He Ate My Soul: Tradavious shuffles the deck as the devil approaches on ‘TDR’

With an intensely emotional impact that might have you wondering if you have ever met an individual who greedily bites off what they want from your precious energy, Tradavious ushers us into the darkly-lit room that has only one escape door with ‘TDR

Tradavious is a Stockton, California-born, Atlanta, Georgia-raised indie-pop artist who performs with a highly energised technique and seems to have your engagement from the first time you witness his ability.

I love to tell stories and as I grow as an artist I want to expand how my stories are told.” ~ Tradavious

On a new single that has you plunging into your recollection as you endeavour to extrapolate who is actually genuine in your own life, Tradavious is on top form with a sensually stimulating presentation that shall have your terrified heart beating rather quickly.

TDR‘ from the dazzling Stockton, California-born, Atlanta, Georgia-raised indie-pop solo artist Tradavious, is a ravishing single that will have your disposition a little more thoughtful than before. He is a true showman and lights up our imagination on a moody story that is filled with much mystery, of a greedy soul that wants to dominate your every move in a detrimental way. Sung with a high level of intellect and honesty, this is a track made by someone who has clearly lived this story in real life.

Check out this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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