journalists a little stuck when it comes to encapsulating the progressive sound.

What you won’t usually find in arrangements which let the instrumentals lead the way is a feeling of soulful euphoria, but with Uninvited Change there’s no denying that the passion and energy put into the track doesn’t hit you. There’s no need for candid lyrics, just the synergy between the piano and rhythmic electric guitar riffs.

Even with the lo fi production on the track the hypnotic potency of the melody goes uncompromised. If you could imagine a mash up between the Beatles and Post Punk bands such as Magazine and PIL, you’d get an idea of just how mesmerizingly refreshing the single, and you’ve got seven whole minutes to immerse yourself in the soundscape which seems to pull you in deeper with each progression.

You can check out Joey Sherman’s latest single for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The Ocean Club – Love Untethered, Love Unknown: Hauntingly Plaintive Shoegaze

“Love Untethered, Love Unknown” is just one of the melodically melancholic singles from the Ocean Club’s first EP “the 707 EP which won’t fail to leave you sobered through the moody 80’s inspired tonality. The reminiscence to bands such as the Chameleons and Echo and the Bunnymen is definitely there. The Ocean Club didn’t hold back when it came to pouring plaintive emotion all over the track in true Post Punk and Shoegaze form.

There may be an overwhelming about of bands attempting to revive the sound in 2018, but very few acts leave you enamoured by reverb-soaked jangly instrumental progressions in the way the Ocean Club do. If that’s what they can achieve with their first EP, then, I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more from the up and coming band in 2019.

You can check out The Ocean Club’s EP for yourselves by heading over to Spotify

Review by Amelia Vandergast


PIXEL – Aquí: Pensively Expressive Post Punk

Whilst you don’t quite come to expect a Factory Record sound from an up and coming artist from Mexico, when those anthemic reverb-heavy notes are allowed to hit, my God. It’s quite a treat for a Joy Division. As a Mancunian myself, I can only tell you how amazing it is to hear bands on the other side of the world such as PIXEL creating singles such as Aquí which carries so much of that iconic Manchester sound.

Whilst my unilingual brain sadly couldn’t translate the Spanish lyrics, that took nothing away from the emotivity of the track. The resounding melancholy of the instrumentals alongside the raw expressive capacity of the vocals were more than enough to hook me into PIXEL’s track Aquí.

Aquí is just one of the singles from PIXEL’s second self-titled album which you can check out for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Skin Mag – This Just In: A Rhythmically Anthemic Post-Punk Resonance

When a track makes the hairs on the back of your neck to stand to attention to the aural masterpiece that is currently reverberating through you it can almost be impossible to describe the sound. Which is exactly the problem I had listening to Skin Mag’s single This Just In, the Indie band threw Post-Punk, Post-Rock and Shoegaze in a blender to create a decadently raw masterpiece of a track.

With a dreamily melodic rhythm the guitar-driven, synth-swamped track progresses through the lucidly cathartic arrangements to leave you in a transient state of appreciation for Skin Mag’s conceptual sound which would be bordering on haunting it weren’t for the up-vibe glow which the instrumentals audibly possess. At this point, I should probably point out that Skin Mag’s music is incomparable to that of any Post-Punk predecessors thanks to the vocals which are untraditionally delicate, raw and utterly cathartic.

You can check out Skin Mag’s latest anthemically amplified single This Just In over on SoundCloud now – with such a promising debut it’s hard not to get a little bit excited about the potential of Skin Mag. I’m already dying for an album!

Review by Amelia Vandergast


FEARS. – PDE: Euphorically Anachronistic Post Punk

For any one with a penchant for Post Punk; you’re in for an absolute treat with FEARS. latest single PDE. The Sheffield, UK based Indie Rock collective have created a sound that you will scarcely believe came out of this decade, their anachronistic undertones draw an unholy resonance to bands such as Talking Heads, The Cure, Gang of Four and the Fall. Yet, the band take their inspiration from acts such as Artic Monkeys and Foals to create a sound that is contemporarily fresh yet still containing that blissful resonance of the Post Punk era.

The funk contained in the bassline was the perfect way to introduce the track which seamlessly progresses with the inventive use of spatial effect to provide a popping, rolling, jangly rhythm which won’t fail to instil a euphorically feel-good hype. With their already radio-ready sound, I’d say it won’t be long until FEARS. are a prominent feature on BBC Radio 6, the instrumental powerhouse of musicians carry a synergy that you won’t hear from up and coming artists every day.

You can check out FEARS. latest single PDE out for yourself by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Bollard – Yourself: Post Punk Guitar Hooks Have Never Been Sharper

It took about 5 seconds of listening to Bollard’s latest track Yourself for me to declare my love for the Melbourne based collective of musicians who share my affinity for the Alt 90’s sound. Even to describe Bollard’s sound as overwhelming seems like a massive understatement. The resonance from the reverb on the guitars sent shivers down myside as I embraced the punchy sensibility of the up strokes. If you could imagine a more energetic cacophony to Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart, you’d get pretty close to imagining the aural alchemy created by Bollard in their latest single Yourself. I can honestly say hand on my (now palpitating) heart that I’ve never heard such visceral electricity from an emerging Post Punk band. Their guitar-driven raucous garage approach to their sound is one that any fans of the Alt 90’s is sure to appreciate. Their pensive vocal narrative is just the icing on the cake.

You can check out Bollard’s latest single Yourself from their album Trawlers on BandCamp now.

Connect with the band and join me in fangirling at them via Facebook

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Central Plains – You & Me: Proving Post-Punk Isn’t Dead

If you’re one of those people that keeps their Post-Punk playlists stagnant with sounds that were produced before the 00’s, you might want to check out Central Plain’s new single You & Me.  Not even ten seconds into the track you’re treated to the Peter Hook style rhythmic bass influence which is overwhelmingly palpable, then the track progresses to the haunting atmospherics from Post-Punk bands such as Echo & the Bunnymen, the Smiths and the Cure. Nik Westman’s vocals are the perfect outlet for the poignant lyrics that could rival bands such as the Chameleons when it comes to creating a bitter sweet narrative. Yet, Central Plains latest track You & Me is more than just a revival of a sound that I for one get so God damn nostalgic about. The Brooklyn based band create a haunting yet energetically spectacular soundscape through their ingenious use of psychedelic groove and Jangle Pop guitar renditions.

Central Plains third album will be released April 13th, 2018, but you can check out the stand out single from the album You & Me on Spotify now.

Connect with Central Plains on Facebook

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The Foxfires – Don’t Give Up: An Upbeat Shoegaze Fusion Which Will Make You Redefine the Genre.

With a punchy bassline that sounds as sweet as something that Peter Hook would cook up, The Foxfires latest track Don’t Give Up is a high energy Post Punk Masterpiece, drenched in resonant yet upbeat vibes away from the usual melancholy of the genre.

The Jangle Pop guitars made a Mancunian such as I feel right at home as I soaked up the powerful riffs of the guitar that mesmerise you under one of the tightest drum beats you’ve ever heard. Everything about the New York based collective The Foxfires is just sensational. They will be joining bands such as Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine on my Shoegaze playlists with their pioneering ‘seagaze’ sound. Their synergy is electric, and the sentimentality behind the track is heart wrenchingly warming. Don’t Give Up was released on Valentines Day 2018 and I can’t help finding that absolutely adorable.

Check out the wonderfully playful official music video on YouTube:

Head on over to Facebook to follow The Foxfires & stay up to date with all their tours and new releases:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Naval Fuzz – Pickle Juice: The Perfect Rick & Morty Soundtrack

This raunchy, raucous Post Punk Garage Rock trio from Tallahassee, Florida have created a storm with their debut summer track Pickle Juice. Yes it’s a ridiculous name, but their punk guitar riffs, dubbed over vocals, and possibly one of the best basslines I’ve heard since I discovered Jah Wobble helps you to forgive their slight lack of maturity.

Naval Fuzz have created a sound is undeniably their own putting their own stamp on the Alternative genre, yet there’s a slight twinge of influences from bands such as Eighties Match Box B-Line Disaster, with the pounding guitar reverberation whilst the vocalists style is somewhat reminiscent of The Pixies lead singer Black Francis.

The band bring the freshest post punk sound since Public Image Limited as a contemporary cacophony of sound that is nought but intriguing. Through their sound you are treated to a glimpse into the seedy underbellies of these student revellers lives.

Fans are travelling all across America to taste Naval Fuzz’ sound live. Their basement band style gives them an adoring dousing of charm. In a way, I selfishly hope they don’t rise above it.

Check out their debut track via Bandcamp using the link below:

Keep up with their shenanigans/drool over the bassist via Facebook

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